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cyber security courses ireland

Cybersecurity is the need of the hour due to the widespread availability of the internet and data sharing. The demand for cybersecurity courses Ireland is increasing substantially. The arrival of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and data analytics has brought forth the crucial need for cybersecurity programmes. Choosing a principled course becomes indispensable as this domain is vast and complex. This guide will provide a detailed way to study cybersecurity courses in Ireland.

Why Are Cybersecurity Programmes Popular?

In the digital race, there is increased transactions and data storage. Protecting this is rather crucial. Thus, cybersecurity programmes are popular for several reasons:

Rising Demand for Specialists

Cybersecurity experts are becoming increasingly necessary due to the growth of cyber threats like malware, phishing, etc. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics states that by 2026, the demand for cybersecurity specialists will grow by 28%. 

Enrolling in cybersecurity courses in Ireland is one of the most excellent ways to become a cybersecurity professional.

Dynamic Job Opportunities

The cybersecurity industry is constantly changing, making solving fascinating difficulties possible. Task variety, critical thinking, and a problem-solving mindset are the most essential components of one’s work. 

For example, hackers always develop new ways to steal data, emphasising the need for cybersecurity experts to anticipate risks proactively. Cybersecurity courses in Ireland are a top resource for learning and landing a job.

High Paying Jobs

Because of cyberattacks’ dynamic nature and growing threat, businesses face danger from them. To combat these dangers, a significant financial commitment is required. As a result, cybersecurity salaries are pretty profitable. 

Among the top-paying positions in the sector are security architect and chief information security officer. Even at the entry level, cybersecurity courses in Ireland are designed to equip students for well-paying careers.

The average annual salary for AI engineers nationwide is €60,500, ranging from €38,000 at the low end to €103,000 at the high end. Meanwhile, Machine Learning Engineers in Ireland earn an average yearly salary of €91,837, typically between €63,184 and €112,134.

Why Study Cybersecurity Courses In Ireland?

Studying cybersecurity courses in Ireland paves the way for plenty of benefits. It is renowned for its research and booming tech industry. Let’s look at some of the key reasons that make Ireland an excellent destination for aspiring professionals:-

High-Quality Education

Irish education is well-known for its prime quality cybersecurity degree Ireland. It is home to renowned universities and institutions. These programmes often feature cutting-edge curriculum and research opportunities.

Vibrant Tech Industry

Ireland’s dynamic tech sector is widely recognised. It draws numerous multinational corporations and emerging startups to establish their European hubs in bustling cities like Dublin and Cork. Studying cybersecurity courses Ireland comes with opportunities, like discovering real-world problems and solving them as great industry leaders.

Specialised Cybersecurity Course

Ireland’s universities and educational institutions provide extensive high-tech cybersecurity courses in Ireland. cybersecurity degree Ireland is tailored to address the ever-changing digital environment’s demands. Furthermore, these specialised programmes tap into network security, digital forensics, ethical hacking, cryptography, and cyber incident response.

Interesting Facts About Cybersecurity In Ireland

Ireland is becoming a hub for AI and ML enthusiasts. If you are going to study in Ireland, you must be aware of these interesting facts. Here are some:

Top Office Locations And Academic Institutes In The Area

The recruitment for cybersecurity is focused on some of the suburbs in Ireland. This table consists of the city and the university available for the students in the respective city to pursue further studies in this fast-paced field. 

Top Areas Where Cybersecurity Executives Are Recruited
City NameInstitutions
LetterkennyLetterkenny Institute of Technology
SligoInstitute of Technology Sligo
AthloneTechnological University of the Shannon
GalwayGalway-Mayo Institute of TechnologyNUI Galway
KildareMaynooth University
LimerickUniversity of Limerick TechnologicalUniversity of the Shannon
KerryMunster Technological University
DundalkDundalk Institute of Technology
DublinDublin City University Trinity College DublinDublin Business School University College DublinTechnology University Dublin
CarlowInstitute of Technology Carlow
WaterfordWaterford Institute of Technology
CorkMunster Technological University University College Cork

Universities/ Colleges For Master’s In Cybersecurity In Ireland

There are various prestigious universities in Ireland, and one can choose from them according to their requirements. Here is the multi-column table for Universities/Colleges for Master’s in Cybersecurity in Ireland:

University/CollegeQS Rankings for SubjectWebometrics Ireland Rankings
University College Dublin151-20020
Dublin City University201-25023
University College Cork201-25024
University of Galway251-30024
University of Limerick351-40024
Technological University Dublin551-60023
Atlantic Technological University (LYIT)Regionally ranked university20
Technological University of the Shannon – AIT23
South East Technological University (IT Carlow)18
Munster Technological University (CIT)24
National College of IrelandRegionally ranked college16
Griffith College Dublin24
Dublin Business SchoolRegionally ranked school25

The top courses for Master’s in Cybersecurity in Ireland are:

  • MSc in Cybersecurity
  • MSc in Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Trust
  • MSc in Industrial Networks and Cybersecurity
  • MSc in Network and Information Security
  • MSc Forensic Computing and Cybercrime Investigation
  • MSc in Cyberpsychology
  • MSc in Cybersecurity and Information security Management
  • MSc Software Design with Cybersecurity

Various universities and colleges in Ireland offer these courses, including Dublin City University, Technological University Dublin, and University College Dublin. These courses are typically one year for a master’s degree programme and three to four years for a bachelor’s degree programme. The entry requirements for studying cybersecurity in Ireland include a 2.1 or 2.2 honours degree in a cognate discipline, such as computer science or engineering, and proficiency in the English language.

