8 Best Exhibitions In London That You Should Check Out

Best exhibitions in London

Discovering London’s cultural setting is a fascinating visit full of experiences. London is a top destination for locals and tourists, with various attractions in food, culture, art, sports, and famous sites. Whether you’re a student here currently or want to start soon, you’ll be amused by its energy. Here is a sneak peek at the best exhibitions in London scheduled for 2024. 

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Top Exhibitions In London To Visit 

Students from around the world reach London for their specific purposes. However, the one common thing among them is the curiosity to explore. To help them, here is a curated list of top exhibitions in London one must visit if they are in town. 

Barbara Kruger – Thinking Of You, I Mean Me, I Mean You 

Courtesy: Serpentine galleries

Barbara Kruger’s exhibition Thinking of You, I Mean Me, I Mean You is known for its straightforward and forceful approach. Kruger uses text and striking images to deliver strong statements, and The London art scene in 2024 gets off to a big start with this show. 

  • Her work explores class, gender, consumerism, and power relations. The exhibit includes various moving image pieces and artworks that produce immersive encounters in multiple soundscapes.
  •  It sounds fascinating, thoughtful, and avant-garde. It is one of the best exhibitions in London that people interested in art will want to adore.

Address: Serpentine South Gallery

Price: Free

Dates: Thursday 1st February – Sunday 17th March

Yoko Ono – Music Of The Mind

Image Courtesy: Filipe Braga

Yoko Ono’s revolutionary experimental art is displayed in her “Music of the Mind” exhibition. Prominent for her contributions to performance art, cinema, music, and conceptual art, Ono’s collection focuses on significant life events from the mid-1950s to the present. 

  • Her time in London is also honoured in the show, especially her encounter with John Lennon, which marked a turning point in her creative development. Viewers can explore themes of originality, experimentation, and the connection of art with personal life and cultural influences as they dig into Ono’s inventive and diverse artistic endeavours through this display.

Address:Tate Modern

Price: £22

Dates: 15 February – 1 September 2024

Bubble Planet 

Image Courtesy: Bubble Planet.com

Located on Fulton Road in Wembley, Bubble Planet is another of the best exhibitions in London, with an interactive installation rich in sensory elements. As guests explore, it provides a fanciful trip through pastel landscapes that captivate their five senses. 

  • Through virtual reality technology, visitors may explore a variety of bubble-themed environments in the interactive displays. Bubble Planet is housed in a spectacular old underground theatre and art gallery. 
  • It offers 11 ecosystems with enormous ball pits, giant bubbles, optical illusions, and other attractions. It’s a fun experience that combines immersive exploration with entertainment for people of all ages.

Address:22 Fulton Rd, Wembley HA9 0TF, UK

Price: starting from £13.90 for children and £17.90 for adults

Dates: Open since November 2023

Frank Auerbach – The Charcoal Heads

Image Courtesy: Joanna Bryant Projects

Frank Auerbach’s “The Charcoal Heads,” a striking sequence of large drawings seen together for the first time, is on exhibit at The Courtauld at Somerset House. These pieces, which include large-scale charcoal portrait heads, show Auerbach’s early years as an artist in post-war London. After spending months sitting with various people, Auerbach produced these fantastic artworks from the 1950s and 1960s. 

  • Highlighting Auerbach’s skill and contributions to the art world is one of the best exhibitions in London where the show pays homage to his legacy as one of the great modern painters.

Address: The Courtauld Gallery, London

Price: from £14

Dates: 9 February – 27 May 2024

Some May Work as Symbols

Image Courtesy: Artangled.com

Raven Row’s “Some May Work as Symbols” exhibition casts doubt on the idea that Brazilian modernism ultimately rejected traditional aesthetics and figuration in favour of minimalism. The exhibition, which includes works by Helio Oiticica, Lygia Pape, Lygia Clark, Ivan Serpa, and others, offers a complex analysis of Brazilian art from 1950 to 1980.

