You Can’t Do Without Them: Top Remedies For Homesickness Symptoms

homesickness symptoms

Separation anxiety doesn’t just happen to our pets. It’s also a common human emotion that can — if allowed to take root — grow into a massive mountain of blues. If you’re away from home for the first time, homesickness symptoms can come out of nowhere and feel completely overwhelming. A yearning for family, old friends, familiar food, even your annoying cousin Eddie can leave you feeling nostalgic and sad. This longing for familiarity can occur at any time, especially on or in anticipation of an upcoming birthday, anniversary, or holiday typically spent with loved ones back home.

homesickness symptoms

If you’re suffering from an unexpected bout of homesickness symptoms and crave the comfort of familiar faces and places, here’s an incredibly effective and remarkable remedy for fast relief

Breathe in JOY. Breathe Out Sadness. Kick Out Homesickness Symptoms.

Breathing exercises are proven to be among the most powerful coping strategies for overcoming everything from homesickness to releasing anger, including many other types of anxiety. 

It works like this:

Sit in a comfortable upright position or lie down on your back. Place one hand on your abdomen and close your eyes. Breathe in slowly and as deeply as possible (take huge belly breaths and feel your stomach rise as if filling up a balloon) to the count of 8 while picturing the most joyful, peaceful place you’ve ever been.

Hold the inhale for another count of 8. 

Then slowly exhale to a count of 8, releasing any negative emotions as you let go. 

Breathe in joy and breathe out sadness! Do this complete exercise 3 times. Practice this breathing technique anytime you feel anxious, homesick or sad. You’ll be amazed at the results. 

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homesickness symptoms

You Can’t Do Without Them: Top Remedies For Homesickness Symptoms

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