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Living In Canada Vs The UK – Which Is Better?

Living In Canada Vs UK


Pursuing your higher education often denotes welcoming a new chapter of your life that revolves around personal growth, cultural exploration and most importantly authorised academic pursuits. It is a keen factor for students wanting to study abroad to choose the right destination to fulfil their education as it is a highly dependent factor on their future endeavours and their day-to-day experience. In this comparative analysis, we delve into the distinct facets of student life in two prominent study-abroad destinations – Canada and the United Kingdom (UK).

These countries are favoured worldwide by students for their excellent education, the standard of living which caters to various diversities as well as their vibrant and welcoming environment. As we navigate the key aspects of living as a student in Canada and the UK, we aim to provide insights that can help prospective students make informed decisions and better adapt to the nuances of their chosen academic homes. 

This guide aims to give you a detailed understanding that will shed light on the similarities and differences that define the student experience in these two diverse and captivating nations from educational systems and living costs to cultural immersion and extracurricular opportunities.

Exploring The Similarities And Differences Of Life In Canada And The UK

The allure of Canada and the United Kingdom beckons international students seeking intellectual horizons. Let’s have a look at the various similarities and differences that will help the students to understand which country is better fitted for their respective careers. Dive into the study of whether Canada is better than the UK or vice versa.

Similarities – A Crossroads of Commonalities

Both Canada and the UK offer students a rich blend of multiculturalism, fostering diverse and inclusive environments. English is the primary language in both nations, easing communication for international students. The universities in both countries maintain high academic standards, providing a world-class education. Additionally, students can engage in various extracurricular activities, contributing to personal growth and community involvement.

Differences – Navigating Unique Student Experiences

While Canada boasts vast landscapes and a reputation for friendly locals, the UK exudes historical charm and proximity to European travel. The cost of living varies, with the UK often being more expensive. Canada’s colder climate contrasts with the UK’s milder weather. Education systems slightly differ, with the UK emphasising specialisation and Canada promoting a broader academic approach. These distinctions, among others, shape distinct but equally rewarding student journeys in each nation.

Analysing The Cost Of Living In Canada Vs. The UK?

For international students looking for an excellent education without straining their budgets, comparing the cost of living in Canada and the UK is essential. The table below will break down necessary costs and offer insights that will help you better understand which nation provides a more economical student experience, helping to influence decisions and advancing academic progress.

Cost AspectCanadaUK
TransportationSubway- CAD 65 – CAD 99 (Monthly Pass)Buses- CAD 100 – CAD 150Taxi (1km)- CAD 40 – CAD 50Bus- £1- £2Taxi- £10 – £90Tube- £4-5Cycle- £2 for 30 minutes
Living ExpensesCAD $1,000 – $2,000 per month (approx.)GBP £800 – £1,200 per month (approx.)
RentCAD $800 – $1,500 per month (varies by city and accommodation type)GBP £600 – £1,000 per month (varies by location and housing)
Tuition FeesCAD $6,000 – $25,000 per year (varies by program and institution)GBP £10,000 – £30,000 per year (varies by program and university)
GroceryCAD $200 – $300 per month (approx.)GBP £150 – £250 per month (approx.)
HealthcareCovered by provincial plans; Additional health insurance may be requiredCovered by National Health Service (NHS) for residents
EntertainmentCAD $100 – $200 per month (approx.)GBP £80 – £150 per month (approx.)
Mobile/InternetCAD $50 – $80 per month (approx.)GBP £20 – £40 per month (approx.)

Top Universities In Canada Vs The UK

Discover the top universities in Canada and the UK according to the World QS Ranking 2023.