Different Types Of Cybersecurity Courses In Ireland

Ireland offers a range of cybersecurity courses Ireland. Here is a list of some of the prominent courses offered:

Name Of Course Course Overview FeesJob Opportunities Post-Graduation 
MSc Forensic Computing and Cybercrime InvestigationAim to provide high-quality forensic computing and cybercrime investigation techniques.EU€10,470 / yearComputer Security AnalystCybercrime Investigator
MSc in CybersecurityHelp to develop skills in cyber security and legislation€10,610 / yearCybersecurity related roles
MSc in Network and Information SecurityHelps to develop the skills to protect the usability and integrity € 14000 / yearSecurity EngineerNetwork Security Architect
MSc in CyberpsychologyAim to study the behaviour of human mind in the content technology integration€12,000/ yearUX Designer Cyber Security ConsultantDigital Wellbeing Advocate

Duration Of Cybersecurity Courses In Ireland

In Ireland, master’s degree programmes typically last one year, while bachelor’s degree programmes typically span three to four years.

Name Of Course Course Duration 
MSc Forensic Computing and Cybercrime Investigation1 Year / 2 Year
MSc in Cybersecurity2 Year
MSc in Network and Information Security1 Year
MSc in Cyberpsychology2 Year

Documents Required For Applying To Study Cybersecurity In Ireland

To enrol in cybersecurity courses Ireland, a set of documents is required:

  • Bachelor Transcripts
  • English Language proficiency test scores
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • At least 2 Letters of Recommendation (LOR)
  • Work Experience documents ( if any)
  • Resume
  • Passport

Cost Of Studying Cybersecurity In Ireland

If you also want to study in Ireland, various factors, like living expenses and tuition, can cost you money. Here are more details: 

Tuition fees: The average annual cost of studying for a master’s degree in Ireland ranges between €10,000 and €18,400.

Living expenses: Students must also pay for their living expenses, in addition to tuition fees. These can include accommodation, food, transportation, and other necessities that will vary depending on their lifestyle and the city in which they reside.

Average annual cost of studying€13,118
Average annual cost of living€18,024
Visa application for single entry€60 
Visa application for multiple entries€100 
University application fee€40 – €55

Scholarships To Study Cybersecurity In Ireland

The Irish government provides many scholarships for Indian students to get a cybersecurity degree Ireland. The authority enhanced around 60 scholarships, including at the undergraduate, postgraduate, and research levels of study. You need to provide proof for non-EU students and basic requirements.

Scholarships differ depending on the organisation. To apply for scholarships, review the following list:-

  • Dublin City University: International students at DCU are eligible for the DCU International Merit Scholarship, an automatic award worth up to €2,000.
  • University College Cork: The SEFS International Student Merit-Based Scholarship is available. It offers up to 20% of the tuition fee based on academic performance.
  • University College Dublin provides a Global Excellence scholarship covering 50% to 100% of the tuition fee.
  • Dublin Business School: Students can avail themselves of scholarships worth GBP 1,000.

Career Opportunities After Cybersecurity In Ireland

After completing the cybersecurity course, one can have various career opportunities. Here are some of the few:

  • Cybersecurity Analyst involves keeping an eye on and analysing security risks.
  • Security Consultant provides advice to organisations on cybersecurity best practices.
  • Penetration Tester examines the security system.
  • Security engineers design, implement, and maintain security infrastructure, such as firewalls and encryption protocols.

Average Salary In The Cybersecurity Field In Ireland

In cybersecurity, various positions and salaries vary depending on the job title and expertise. According to PayScale, the annual wage is an average of €50,000. However, the salary varies between €34,000 to €100,000.

PositionAverage SalarySalary Range
Cyber Security Analyst€41,156€31k – €61k
Cyber Security Engineer€43,746€32k – €100k
Security Analyst€39,306€32k – €50k
Information Security Analyst€40,000€30k – €73k
Security Architect€84,335€80k – €100k


Is Ireland good for cybersecurity?

Yes, Ireland is a growing hub for cybersecurity with a thriving industry and the finest universities for international students.

Does Ireland need a cybersecurity specialist?

Indeed, the need for cybersecurity in Ireland is very significant, given the expansion of the tech industry in the suburbs and major towns of Ireland. 

Where can I study cybersecurity in Ireland?

Irish colleges and universities provide a variety of cybersecurity courses. Cork Institute of Technology and Dublin City University are renowned universities where students may study cybersecurity.

In 2024, is cybersecurity a viable career path?

Indeed. In 2024, cybersecurity is a great career choice since it is in demand and pays well even for freshers. 

How much do new graduates in cybersecurity make in Ireland?

An entry-level cybersecurity position pays an average of €49,500 a year. 

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cyber security courses ireland

Study Cybersecurity Courses In Ireland In 2024

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