  • This, another of the best exhibitions in London, draws attention to how these painters combined geometric forms, colour, and simplicity with figuration, conventional aesthetics, and ceremonial meaning. 
  • This reappraisal of Brazilian art from the mid-1900s illuminates the variety of intricate strategies that shaped the development of the nation’s cultural landscape at that time.

Address: Raven Row, 56 Artillery Lane, London e1 7ls

Price: Free

Dates: 07 March – 05 May 2024

Zineb Sedira: Dreams Have No Titles

Image Courtsey: londonbeginsat40

In “Dreams Have No Titles,” Zineb Sedira invites you to enter her universe and participate in her cinematic production. Be a part of the action in this fully immersive presentation by the British Franco-Algerian artist, whether sitting at the bar or choosing your spot on the dance floor when the lights go down and playback starts.

  • This artwork comes under the top exhibitions in London and is fascinating to the eyes of art appreciators.

Address: Whitechapel Gallery

Price: £12.50

Dates: February 15 – May 12, 2024

Yayoi Kusama -Infinity Mirror Rooms

Image Courtsey: tate.org

Over five decades, Yayoi Kusama, “Infinity Mirror Rooms”, a pioneer in immersive art, has created over 20 mirror rooms globally. Two of her immersive mirror rooms, “Filled with the Brilliance of Life” and “Chandelier of Grief,” are now on show at Tate Modern. Photographs and moving pictures are continuously displayed in these rooms with rotating artworks. 

  • Even though guests only have a limited time in each area to look at and observe the art, it’s enough time to enjoy the unique immersive experience these rooms provide fully.

Address: Tate Modern

Price: £10

Dates: 18 MAY 2021 – 28 APRIL 2024


Image Courtsey: frameless.com

It is cutting-edge and one of the best exhibitions London now shows that is transforming interactions with art at Marble Arch Place in London. It’s a vast, permanent, multi-sensory experience in the UK, with four galleries including famous paintings by artists such as Monet, Rembrandt, Klimt, and Kandinsky. 

  • The exhibition immerses viewers in the artworks by releasing them from conventional frames, providing a singular viewpoint. Walking around these works of art creates the immersive and fascinating impression of being inside the artwork. 
  • The show, which runs for around 90 minutes and costs £15, will take students on a memorable art journey.

Address: Frameless 6, Marble Arch, London W1H 7AP

Price:  £10 for standard entry

Dates: Until December 2024

London’s thriving art scene offers a wide range of the best exhibitions in London that appeal to different interests and inclinations. The city’s galleries and venues provide a diverse tapestry of creative expressions, ranging from renowned artists like Barbara Kruger and Yoko Ono to immersive experiences like Bubble Planet and Frameless. 

London’s art exhibitions have something to offer everyone, whether exploring historical artworks at The Courtauld or diving into current storytelling at Raven Row. Thanks to these exhibits, London is now known as a centre for creative innovation and cross-cultural discovery. They highlight artistic excellence, spark discussions, encourage creativity, and provide visitors with enduring experiences.


What do you mean by art exhibitions?

Paintings, installations, sculptures, and multimedia works are just a few of the works of art that artists display during art exhibits.

How can I learn about forthcoming London art exhibitions?

To keep up with future art exhibitions in London, consult internet resources such as museum websites, activity listings, and social media profiles of galleries and art organisations. 

Are fees for entry to art exhibitions required?

Admission to many art shows may be charged, especially for special exhibitions or museums. However, admission to specific exhibitions, particularly those held in public areas, may be free.

Can anyone visit an art exhibit?

Yes, everyone fascinated by art and culture is welcome to visit art exhibitions, which are usually easily accessible to anyone interested.

During art exhibitions, are there any particular activities or guided tours offered?

Indeed, many art shows provide unique events that enhance visitors’ encounters with and comprehension of the artworks on display. These events include artist talks, seminars, guided tours, and interactive activities.

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Best exhibitions in London

8 Best Exhibitions In London That You Should Check Out

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