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Explore the comprehensive guide on the cost of living in Hertfordshire, UK, designed specifically for students. Hertfordshire, with its excellent universities and vibrant student life, is an attractive destination for many aspiring scholars. As you embark on your educational journey in Hertfordshire, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the cost of living to effectively manage your finances. This blog aims to provide you with valuable information on various cost factors, enabling you to plan your budget wisely and make informed decisions.

Cost Of Living Calculator

DescriptionCost (£)
Total Cost of Accommodation100
Total Cost of Transport50
Total Cost of Utilities30
Total Cost of Food70
Total Estimated Cost250

Cost Of Living In Hertfordshire For Students

There are various aspects that contribute towards the overall cost of living in Hertfordshire for students. Here is a snapshot of the average monthly costs on a comprehensive range of associated expenses:

ExpenseMonthly Cost (£)
Off-Campus Accommodation352
On Campus Accommodation460

Cost Of Living In Hertfordshire For Indian Students

As an Indian student aiming to pursue your studies in Hertfordshire, you will have to incur costs on various aspects including accommodation, food, groceries, utilities and many others. Here is a representation of the associated costs on multiple dimensions for Indian students studying in Hertfordshire:

ExpenseMonthly Cost (INR)
Off-Campus Accommodation36,800
On Campus Accommodation48,170

Where Can I Find The Best Student Accommodation in Hertfordshire UK?

Finding suitable student accommodation in Hertfordshire is crucial for a comfortable living experience in Hertfordshire. Most universities offer on-campus accommodation options, which provide convenience and a sense of community. Alternatively, students can explore private accommodation options in popular student areas. It’s advisable to research online platforms, consult with university accommodation offices, or engage with local estate agents for the best student housing options.

Average Rent In Hertfordshire For Students

Accommodation accounts for one of the major expenses in Hertfordshire for students. However, this varies depending on the locality and the type of accommodation. On-campus accommodation for students in Hertfordshire will cost you around £460 per month. If you choose to go for off-campus accommodation, the average costs per month will be around £352. 

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Cost Of Tuition Fees In Hertfordshire

Tuition fees in Hertfordshire for international students range between £14,000 to £24,000 annually depending on the university and specific course. Thus, the average monthly fees will range between £1,100 – £2,000. Fees for master’s degrees are around £8,000 to £18,000, while research-based doctoral programmes can exceed £20,000 per year. 

Cost Of Transport In Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire is located in proximity to the city centre and offers seamless connectivity to the major universities and neighbouring areas. It is advisable to use public transportation to reach your university campus and travel within and beyond the city to save costs. Students can opt for buses, trains, bikes and private vehicles to commute. Normally, transportation costs in Bournemouth on average will be around £80 per month. However, this can vary according to the mode of transportation you opt for along with the frequency of your travel. 

Cost Of Food And Groceries In Hertfordshire

As a student in Hertfordshire, the average monthly expenses on food will be around £420. However, this is variable depending on your dietary preferences, eating habits and how frequently you dine out. Groceries will cost you around £85 per month.

Cost Of Entertainment And Recreation In Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire offers a plethora of entertainment and recreational activities for students. Movie tickets for Standard 2D film will cost you around £5 – £8. Premium formats like 3D/IMAX film tickets will cost around £7 – £12. You can check for cinemas that offer discounted student prices. Live events and concert student tickets for smaller gigs cost around £10 – £25 with major concerts having prices of £30 or above. The average total entertainment cost in Hertfordshire will depend on your lifestyle, preferences and the activities you choose to indulge in.

Healthcare Cost In Hertfordshire

As a student in Hertfordshire, you can access free healthcare through the National Health Service (NHS). This covers seeing a general practitioner (GP) and receiving treatment at NHS hospitals without any charges. However, you will need to pay a fixed cost of £9.35 per prescription item dispensed. If you require private medical treatment not covered by the NHS, you would need to pay additional costs or go for private health insurance, which can cost over £1,000 per year. 

Cost Of Personal Care

As a student living in Hertfordshire, it is essential to factor in the costs of personal care items into your budget. Personal care products such as toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and deodorant can add up quickly, with prices ranging from £1 to £5 for basic products. Cosmetics, including makeup, skincare, and hair care products, can be more expensive, with prices varying from £5 to £20 or more for higher-end brands. However, this can generally differ based on the brand and your personal preferences. 

How To Save Money As A Student In Hertfordshire?

Here are some helpful ways to plan your finances well and save money as a student living in Hertfordshire:

  • It is advisable to create a monthly budget to allocate funds towards the necessities along with maximising your savings. 
  • You can go for purpose-built student accommodations as they are majorly inclusive of the utility bills in the property pricing which proves to be cost-effective.
  • Make use of public transportation to travel to your university campus and explore nearby places.
  • You can go for online resources that are provided by your university for research and study materials.
  • Explore part-time employment opportunities to garner work experience along with having an income to contribute towards the overall living expenses.

Job Opportunities For Students In Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire is a county in England that offers multiple part-time job opportunities for students. Here are some of the popular job roles for students in Hertfordshire:

  • Hospitality sector job roles
  • Freelance job opportunities
  • On-campus internships
  • In-store jobs at supermarkets, boutiques and stores
  • Telecalling and customer service roles
  • Tutoring
  • Administrative roles
  • Social media and creative part-time opportunities

Final Verdict:

Living as a student in Hertfordshire offers a balance of quality education, vibrant social life, and exciting opportunities. While expenses can vary, careful financial planning, exploring affordable options, and taking advantage of student discounts can help manage the cost of living. By creating a realistic budget and making informed choices, you can make the most of your student experience in Hertfordshire.


Are there part-time job opportunities available for students in Hertfordshire?

Ans: Yes, Hertfordshire offers part-time job opportunities for students. You can explore job portals, university career services, and local businesses for potential employment.

What are some affordable recreational activities in Hertfordshire?

Ans: Hertfordshire provides a range of affordable recreational activities, such as exploring parks, visiting museums and galleries with student discounts, joining student societies, and participating in university-organized events.

Can I find affordable student accommodation near the university in Hertfordshire?

Ans: Yes, Hertfordshire offers various options for affordable student accommodation near universities. It’s advisable to start your search early and utilize resources such as the university accommodation office, online platforms, and local estate agents.

Are there scholarships or financial aid available for international students in Hertfordshire?

Ans: Some universities in Hertfordshire offer scholarships or financial aid programs for international students. It’s recommended to check the university’s website or contact the admissions office for information on available opportunities.

How can I save money on food expenses in Hertfordshire?

Ans: To save money on food, consider cooking meals at home, shopping at budget-friendly supermarkets, and taking advantage of student discounts at local eateries. Additionally, planning meals, buying groceries in bulk, and exploring local markets can help reduce expenses.

Is it expensive to live in Hertfordshire for students?

The cost of living in Hertfordshire for students varies depending on individual preferences and lifestyles. The major contributors to the overall cost of living in Hertfordshire for students include factors like accommodation, transportation, food, personal care expenses and many other aspects.

What is the cost of the electricity bill in Hertfordshire?

There is no single cost for electricity bills in Hertfordshire as it is totally dependent on factors like energy provider, usage, and home size.

Is Hertfordshire safe for students?

Yes, Hertfordshire is safe for students to study and reside. 

What are some affordable recreational activities in Hertfordshire?

Some affordable recreational activities in Hertfordshire include exploring local parks, and hiking trails, and participating in community events and festivals.

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