10 Best Majors For The Future – Your Guide For A Lucrative Career

10 Best Majors For The Future - Your Guide For A Lucrative Career

Undoubtedly choosing the right major has to be the most critical decision of your student life. Identifying the perfect field that’s interesting and practical at the same time can keep you engaged while you pursue it. Plus it increases your post-study career prospects. If you are searching for the right major then you have landed on the correct page. Let me first acknowledge that you are really wise in analysing the end goal from the beginning itself. To help you in the process I have curated this list after scrutinising a range of courses and hand-picked these best majors for the future.  

What Are The Best Majors For The Future?

Having detailed information about various courses will help you make an informed decision. Keeping that in mind here is a list of the top 10 best majors for the future. Read till the end and see which one seems the perfect fit for you. 

1. Robotics

The Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) predicts that about 74800 new jobs will be added in the engineering space between 2019 and 2029  which includes large numbers of careers mainly in robotics. As our everyday life is more and more influenced by the technology we are increasingly dependent on machines. Today, healthcare, businesses and civil development are already influenced by robotics. The ability of robots to reach parts of the world where it is extremely difficult for humans to reach finds their applications in space and marine exploration. Robots have started to replace mundane human jobs such as data entry and will only continue to do so in the future. This is why Robotics is one of the best majors for the future.

You will study concepts of mechanical, electrical and software engineering in this major. 

2. Finance

Money matters can be pretty complex for many people. More products, new regulations and complicated investment portfolios aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. People with profound financial knowledge are thus in high demand. This creates plenty of opportunities and handsome pay for you in this field. Financial analysts that evaluate investment opportunities for popular businesses are earning a median salary of $83,824 a year. It is expected that there will be an 11.0% job growth over the next decade in this domain. 

You will study accounting, statistics, calculus, financial markets and investing, microeconomics and macroeconomics. 

3. Business Analytics

Another important one on the list of our best future majors is Business Analytics. This major will stay relevant as long as businesses continue to exist. The increasing number of social media platforms and the e-commerce industry will continue to fuel the need for a business analyst. Data is the future. Understanding the language of data is what you will learn in this major.

You will study mathematics, statistics and computer software here. 

4. Actuarial Science 

Professionals in Actuarial Science work in the finance and insurance industries analysing the cost of uncertainty and risk. New emerging financial regulations and health care laws create a need for these professionals. You are sure to find negligible risk in pursuing this career which ranks very high amongst all the other best future majors. 

You will study probability and risk management courses along with micro and macroeconomics. 

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5. Cybersecurity

The more advanced systems we develop the more innovative threats and attacks become. There has been no single year that did not witness any cybercrime. This is the reason why governments, businesses and practically all institutions are doing everything in their control to prevent their databases, software from external threats and attacks. It means some of the most promising jobs in the future lay in this domain. As we march towards a world where all the professionals communicate online, the need for cybersecurity people is sure to increase. 

You will study computer science in depth. Here you will learn to spot weaknesses in a system and develop mechanisms to secure them.

6. Biomedical Engineering

If you have always wanted to study both technology and the medical field at the same time then this course is meant for you. Here you will be using engineering concepts to help the healthcare industry. One example that can be taken is an artificial kidney. It has saved the lives of more than 2 million people and is considered one of the greatest blessings of biomedical engineering. 

Pretty obvious that your course will be an acute blend of engineering and medical concepts. 

7. Forensic Science

Technology has not left any sector untouched. Hence, the investigation of crimes today also utilises modern technology. Forensic science is a field where you will examine the pieces of evidence produced in cases using state-of-the-art technology. 

You will study maths and sciences alongside understanding how the jurisdiction system works. 

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8. Biometrics 

Next on our list of best majors for the future is Biometrics. This is a field that will teach you how to develop devices that identify living organisms. Even now we have our phone locks being upgraded to fingerprint and face recognition from pins and passwords. That itself speaks volumes about how important the field of biometrics will be in the future. Biometric readers are believed to replace all the existing identification techniques we have today. Hence, it is yet another promising major. 

You will study science and technology in great depth here. 

9. Nursing

The need for nurses is as persistent as a fever. A good percentage of healthcare professionals, in general, benefit from the ageing population, as well as advancing technology that helps people live longer. 

You will study various science courses that include anatomy, nutrition, chemistry and microbiology. 

10. Aeronautics and Aviation Technology

If flying high literally has been your dream then you must know that aeronautics and aviation technology is one of the best majors for the future. Whether you wish to become a pilot or get involved in the engineering side; this major can help you. 

You will study aerospace engineering here. 

The Bottom Line

Lastly, it is important to analyse all the majors well and see which one aligns the best with your interests whilst also having a promising future. The major you choose must be innovative, should have a decent scope and must guarantee you job security. Good luck! 

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10 Best Majors For The Future - Your Guide For A Lucrative Career

10 Best Majors For The Future – Your Guide For A Lucrative Career

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