Top Ranked Universities in Canada

Universities in CandaQS World Ranking According to 2023
McGill University31
University of Toronto34
University of British Columbia47
University of Alberta110
University de Montreal116
McMaster University152
University of Waterloo154
Western University172
University of Ottawa237
University of Calgary242

Top Ranked Universities in the United Kingdom

University NameQS World Ranking According to 2023
University of Cambridge2
University of Oxford4
Imperial College London6
University College London8
The University of Edinburgh15
The University of Manchester28
King’s College, London37
The London School of Economics and Political Science56
University of Bristol61
The University of Warwick64

Best Courses In Canada VS The UK

In CanadaIn the United Kingdom (UK)
Business ManagementNursing
Engineering, IT & computer scienceLaw
Health and MedicineBusiness and Management
Hospitality managementMedicine, Biotechnology, Bioscience
Tourism, Media and JournalismEngineering, Design studies
EconomicsHospitality and Tourism
Agricultural Science & ForestrySports and Exercise Science

Average Tuition Fees In Canada Vs. The UK

Undergraduate CoursesExpenses In The UKExpenses In Canada
Tuition feesB.Tech: Rs 18.66 Lakhs per yearB.Tech: Rs 22.39 Lakhs per year
Living expensesRs 5.86 Lakhs per yearRs 6.31 Lakhs per year
Duration of course3 years4 years
Total costRs 24.53 Lakhs per yearRs 28.70 Lakhs per year
Postgraduate CoursesExpenses In The UKExpenses In Canada
Tuition feesMS: Rs 20.47 per yearMS: Rs 11.52 Lakhs per year
Living expensesRs 5.86 Lakhs per yearRs 6.31 Lakhs per year
Duration of course1-2 years1-2 years
Total costRs 26.34 per yearRs 17.83 Lakhs per year

Scholarships Available In Canada Vs. The UK

Scholarships In The UKScholarships in Canada
British Council GREAT scholarships for Indian StudentsInternational Research Linkages funded by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
Sir Ratan Tata Fellowship for South Asian Students at LSEVanier Canada Graduate Scholarships funded by the Government of Canada
Oxford and Cambridge Society of India (OCSI) ScholarshipsBanting Postdoctoral Fellowship
Cardiff Business School India ScholarshipsOntario Graduate Scholarship- Other Master Programs
Charles Wallace India Trust ScholarshipsUniversity of Alberta – India First Year Excellence Scholarships

Job Opportunities In Canada Vs. The UK

Living in Canada Vs the UK

Achieving a harmonious work-life balance is a vital consideration for students pondering job prospects while living in Canada vs. the UK. Both countries provide a variety of employment opportunities for international students but there are certain differences. 

While Canada puts emphasis on an open work permit and ponders on giving students a valuable academic experience by bringing and fostering an integrated lifestyle, the UK is well known to provide a competitive market for job opportunities for students, requiring a post-study work visa. Determining whether living in Canada is better than the UK, or vice versa depends on factors like individual preferences, industry trends, and the desired work-life equilibrium. Both nations offer unique pathways to professional growth, enriching the student experience in distinct ways.

Given below are a few jobs with the average salary that students can do while they complete their education.

JobsCanada Average Salary (CAD)UK Average Salary (GBP)
Retail Assistant$13 – $15£6.50 – £9
Waiter/Waitress$12 – $14£6 – £9
Barista$12 – $14£6 – £8
Tutor/Teaching Assistant$15 – $25£10 – £15
Office Assistant$15 – $18£8 – £10
Call Center Agent$12 – $16£8 – £10
Babysitter/Nanny$12 – $15£7 – £10
Delivery Driver$15 – $20£8 – £11
Data Entry Clerk$14 – $17£7 – £9
Library Assistant$14 – $18£8 – £10

