Best MBA Programmes in Perth

Top MBA Programmes in Perth

The Masters in Business Administration (MBA) is becoming one of the most sought-after degrees with every passing year. With an exponentially increasing number of rookie businesses coming up and quite a few of them thriving extremely well, the importance of an MBA now is more than ever before. If you are a student looking to pursue this degree abroad and Perth is one of the cities you are considering but not sure about, then worry no more. This article may help you leaps and bounds in choosing one amongst the many best MBA programmes in Perth.

Perth is rightly known as ‘Australia’s Education City’. It is home to a substantial number of world-class universities. Leading the way is the University of Western Australia. It is a research-intensive university that is ranked in the top one percent worldwide. Also, it is one amongst the Australian Group of Eight, an internationally recognized group of elite Australian universities. It has its main campus in Perth itself. 

Following UWA are Curtin and Murdoch Universities in the list of top MBA schools in Perth. Curtin University is the largest university in Western Australia with around 52,000 students, of which a third are international. Murdoch University has been ranked among the top 100 young universities in the world. This research-led university offers degrees that aim to blend academic learning with real-world industry experience.

Which Are The Best MBA Programmes In Perth?

University of Western Australia Business School

Program Name: MBA (Advanced)

Types available: Intensive, Flexible and Accelerated 

UWA’s MBA lays emphasis on the current business trends of the decade whilst preparing you for the possible future domains as well. The main highlight of the programme is that it allows you to complete core studies in all the principal areas. That is accounting and finance, marketing, economics and ethics. Further, it offers you a range of electives of which you may choose the one that suits your interests and goals. UWA has been voted as one of the best MBA colleges in Perth by countless international students. 

Duration: 2 Years

Commences: February, July

Indicative Fee: $59,700


12 subjects (72 points):

• 9 core subjects

• 3 options

Entry Requirements:

  • Have a bachelor’s degree, or equivalent, in a relevant discipline (where required), completed to a sufficiently high standard.
  • English Language Requirement: IELTS: a minimum of 7.0 overall with no band less than 6.5 is required.
  • For domestic students, a work experience of 2 years is mandatory. 

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Murdoch University

Program Name: MBA

Types: Full-time

MBA at Murdoch prepares you in a holistic manner. Not only will you learn the theoretical aspects but you will also gain practical business skills and build an incredible network. It is because of this reason that the degree is renowned worldwide as one of the best MBA programmes in Perth. This course primarily hones your skills such as business context, leadership & strategy, core business competencies and stakeholder management. With free workshops and seminars conducted year-round, you are bound to bring out the best version of the leader within you. 

Note: This is the optimal choice for students who are concerned about tuition fees. If you have a relatively lesser budget then Murdoch University could be your choice. This degree is known to be one of the cheapest MBA programmes in Perth.

Duration: 1 Year (Accelerated Mode)

Commences: February, July

Indicative Fee: $35,640


  • General Business Management
  • Economic & Environmental Sustainability
  • Research


48 points:

• 24 credit points (core Subjects)

• 24 credit points (specified electives)

Entry Requirements:

  • Recognised bachelor’s degree, or higher.
  • English Language Requirement: IELTS: 6.5 overall, PTE: 50 overall and TOEFL: 73 overall.
  • Evidence of a work experience of 2 years is mandatory.  

Curtin Graduate School of Business

Curtin Graduate School of Business

Program Name: MBA (Advanced)

Type: Full time, Part-time, Global, Dual Degree and Advanced

Curtin University’s MBA (Advanced) is an extended version of Curtin’s flagship MBA programme that gives you additional industry project experience. It is best suited for professionals who want to progress to senior management roles. Also, the course content is applicable to a range of industries. The education from this course will definitely help you thrive in complex and volatile economic environments. The core subjects include economics, finance, accounting, strategy, organisational behaviour, policy, international business and marketing. 

This university is globally recognized for its connections with industry, high-impact research and wide range of courses. 

Duration: 2 Years

Commences: January, May and August

Indicative Fee: $72,400


  • Business Administration
  • Innovation and Enterprise
  • Leadership
  • Energy Futures

Entry Requirements:

  • Have a bachelor’s degree, or equivalent, in a relevant discipline.
  • English Language Requirement: IELTS: a minimum of 7.0 overall with no band less than 6.5 required.
  • A work experience of 3 years is mandatory. 

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These were some of the best MBA programmes in Perth according to our research. However, there are also multiple other universities that have their branch in Perth. If you wish to opt for another university MBA option as well then here’s a list of a few more best colleges in Perth, that may be helpful for you.

Some FAQs by Students

Do business schools in Perth accept GMAT scores for their MBA programs?

Yes, most business schools in Australia accept GMAT scores. The average GMAT score required to get into top universities is 600-695. 

Are VISA policies favourable in Australia? 

Yes, the visa policies are favourable in Australia. Students can easily get The Graduate Work Stream and Post-Study Work Stream visas which allows them to temporarily stay and study/work in this country. 

Thank you for reading this blog on ‘Best MBA Programmes in Perth’. If you enjoyed this blog then do check out our other academic blogs as well. 

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Top MBA Programmes in Perth

Best MBA Programmes in Perth

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