How To Become A Group Leader And Why A Student Needs It


Written by Aaliya Shaikh

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September 22, 2022

You have entered the university, the year has just begun, and the group has to go through a period of formation and internal distribution of roles. You do not know how things will develop in the future: someone will not be able to keep up with the pace of the race after the first months of study, or someone will transfer to another university.

At this stage, the team has not yet formed, and you have every chance to gain leadership status. Why do you need it? Let’s consider the ways of becoming, as well as the pros and cons of leadership in this article.

Formal and informal leader

During the first weeks of school, you need to decide who will be the leader of the group. Willing, as a rule, there are few. Everyone has learned during their high school years that being a student monitor is an extra responsibility.

If no one volunteered to “take over,” the person who did the best job on the application will be nominated. Was that you? Don’t hide under the table. Just quietly decline if you have no desire to become a senior. No one has the right to compel you to do so.

A student mentor is an intermediary between a group of students and the dean’s office, a formal leader. It is not necessarily that he will be everyone’s favourite, although it often happens.

It also happens that in the process of study and personal communication, as well as participation in intramural events in the group an informal leader stands out. Such a student is able to deftly resolve conflicts, produce interesting ideas, and lead others. It is quite possible that later he or she will get the role of the head of the group.

Using talents

For example, a person has some ability, a talent for which everyone in the group respects him/her very much. It can be participation in creative competitions or scientific conferences, where the person is very skilful.

Such a person is ready to participate in all events of the university. By the way, such activity gives good advantages not only for the development of their abilities but also for learning. Students who participate in the life of the university are always encouraged. In addition, having the most active life you do not necessarily have to study bad because the capstone project writers are excellent help with academic performance.

So if you have a talent for singing, dancing, or performing tricks, do not hide your skills in a distant pocket of your jacket, but rather, at the next opportunity, tell them about them.


Sometimes leaders become involuntary. Circumstances just happen that way. Let’s say a difficult situation arises within a group, and someone positively shows themselves in resolving it. What could it be? Providing help, resolving a difficult conflict, and settling the group’s relationship with the teacher. Believe us, the case will surely be provided. Each student will have the opportunity to demonstrate not only his or her ability to learn, but also his or her personal qualities during the course of his or her studies.

Developed Communication Skills

You are mistaken if you think that an interesting interlocutor is someone who never stops talking. It’s not like that. Most people think of an interesting conversationalist as someone who can listen and keep things moving.

Communication Skill

Not everyone has the ability to hear the other. Most people are focused on their own problems and do not want to get into other people’s problems. Surely you know people who like to tell the details of their inner world and everyday life. They don’t care if the information is interesting to the person they are talking to.

Do you want to be everyone’s favourite? Talk less about yourself and take a genuine interest in people. Give them your attention, and they’ll reach out to you. And also remember: a good listener gets not only the love of everyone, but he also knows everything.

Forbidden Techniques

The desire to become a leader can be so great that the student forgets about everything in the world and uses these tricks:

  • Buying authority. You should not seek everyone’s attention by demonstrating your willingness to provide financial assistance. 
  • Complacency, subservience, obsession. The self-sufficient person will not ingratiate, he does not need it. Such behaviour indicates weakness, and a leader is a strong man. Using such methods, you are likely to get attention and even approval, but only until others do not understand the nature of your behaviour.
  • Manipulation. To hide something, and then suddenly for all to find, learn and use secret information in their favour… It is hardly worth resorting to tricks to win the attention of the team. All the same, sooner or later the truth will come to the surface, and instead of love, you get general dislike.

Why would a student want to become a leader?

  • A huge number of friends and buddies
  • Wide popularity, which can be useful in further work
  • Privileges at school (for those who actively participate in the life of the university and the group)
  • The ability to develop social skills
  • The opportunity to get rid of shyness
  • Development of organizational skills

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