Top Education Conferences In 2021

Education Conferences

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Last updated Sep 11, 2021

Education conferences are attended by a diverse group of academics, innovators, and researchers. They feature oral and poster presentations and deliver unique perspectives on relevant subjects in the field. International events that bring people together from a range of backgrounds and experiences. This allows for engaging discussions, new perspectives, and a more rewarding learning experience. Take in all the benefits of joining such events, whether you would like to present at one or to simply attend.

You can’t miss educational conferences that have presentations about Edtech, future of work, learning techniques, information technologies, special needs education strategies and best practices, women in leadership, inclusiveness and diversity, standardised testing, legal frameworks, private education, challenges of the modern educational system and the field of education. Due to the unprecedented scale and impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, distance learning is one of the most trending and relevant subjects. You can learn about the best practices in digital education, student engagement strategies, policy advancements, and more.

Whether you are looking to discover the latest trends in education technology, learn about new policies affecting your institution, hear about innovative educational approaches, or present your own success story or research paper, do it within an interactive environment of a teaching conference.

Network with like-minded professionals, learn from the industry’s leading experts, meet cutting edge solution providers, and get inspired. Perhaps you are searching for the perfect education conferences to present the findings of your research or simply to attend one in 2021. Here are some education conferences to check out!

Education Conferences

Upcoming International Education Conferences

Sixteenth European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning (EC-TEL)

September 20th – 24th, 2021 | Bozen-Bolzano, Italy

The European Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning (EC-TEL) engages researchers, practitioners, educational developers, entrepreneurs, industry leaders and policymakers to address current challenges and advances in the field. EC-TEL 2021 will take place on 20-24 September 2021 with the theme “Technology-Enhanced Learning for a Free, Safe, and Sustainable World.”

Learning with MOOCs VIII

September 29th – October 01st, 2021 | Antigua Guatemala

LWMOOCs is a respected international forum to collaborate, share, network, learn, and display the latest advances in MOOCs. This IEEE conference provides academic and industry professionals with the opportunity to discuss research into MOOC technologies as well as the practical aspects of creating and offering MOOCs to diverse worldwide audiences.

Open Education Global 2021

October 5th – 7th, 2021 | Nantes, France

The Open Education Global Conference is where the world meets to discuss how opening education helps us achieve universal access, equity, innovation and opportunity in education. It is the most internationally diverse conference devoted exclusively to open education, attracting researchers, practitioners, policymakers, educators and students from more than 35 countries to discuss and explore how Open Education advances educational practices around the world. This year, UNESCO has awarded Patronage for the education conferences.

Dev Learn

October 20th – 22nd, 2021 | Las Vegas, NV

They’re excited to introduce the first-ever DevLearn Digital Expo! This is your best chance of the year to explore the latest products and services available from today’s leading providers. The DevLearn Expo always highlights the most innovative solutions, and we’re excited to bring that experience right to your computer!

Innovate Learning 2021 Summit

November 9th – 11th, 2021 | Virtual

Innovate Learning Summit, formerly “E-Learn – World Conference on E-Learning” is an international conference organized by the AACE-Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education and co-sponsored by the International Journal on E-Learning. Innovate Learning Summit provides a unique forum for education conferences and training professionals to discuss the latest research, development, applications, issues, and strategies, to explore new technologies, and to identify solutions for today’s challenges related to online learning.

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November 3rd – 5th, 2021 | Bari

They are organising the “Online Bridging Event” on the original dates of the IHE2020 conference, 28-30 October 2020. It will highlight current developments in innovating higher education and consist of a series of keynotes, webinars and online workshops to address most emerging topics.


November 15th – 18th, 2021 | Madrid

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of UNESCO establishes clearly, among other areas of critical importance for humanity and the planet, goals and targets for the Quality of Education, Sustainable Quality Education 4 (SDG 4). These goals have to be implemented by all countries and stakeholders. WEEF/GEDC 2021, aware of this scenario, aims to be one of these global stakeholders. Its vision is aligned with the SDG 4 which is formulated as the basis for, encompassing many different aspects in top higher education conferences and in particular in Engineering Education, the creation of sustainable development of technical and soft competencies, inclusive education and effective in terms of learning outcomes related to the professional market and entrepreneurship.

OEB Berlin

December 1st – 3rd, 2021 | Berlin

A unique education conference fostered exchange on the most important developments and trends that shape the future of learning in the corporate, education and public service sectors. Over 140 sessions offered delegates the chance to take part in an entire week of knowledge sharing.

2021 International Conference on Technologies in STEM ‘LIVE’

December 14th – 15th, 2021 | Singapore

The conference aims to further the application of technology education within STEM and specific learning areas. Within Technology education, students use to design and/or computational thinking and technologies to generate and produce designed solutions both digital and physical for authentic problems. As such it applies to many areas of STEM.

Association for Learning Technology (ALT) Annual Conference 2021

September 7th – 9th, 2021 | Virtual

The next Annual Conference of the Association for Learning Technology will take place in September 2021. As the leading professional body for learning technology in the UK, ALT brings together professionals to disseminate research, share practice and develop policy since 1993.

The Ten Best Education Conferences

  1. American Council on Teaching Foreign Languages Conference
  2. Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development Conference
  3. International Reading Association Conference
  4. KATS Kamp
  5. Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning Conference
  6. National Board of Professional Teaching Standards Conference
  7. National Business Education Association Conference
  8. National Education Computing Conference
  9. National Science Teachers Association Conference
  10. Northwest Council for Computers in Education Conference
  11. Virginia State Reading Association Conference

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