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best universities in Limerick

Despite a reasonable population of about five million, the Republic of Ireland has a variety of outstanding higher learning facilities. 

In the greater region of Dublin, the capital and largest city of Ireland, five of the country’s best universities are located. Dublin is widely recognized culturally for being the location of James Joyce’s novels. Established in 1759, the Guinness factory at St James’s Gate, meanwhile, was the original site for the brewing of the most famous stout in Ireland and is now a prominent tourist attraction.

Still spoken in areas on the Emerald Isle, the ancient language of Irish Gaelic tends to be learned in classrooms. However, the bulk of Irish people use English more frequently and nearly every university course is taught in the language.

Apart from Dublin, Limerick is another city that has a number of renowned universities. Here are details about best universities in Limerick

University of Limerick

The University of Limerick is located in the south of Ireland and is host to more than 12,000 students. The college, which was awarded university status in 1989, was the first institution to be set up in the Republic of Ireland since the state was established in 1922.

A special aspect of the student experience is that, as part of the Cooperative Education Programme, all candidates are qualified for an 8-month work placement arranged by the university. The university has more than 1,600 employers in its network, rendering the Co-op scheme one of the best in the European Union. Around 30 per cent of students in the program work towards their placement abroad, throughout Europe, Asia and America.

Among graduates in Ireland, the alumni group has one of the highest job rates. Many students, especially in Castletroy, live close to the university campus. On campus, there is still a good number of student housing, organized into five student villages.

Aspects of the US education framework have been introduced by the University of Limerick. For example, students earn a grade point average as a result of assessments.

Both the arts and sciences are vital to the university’s mission; besides the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, the Irish Chamber Orchestra, and Fine Art galleries, there are a range of devoted and specialist scientific study centers. Notable graduates of the university over the years include politicians, sportspeople and more than one dancer of Riverdance. It is one of the best universities in Limerick

Limerick Institute of Technology

As a LIT student, you’re not going to get lost in a crowd. The ratio of students to lecturers makes for great engagement and debate in lectures.

All Illuminated campuses are a tight-knit student culture where students have convenient access to lecturers, whether you find them in the halls, in the canteen, or for conveniently arranged planned meetings. At LIT, students learn by doing activities. We blend experience with theory that offers an experiential learning paradigm for students, equipping them with the critical skills they will carry through their chosen profession.

A positive college experience leads to a better college life, and the new people you encounter, the new friends you create, the new adventures you have, and the fun you have can enhance your college journey. According to the students and the alumni network, it is nothing but one of the best universities in Limerick.

In the overall college experience, clubs and organizations will provide a really good experience. We know how necessary it is to get active outside your academic work, in events and several other activities.


Graduates from LIT are sector-ready and extremely employable. Not only can you graduate from LIT with a respected degree applicable to your area of study, but you will also have the knowledge and professional expertise companies are asking for thanks to the practical approach of learning.

best universities in Limerick


Initiatives proposed and developed by the European Renewable Energy Centres and the consortium of Universities in Europe are the EUREC Masters. Between 2002 and 2015, the programmes have been managed by a network of 10 European universities and research centres, leading the way in research, development and demonstration of renewable energies. EUREC EEIG, a coalition of European Renewable Energy Research Centres headquartered in Brussels, is coordinating the initiative. The European Renewable Energy Research Centres Organization was founded in 1991 as a European Economic Interest Group to improve and rationalize European Renewable Energy R&D activities. It includes more than 40 influential RD&D organisations from all over Europe as an autonomous association.

The goal of the European Master’s Degree in Management of Renewable Energy Systems is to provide postgraduate students with the skills needed for jobs in the sustainable energy field. Students will excel in the study of market scenarios, modelling, architecture and execution of programs. As a consequence of the global interaction needed by the course, the students would have the international outlook appropriate for the HR needs of the industry. The center offers a strong base with legal, financial, economic, social and technological dimensions of systems management. Laboratory workshops are sponsored by theoretical courses which often address the social problems affecting the application of these technologies. The study for the core would be performed in English.

Mary Immaculate College 

Mary Immaculate College, established in 1898, is a Catholic College of Education and the Liberal Arts. At all undergraduate and postgraduate stages, the College provides a broad variety of programs in Education and Liberal Arts and more than 3,000 students are involved in studies here.

When the foundation stone was placed in 1899 for Mary Immaculate College, the purpose was to provide the national Catholic school system with an institution devoted to the technical teaching of female teachers. Today, with more than 3,000 young men and women enrolled in college and engaging in a number of academic programs, MIC continues to follow the founding vision of Catherine McAuley, who founded the Catholic Sisters of Mercy as advocates for the most vulnerable in society with the conviction that education was central to the standard of life to which all citizens should be entitled. As Mary Immaculate steers a new path in the Twenty-First Century, these enduring ideals remain enshrined in the College Mission Statement.

At undergraduate and postgraduate stages, the college culture supports innovation in teaching, learning and science. It aims to promote students’ academic, spiritual, personal and professional growth inside a welcoming and challenging atmosphere that guarantees employees and students’ intellectual freedom.

The College strives, in turn, to cultivate in its students a sense of fairness and kindness in the interest of others, along with sensitivity to each individual’s religious heritage and values. This is one of the reasons why it is considered as one of the best universities in Limerick.

The College encourages a sense of belonging strengthened by a knowledge of Ireland’s Catholic tradition, communities, languages and customs, and a particular devotion to the Irish language. Mary Immaculate honors diversity of society. It aims to foster equality in community and to have an ecosystem where everyone has freedom and a chance to reach their full potential.

These were some of the best universities in Limerick you can choose from for your further education.


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best universities in Limerick

Top Universities In Limerick: Best Colleges & Universities In Limerick | UniAcco

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