Top 10 Best Dental Schools In The US To Consider In 2024

best dental schools in the us

The United States is known for offering high-quality programmes in various sectors, including Dentistry. These schools or institutions provide top-notch education, advanced research-backed facilities, and excellent clinical training to prepare aspiring dentists to kick-start their careers with adequate knowledge and experience. However, selecting one of the best dental schools in the US is one of the critical decisions as it can impact your overall educational experience. 

In addition, aspiring students looking for the best opportunities must gain hands-on experience with the latest techniques and understand advancements in dental care. In this competitive landscape, the US offers adequate guidance and resources to students to help them build careers in dentistry seamlessly. This blog will explore more about the top dental schools in the US. 

What Is Dentistry?

Why Should You Consider Pursuing Dentistry At The Best Dental Schools In The US?

Pursuing Dentistry at one of the ideal dental schools in the US can be one of the best decisions for your career as it provides exceptional opportunities, including clinical training, supporting professional growth, and academic excellence under thorough guidance. These schools offer a range of exposure to many dental specialities. 

In addition, graduating from one of the best dental schools in the US improves an aspirant’s career prospects, earning potential, and seamless experience. However, selecting an ideal dentistry programme is a revolutionary step for an impactful career in oral healthcare. To help you decide on the perfect study destination, we are listing below a few factors highlighting the perks of studying in the top dental schools in the US

  • Top-notch training and education: The best dental institutions in the US, such as UCSF, Harvard, the University of Michigan, and others, tend to offer well-designed academic curriculums and extensive clinical experience to prepare students to kick-start their careers in dentistry with adequate knowledge and expertise. 
  • Eminent faculty and research opportunities: One of the dental institutions in the US has experienced faculties and offers unique research-based programmes. For instance, Harvard has nine research labs wherein students can quickly gain valuable practical research-backed experience. 
  • Effective residency match rates: Graduates from top-ranked US dental schools are often looked after and have robust residency match rates. However, pursuing dentistry with top programmes can open the doors to opportunities even in a competitive landscape. 
  • Excellent clinical training: One of the best dental colleges in the US offers students a range of opportunities to treat patients in on-campus clinics and rotation-based opportunities at affiliated sites. For example, UNC Adams School of Dentistry has 50 rotation sites across North Carolina. 
  • Specialisation-based opportunities: A few dental schools provide specialised training. For instance, the University of Michigan offers 15 varied programmes, enabling students to pursue an MBA, PhD, or even a master’s degree in advanced speciality courses while earning a DDS. 

Top 10 Best Dental Schools In The US To Consider

According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, dental jobs are expected to grow by 6% until 2031. This means that students aspiring to become dentists must select one of the best dental schools in the US, which is highly competitive and has a low acceptance rate. 

In addition, the top dental schools in the US have a strong core foundation for academics and provide hands-on practical experience to the students. Furthermore, it offers opportunities for students to build exceptional skills and gain knowledge to pass national exams. To simplify your journey to deciding on the right dental schools in the US, we list below a few top options for your better understanding. 

1. University Of Michigan School Of Dentistry

Image Source: UMich Edu Website 

According to US News, the University of Michigan is one of the best dental schools in the US, ranking 4th in the country. However, this university offers an extensive network of affiliated clinics to prepare students with practical knowledge and experience across the programme tenure. Additionally, it provides multiple opportunities and exposure to students to kick-start their careers in Dentistry. 

Average Fees (Per Annum)$497,152
Acceptance Rate 6.5%
Minimum GPA Score Requirement3.81
Minimum DAT Score Requirement22

This US dental school has around 120 full-time faculty members who teach around 15 varied dentistry programmes. Depending on the student’s goals, they can pursue an MBA, PHD or a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS). 

2. UCLA School Of Dentistry

Image Source: Dentistry UCLA Edu Website 

UCLA School of Dentistry is considered one of the best dental schools in the US. It provides extensive community services and well-designed clinical education. The university focuses on delivering community-based Clinical Education (CBCE). 

Average Fees (Per Annum)$122,197
Acceptance Rate5%
Minimum GPA Score Requirement3.83
Minimum DAT Score Requirement23

CBSE-based programmes motivate students to participate in or gain experience in free clinics and treat underprivileged patients across academic journeys. In short, this can serve as an opportunity for students to acquire practical knowledge. Furthermore, this network of community clinics around Los Angeles treats more than 4000 patients a year. 

3. University Of North Carolina

The University of North Carolina is one of the most preferred study destinations and is regarded as one of the best dental schools in the US. Furthermore, this university is known for providing a well-designed curriculum for international students that follows the A-C-T premise (Advocate-Clinician-Thinker). This means students are trained to become problem solvers by gaining clinical experience via rotation sites in North Carolina. 

Average Fees (Per Annum)$485,861
Acceptance Rate17.1%
Minimum GPA Score Requirement3.6
Minimum DAT Score Requirement22

4. Harvard School Of Dental Medicine

Image By:  Megan M Ross

Harvard University is known for offering the best learning experience with a well-planned curriculum. It is regarded as one of the best dental schools in the US for international students. This university bringing adequate resources for students’ research opportunities, including nine research labs and extensive opportunities to become well-versed in dental procedures. 

