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6 Museums In Sydney You Will Fall In Love With

museums in sydney

Sydney has various intriguing museums where you can study ships, time, military tactics, society, the police service, and other themes. You’ll discover interesting natural histories, scientific undertakings, design innovations, and the many unexpected tales that have shaped this city into what it is today. Along the journey, you’ll come across odd taxidermies, authentic Egyptian mummies, engaging space shuttles, and a glimpse into the life of colonial-era homemakers. There’s more to Sydney than the beachside vistas and vibrant cafĂ©s, as evidenced by this list of museums in Sydney!

List Of The Best Museums In Sydney

Living in Sydney as a student, you will find plenty of things to do, places to visit, and restaurants to eat in. From its diverse street art and international art exhibitions to its spectacular museums and heritage-listed cinemas, Sydney’s cultural treasures are a reflection of its uniqueness that will capture both your mind and your spirit. Visitors, tourists & history buffs travel to Sydney from all over the world just to explore the museums and soak in the richness of the culture. While you’re in the city, make sure you make the most of your weekends and spend quality time visiting these exhibitions, galleries, and museums in Sydney.

1. Australian Museum

The Australian Museum is the country’s first museum and was founded in 1827. It has 21.9 million specimens and historic artefacts, featuring Indigenous and Pacific holdings, a precious stones collection, and the permanent 200 treasures of the Australian Museum show. Any genuine visitor should view a couple of the local stuffed animals, and the displays will answer any questions you may have about Australian mammals. If you are interested in Aboriginal culture and beliefs, go to the Indigenous Australia area to learn about significant issues such as the Stolen Generations and tragedies in custody. The Australia Museum is one of the free museums in Sydney, however, certain travelling exhibitions may charge a fee.

2. Powerhouse Museum

Hands-on exhibits for aspiring gadgeteers and button-pushers, as well as blockbuster fashion, design, and pop-cultural exhibitions, are popular in this hotspot of science, design, and innovation. While the Parramatta branch is still scheduled to open, the old museum is here to stay and will get a $500 million renovation in 2023. Don’t forget to watch out for the Powerhouse’s ultra-cool after-dark events, which include pop-up bars, dance halls, and intellectual entertainment.

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3. Chau Chak Wing Museum

Art, science, history, and ancient civilizations all come together under one roof at the purpose-built Chau Chak Wing Museum, which has been collected for 150 years. Regarded as one of the best art museums in Sydney, this museum brings together three significant treasures from the University of Sydney vaults, including three ancient Egyptian mummies. The Chau Chak Wing Museum is free to enter and open all days of the week. It is certainly worth devoting a couple of hours (at the very least) to explore this treasure trove.

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4. The Museum Of Sydney

The Museum of Sydney presents the narratives of the people and events that have influenced Sydney over time. This historic landmark, built on and around the historic remnants of Australia’s First Government House, played an important part in the country’s early years of British colonisation. The structure was dismantled in 1845, only to be found in 1983 during an archaeological dig that also uncovered a number of artefacts. Today, this extremely special museum preserves the historic artefacts discovered during that unfortunate excavation, providing a glimpse of what happened in Sydney about 200 years ago.

5. Hyde Park Barracks Museum

This museum has seen it all: criminals, wastrel women, refugees, a legal system, a vaccination lab, and a government printer. As one of the most intriguing museums in Sydney, you will notice that there is a lot to learn and even more to discover. You can learn about the individuals who constructed this city and, if you’re quiet enough, hear their footsteps resonate through the hallways. Make the most of your visit and keep an eye out for the quirky after-dark events programme, which brings live music, food carts, and pop-up bars to the centre.

museums in sydney

6. Sydney Observatory

Sydney Observatory, which was established in the late 1800s, first opened to the public in 1982. Night visits (reservations required) include a discussion and tour, a 3D Space Theatre session, and a viewing via a 40cm (16in) reflecting telescope. During the day, you must try & explore the Sydney Observatory by yourself or with a staff-guided telescope to get the 3D Space Theatre experience.

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museums in sydney

6 Museums In Sydney You Will Fall In Love With