Comparing Transportation And Infrastructure

  • Transportation Networks – Living in Canada vs. the UK reveals differing transportation systems. Canada often relies on cars due to its vastness, while the UK boasts extensive public transport, offering convenience and efficiency for students.
  • Public Transit – The UK’s integrated public transit, including buses, trains, and the London Tube, provides seamless connectivity. In Canada, urban centres offer buses and subways, but distances can challenge efficient nationwide coverage.
  • Affordability – Public transportation in the UK is widely accessible and offers student discounts. In Canada, costs can vary, potentially making the UK more economical for students reliant on public transit.
  • Infrastructure Investment – The UK’s well-established infrastructure facilitates easy exploration. Canada’s focus on improving transportation networks is evident, enhancing accessibility for those living in Canada vs. the UK.
  • Cycling and Pedestrian-Friendly – The UK’s compact cities often prioritize cycling and walking, promoting eco-friendly commutes. Canada’s commitment to bike lanes and pedestrian pathways enhances its livability.
  • Scenic Routes – Canada’s vast landscapes offer breathtaking train journeys like the Rocky Mountaineer, while the UK boasts historic routes such as the picturesque Hogwarts Express.

Health And Weather Conditions

  • Healthcare System- The UK’s healthcare system is far from uniform, with regional variations in the cost of prescription drugs and specialists. But in Canada, healthcare is not only free at the point of delivery; it is also available to everyone. That implies that every Canadian citizen gets free access to everything, including dental work, mental health services, and basic care (such as doctor visits). The NHS in the UK does not cover all elective operations, including laser eye surgery and cosmetic surgery.
  • Weather Conditions- Be weather-ready if you’re thinking of relocating to Canada. Canada’s and the UK’s weather patterns are very dissimilar. Canada has a harsher, more intense climate than the UK, which has a temperate climate. Ottawa’s average monthly temperature in July ranges from 11°C (52°F) to 17°C (63°F), whereas London’s ranges from 12°C (54°F) to 18°C (64°F) and other big cities range from 14°C to 20°C. Residents should anticipate significantly more summer sunshine hours than their neighbours across the Atlantic enjoy, in addition to temperature disparities. In many regions of Canada, June brings nearly three times as much sunlight as May or early June does in southern England.

Food In Canada Vs. The UK

Exploring culinary landscapes in Canada and the UK unveils distinctiveness rooted in cultural richness. Canada thrives as a melting pot, with cities like Toronto and Vancouver boasting a wide range of global cuisines due to diverse populations. Local ingredients and farm-to-table practices further enrich the culinary culture. 

In contrast, the UK cherishes time-honoured traditions, offering classics like fish and chips and afternoon tea. The presence of international foods, like Indian curries, adds modern flair. The choice between Canada and the UK for food enthusiasts hinges on whether one seeks vibrant multiculturalism or a taste of historical gastronomy, making it a matter of personal preference.


When considering living in Canada vs. the UK, discerning the better option is about aligning with personal preferences. Canada offers cultural diversity and vast landscapes, while the UK boasts historical charm and convenient European access. Deciding if living in Canada is better than the UK, or vice versa hinges on factors like lifestyle, academic pursuits, and the unique experiences each country presents. Your choice will define a transformative chapter in your journey.


1. Living in Canada vs. the UK- Which country is better?

It totally depends on your course as well as the career path you want to take. Both countries provide excellent academics as well as a standard of living. Living in Canada and the UK as a student is the best experience one can gain.

2. Which country is cheaper? Canada or the UK?

The cost of living in Canada is lower than that in the UK.

3. Which country pays more? Canada or the UK?

Canada is known to have a higher per-capita than the UK which is 12% more than the average salary in the UK.

4. Which country is better for PR, Canada or the UK?

Despite the high expense of living, more people choose to immigrate to Canada than to the UK. This is so because Canada provides greater pay to meet expenditures and more employment options.

5. Which country is preferable for Indian students, Canada or the UK?

While both countries are best for Indian students, universities in the United Kingdom accept some Indian high school and college degrees, as well as English proficiency exam scores, and do not require extra test scores such as IELTS. This makes it simple to argue that the UK is the greatest place for Indian students to study abroad when comparing it to Canada.

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Living In Canada Vs UK

Living In Canada Vs The UK – Which Is Better?