Average Fees (Per Annum)$470,380
Acceptance Rate3.18%
Minimum GPA Score requirement3.85
Minimum DAT Score Requirement22

Additionally, students pursuing dentistry at Harvard University can gain practical experience under the guidance of professionals at clinical rotations situated at Harvard Dental Care.

5. Columbia University

Image Source: Dental Columbia Edu

Columbia University is another best dental school in the US, with many academic opportunities. This university provides four years of DDS programme with the availability of regular classes at the medical school. 

Average Fees (Per Annum)$138,680
Acceptance Rate5%
Minimum GPA Score Requirement3.7
Minimum DAT Score Requirement23.4

6. University At Buffalo

Image Source: Dental Buffalo Edu Website 

The University at Buffalo’s School of Dental Medicine, located at the South Campus on Main Street, is known for offering some of the best dental programmes in the United States. With a strong emphasis on clinical practice and research, students receive comprehensive training. The school provides DDS degrees and dual degree programmes, such as combining a DDS with an MBA.

UniversityUniversity at Buffalo, State University of New York
LocationState University at Buffalo South Campus, 3435 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14215, USA
Average Fees$259,400
QS Rank491
Average GPA Required3.75
Average DAT Score16
Acceptance Rate5.25%

7. University Of Pennsylvania

Image Source: Penn Dental Medicine Website 

Situated on South 40th Street in Philadelphia, the University of Pennsylvania is renowned for its top-tier dental school. It features three independent research centres and six speciality clinics, providing students with extensive opportunities to engage in innovative dental research and specialising in various subfields. The school offers excellent educational and training programmes in dentistry.

UniversityUniversity of Pennsylvania
Location240 S 40th St, Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA
Average Fees$143,122
QS Rank19
Average GPA Required3.2
Average DAT Score20
Acceptance Rate6.1%

8. New York University

Image Source: NYU Dentistry Website 

Located on 1st Avenue in New York City, New York University’s dental school is one of the largest in the nation. Students gain practical experience through real-world exposure, working closely with faculty and practice directors. The school serves approximately 300,000 patients annually, making it a valuable experience despite its high cost. Financial assistance opportunities are available for those who need them.

UniversityNew York University
Location550 1st Ave., New York, NY 10016, United States
Average Fees$626,384
QS Rank38
Average GPA Required3.5
Average DAT Score21
Acceptance Rate11%

9. University Of California

Image Source: Dentistry UCSF Edu Website 

The UCSF School of Dentistry on Parnassus Avenue offers rich clinical education and numerous research opportunities. It graduates over 100 students each year and serves around 120,000 patients annually. UCSF also addresses children’s oral health disparities, with dedicated centres for improving pediatric dental care and preventing tooth decay.

UniversityUniversity of California, San Francisco
Location707 Parnassus Ave, San Francisco, CA 94143, USA
Average Fees$69,832
QS Rank6
Average GPA Required3.6
Average DAT Score23
Acceptance Rate6.98%

10. University Of Washington

Image Source: Greg Gilbert/The Seattle Times Website 

The University of Washington’s dental school in Seattle offers a comprehensive education emphasising hands-on experience and research. The school has many faculty and state-of-the-art facilities, providing students with the skills to tackle oral healthcare challenges. Students benefit from numerous opportunities that prepare them for real-world dental practice.

UniversityUniversity of Washington
Location1959 NE Pacific St HSB D323, Seattle, WA 98195, USA
Average Fees$551,983
QS Rank24
Average GPA Required3.5
Average DAT Score20.9
Acceptance Rate6.1%

Furthermore, when students complete the dental education programme at this university, they can seamlessly apply for post-doctoral residency programmes at the Dental University in the US. 


1. Which Is The Best Dental School In The USA?

The University of Michigan, the University of North Carolina, and Harvard University are regarded as among the best dental schools in the US. They offer practical learning experiences and a range of other opportunities. 

2. Which Dental School In The US Has Less Competitive Acceptance Rate?

UCLA Dental University has a 5%, and Harvard University has a 3.18% acceptance rate – most less competitive in the US

3. What Is The Average Duration Of Dentistry Programme In The USA?

The average duration of a dentistry programme in the USA is standard—4 years curriculum, except for the University of the Pacific, which provides a unique 3-year extensive programme. 

4. Why Should International Students Pursue Dentistry In The US?

The US has a growing demand for dentists, and the job growth of dentists is expected to grow around 19% from 2016 to 2026. Several US dental schools provide advanced programmes for students to pursue (DDS/DMD) via a 2-3 year programme.

5. What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing A Dental School?

When choosing a dental school, consider the curriculum, programme duration, location, fees and other costs, faculty-to-student ratio, availability of academic opportunities, acceptance rates, and other eligible criteria. 

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best dental schools in the us

Top 10 Best Dental Schools In The US To Consider In 2024

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