List of Best Cafes in Riverside 2024

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Riverside is an Inland Empire community, which is only 60 miles east of Los Angeles and it is renowned for its old-world beauty and youthful vitality. In addition to other attractions, Riverside, California is home to the California Citrus State Historical Park, the renowned Mission Inn, and the expansive grounds of the University of California (UC) Riverside. No matter where you are in the world, we all have one thing in common…Coffee! Whether exploring the lovely botanical gardens or viewing the many museums and cultural institutions the city has to offer. December definitely calls for a perfect roasted cup of coffee. To quench all your caffeine desires this winter season, we have listed some of the best cafés in Riverside, you can keep an eye out for while strolling through the city.

Cafés In Riverside

Popular Cafés In Riverside For Your Daily Dose Of Coffee!

Twee Coffee

Location: 9344 Magnolia Ave. Riverside, CA 92503

Twee Coffee is the first one on our list of best cafés in Riverside; being a complete joy from beginning to end with picture-perfect aesthetics that match up to any Pinterest mood board for coffee lovers. The brews are even better, and the ambience is flawless. You’ll find delicious classics like cappuccinos and pure espresso served alongside speciality roasters like Cat and Cloud and Wild Goose Coffee Roasters.


Location: 1725 Spruce St, Riverside, CA 92507

Categorized as ‘not your typical coffee shop’…this café in Riverside is a business run by Latina women that place a strong emphasis on community and sustainability. In addition to serving up excellent morals, they also make some fantastic lattes, including, the Briar Rose Oatmilk Latte and Brown Sugar Oatmilk Latte which are popular among the local crowd.

Arcade Coffee Roasters

Location: 3672 Chicago Ave A, Riverside, CA 92507

Arcade Coffee Roasters exudes a sophisticated ambience and a modern look that screams speciality coffee. However, Arcade’s high-quality attraction extends beyond its aesthetics. You will be amazed by whichever drink you choose from their diverse menu! Being one of the top roaster-cafés in Riverside, it is enthusiastic about coffee from bean to cup and serves its own roast. This is a wonderful place to start if you want to understand more about how coffee is toasted and what happens before you brew!

Condron Coffee

Location: 3696 Sunnyside Dr, Riverside, CA 92506

It is one of the well-known cafés in Riverside for its terrific atmosphere and even better coffee. Their lovely interior is ideal for setting up for a study session or transporting your home office. There is enough room for group gatherings due to the abundance of huge tables. Condron is the ideal location to relax and take in the beautiful ambience at a glance.

Lift Coffee Roasters

Location: 2060 Chicago Ave A-10, Riverside, CA 92507

At Lift Coffee Roasters, they mainly focus on the happiness of their customers and delicious beverages that will fulfil your soul. This café in Riverside has everything, from freshly roasted beans to carefully crafted drinks. It has two locations, out of which one that is located at Chicago Avenue in Riverside for tea lovers and offers a diverse menu with special items like the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Matcha and the London Fog Latte.

Crave Coffee And Tea

Location: 3590 Central Ave, Riverside, CA 92506

Crave Coffee and Tea is an industry expert with three top-notch locations on its record. Being one of the popular cafés in Riverside, you can visit this coffee and tea shop for a quick, healthy snack and a traditional iced latte or something a little more daring (try the Toffeenut Latte, hot or cold!). Another great place to pass time with friends or read a good book on a relaxing day.

Kraemer’s Coffee House

Location: 6734 Brockton Ave, Riverside, CA 92506

This is one of the cafés in Riverside that offers more than just coffee, making it one of the top breakfast venues in town. Kraemer’s has all you need for a fantastic start in Riverside with mouthwatering breakfast sandwiches and other delectable nibbles.

Back To The Grind

Location: 3575 University Ave, Riverside, CA 92501

Back to the Grind offers live music and other community events in keeping with the conventions of a coffee shop. In addition to being a fantastic location to see a performance or participate in the open-mic night, it’s also your friendly neighbourhood café in Riverside.


Location: 3660 Mission Inn Avenue, Riverside, CA 92501

Molinos is among Riverside’s more distinctive products. With classic beverages like the Cafecito or the Cinnamon Dulce Latte, this female-owned coffee shop honours its Cuban history. They also provide a wide selection of our favourite traditional drinks in addition to a variety of different drinks that are made by artisans.

PS: Try out a few coffee shops the next time you’re in the Inland Empire and let us know what you think in the comments section!

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List of Best Cafes in Riverside 2024

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