Online Math Tools & Resources For Students And Teachers

Last updated Oct 22, 2021

The majority of students try to escape from mathematics due to complex formulas and long equations. They prefer other subjects over math.

For making the task simpler, they get help from the online tools that can support them in understanding the equations and their working.

Multiple tools can provide them benefit in this sense and solve the long equations in no time.

Students and teachers can get the advantage of these resources and clear the concepts where they find any difficulty.

List of online math tools

Here we will provide you with a list of top online math tools that support the students to solve math issues.

These tools provide the steps so a user can also understand the procedure by which the problem was solved.


Students who are facing issues while getting an accurate figure in the equation can get help from the Sig Fig calculator.

This calculator is quite simple to use and can provide you with an accurate result so the users can generate the most precise digit from the values.

For the manual procedure, there are some rules that one must follow before getting a significant figure. Sometimes you may not be able to follow those rules.

Or possibly you don’t know methods for getting significant figures from the equation. Here, an online calculator can make the problem easy for you.

Users have to insert the equation in the calculator. It will read the whole figure and take out the significant figure from it.

Here you can get the most precise and useful digits. If the provided value is in decimals, the calculator delivers a roundabout digit that is most accurate and negotiable.

You can also get the scientific notation of the values using this calculator. Here we will show you an example of this tool and its works.

Online Math Tools & Resources For Students And Teachers

Here we entered the number in the box. It calculated the values and provided a significant figure. Along with this, you also get the scientific notation of the value.


The term Antiderivative is used in calculus to help to find out the area or volume under the curve. It is a little tricky work.

To make the work easy, users can take help from Antiderivative calculators. These online tools provide results with steps.

So, users can understand how the problem was solved by this online tool. 

This calculator helps to find upper and lower bounds in case you are working on the minimum and maximum values.

The working of this calculator is quite simple. You have to enter the function and select the upper and lower limit.

After this click on the function either you are finding it for definite or indefinite value. Now click on calculate the button.

The online tool will start the process and get you integrals with the solution step by step. 

Here is an example where we find the Antiderivative of the values.

Online Math Tools & Resources For Students And Teachers

When the function is added to the calculator, it calculated the problem and provided you the accurate result with steps.

So, users can follow those steps and understand the solution easily.


It can be a difficult task if you are asked to count values with long digits. Like you are asked to add 38044 in 0.433902 and it will definitely confuse you once.

So, what is the solution for it? If you start to find out standard values manually, it can be very complex and confusing.

To make the task easy and get the result without any effort, you can get help from a standard form calculator that changes the structure of long values in standard form.

Users have to enter the value in the box and click on the convert button. After it, the calculator will convert a value into four notations.

Online Math Tools & Resources For Students And Teachers

Here you get the value in multiple formats. So, you can use multiple standard versions to make the calculation easy.


The limit of a function f(x) is the value getting closer to the other numbers. It is used to find the integral and derivatives of a value.

To find it manually is a long process as you have to understand the terms and calculate every figure.

To make the procedure easy, here you can get help from the online limit calculator that can calculate the values and provide instant results.

This calculator helps to find the value concerning variables. The working of this calculator is very simple. 

Enter the value in the limit box. After this, select the limit of value and choose the side limit i.e., left, right, or two-sided.

Now hit the calculate button and it will get you the results with steps. 

Online Math Tools & Resources For Students And Teachers

Here you have provided the information to the calculator and it will provide you the results and steps that it followed to generate results for you.


 LCM is the term that we are hearing from primary classes. This is used to find out the least multiple digits from the values that are divisible with every digit of the equation.

To find out the LCM of the value, we have to follow multiple methods like the prime factorization method, HCF, brute force method, and division method.

These are some common procedures that one can follow to get the results. To make this task easier, you can take help from the LCM calculator.

When the value is inserted in the calculator, it gets the least digit from the equation and also provides its solution to the users.

You can get those steps to understand the working of the tool and the procedure that is followed to generate the results.

Online Math Tools & Resources For Students And Teachers

One more thing is that you can also select the method by which you want to generate the result and find out the LCM of the digits.


The slope is the value that lies on the negative, positive side, or at zero base point. This calculator determines the slope or values inserted in a coordinate system.

Users have to enter the value in the X and Y box. Here it provides both the equation of the left and right sides.

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