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Cost Of Living In Milton Keynes For Students [Updated Pricings 2023]

Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes is a notable city in the UK. It is in the south-central part of England, around 50 miles northwest of London. Milton Keynes has many exciting and distinctive characteristics, so many international students plan to pursue their studies in Milton Keynes. Whether you have enrolled in Milton Keynes’s university or planning to enroll, you must know the amount needed to live comfortably in Milton Keynes. It is one of the UK’s most affordable cities for students, particularly those from other countries. The students must stick to a strict monthly budget and take numerous steps to reduce the cost of living in Milton Keynes. The proper planning can help the students to lead a stress-free life. In this post, you can find the details about cost of living in Milton Keynes:

What Is The Cost Of Living In Milton Keynes For Students?

Several factors contribute to the total cost of living in Milton Keynes. It largely depends on the lifestyle one opts for and the spending limit they have set. International student’s monthly cost of living in Milton Keynes typically ranges from £1,551 to £1,073. While students plan their budget, they must think about all the essential factors including accommodation, food, transport and so on. Check out the breakdown list of Milton Keynes’s monthly average cost of living.

ItemCost(per month)
Off-Campus Accommodation£808
On-Campus Accommodation£330
Total Cost of Living with Off-Campus Accommodation(Per Month)£1551
Total Cost of Living with On-Campus Accommodation(Per Month)£1073

When it comes to the cost of living in Milton Keynes, students who opt to plan their expenses in advance can save a lot of money.

Cost Of Student Accommodation In Milton Keynes

Cost Of Student Accommodation In Milton Keynes

While moving to international countries like the UK, students need to think and plan accordingly. For accommodation, the cost of living in Milton Keynes is affordable compared to other UK cities. Students can select from a variety of homes in Milton Keynes, such as flats, dorm rooms for students, studio apartments, private apartments, and more. Milton Keynes offers the best comfort in student accommodation for the affordable price. 

The correct accommodation will make students more comfortable and enjoyable. The accommodation cost will vary depending on the facilities students can choose. Most of the student accommodation may vary from £808 to £330. Some accommodations are very affordable for the students with all the needed facilities. 

Cost Of Tuition In Milton Keynes

Tuition fee at Milton Keynes may vary depending upon the university, the course and the duration. Private universities are often more expensive than public universities. Business and medicine majors are most costly at both public and private universities. 

Students who are looking for the scholarship can get to know the eligible criteria. The scholarship details may vary according to the university. The information about the scholarship and other details are listed in the appropriate university website. For international students, the average cost of tuition fees may range between £11,400 to £38,000.

Cost Of Transport In Milton Keynes

The monthly average cost of transport will start from £62. Students in Milton Keynes can take advantage of student passes to reduce the cost of transportation. The above mentioned options can lower their monthly living expenses. With the low cost, students can enjoy unlimited travel across the city. Students can also use their student ID card to receive discounts on bus travel. Students can purchase a Student discount card and with that they can reduce the cost of living in Milton Keynes.

Cost Of Food And Other Necessities In Milton Keynes

The cost of living in Milton Keynes in terms of food varies depending on whether you prepare food on your own or eat out. You will end up spending far less money if you cook for yourself. There are many reasonably priced supermarkets in Milton Keynes. With low-cost retailers, where the monthly cost for a student to buy food, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and other needs is roughly £323. Student discounts are also available at some grocery stores. It is best to have the food at a local restaurant to save more money.

Cost Of Books In Milton Keynes

University textbooks are a must for all students. Students can purchase used textbooks, almost often for a large discount. Students can use the reused book store that is located near to the university. Also, students can get the text books from their seniors and this is one effective way to reduce your cost of living in Milton Keynes. Students can also opt for textbook discounts. In recent days, students can get the textbook via online. This is the best way that students can reduce the cost of books.

Cost Of Entertainment And Recreation In Milton Keynes

Entertainment is really needed for the students to live a peaceful life. Students need to know the  Museum that often hosts a variety of exhibitions, and events. Milton Keynes Theatre is one of the region’s most renowned live entertainment venues. Also, it offers a wide range of top-notch dance, theatre, musical, opera, comedy, and kid’s shows. Due to its wide range of entertainment offerings, it is appropriate for all ages of students to make their day pleasant. Always use the entertainment facilities and events that are offered in your campus which can save you more money.  The average cost for entertainment may start from £55 per month.

Bottom Line

Milton Keynes has always been best for the international students. The above mentioned details give all the information about tuition and living expenses of Milton Keynes. International students who are aware of the cost of living in Milton Keynes can enjoy their student life without worrying about money.


1. Is it a good idea to stay in Milton Keynes?

According to the statistics in the UK, the total crime rate in Milton Keynes is 181%, which is lower than the overall crime rate in the UK. The UK’s safest city would be Milton Keynes, which is now a safest place for international students.

2. What attracts people to Milton Keynes?

Milton Keynes is one of the most famous cities in the UK. It has a population of over 250k and is quickly rising to the top of the UK’s list of favourite locations for international students.

3. For what Milton Keynes famous for?

Milton Keynes is renowned for its freely available public art with hundreds of pieces on display across the city and for its developing International Festival. It also features multi-arts programmes produced in various locations and public areas.

4. Why are international students moving to Milton Keynes?

International students choose Milton Keynes for its affordability, safety, excellent housing, high-quality health care and education, and access to amenities and outdoor spaces.

5. Do international students deserve to study in Milton Keynes?

For international students, Milton Keynes is one of the greatest places in the UK for their studies. In Milton Keynes, international students can get accommodation, food, clothes and transportation for affordable prices.

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Milton Keynes

Cost Of Living In Milton Keynes For Students [Updated Pricings 2023]