List of Top Beaches in Melbourne You Must Visit

Beaches in Melbourne

Melbourne is known to have the best beaches in Sydney or Perth. You may find some of the most magnificent expanses of sand in and around the beaches in Melbourne, perfect for spreading out your towel. Certainly, not all beach towns are created equal; therefore, this guide offers 10 of the best beaches in Melbourne, Australia, to help you relax on your next tropical getaway.

It’s impossible to see everything in one trip to Melbourne, as the city is home to hundreds of beaches, each one unique from the others. To help you explore some of the fun beaches in Melbourne, check out the following list: 

Top 10 Beaches in Melbourne

1. St. Kilda Beach

Overview Short- St. Kilda Beach is one of the most well-known beaches in Melbourne and has several prominent attractions. It has the classic beach atmosphere with its powdery sand, calm surf, 167-year-old pier, and boardwalk-lined promenade. Of course, the beach is one of many spots for most family vacations in St. Kilda. 

Location- Jacka Blvd, Melbourne, Victoria

Nearest Station- Tram Stop 132- St. Kilda Station

Things to Do- Luna Park is a popular amusement park with rides suitable for all ages. Come here before sunset to enjoy the stunning scenery while sipping a drink at one of the beachside bars. Relax and watch the sea transform from blue to gold as the sun goes down.

2. Brighton Beach

Overview Short- Brighton Beach is a must-see for any tourist in Melbourne. It is home to some of the city’s most famous landmarks and most photographed beach. This classic tourist destination is set off by 82 colourful wooden bath houses and huts, and it is a sight to behold indeed. 

Location- Brightwater Ave, East Of Coney Island, Brooklyn

Nearest Station– Brighton Beach Railway Station

Things to Do- The grassy area behind the beach is perfect for picnics, as it keeps the sand away from your food. Brighton Beach is a photographer’s dream, with Melbourne’s distant, towering skyscrapers and the ever-colourful Brighton Beach boxes.

Port Melbourne Beach

3. Port Melbourne Beach

Overview Short- Port Melbourne Beach is perfect for a Bayside day out. Rarely can both natural and manmade aesthetics coexist harmoniously, yet this location manages to do so without appearing cluttered. 

Location- Unit 112, 50 Dow Street, Victoria 

Nearest Station- Southern Cross Station, Sandridge Life Saving Club/The Boulevard (Port Melbourne)

Things to Do- This is not a fantastic surfing beach but a hotspot for paddle boarding, kitesurfing, and swimming. Splash around in the clear water as the massive cruise ships glide by in the distance. It is one of the best family beaches in Melbourne due to its long length of white sand and clear blue sea.

4. Altona Beach

Overview Short- Towards the beach’s centre is a lengthy pier, making Altona Beach a unique destination. The accessibility of Altona Beach has been recognised, and the beach is now open to visitors of all abilities.

Location- Esplanade, Altona, Victoria

Nearest Station- Altona railway station

Things to Do- Altona Beach runs out 500 metres into the ocean, making it a great site for a swim, a game of volleyball, or relaxing and taking in the view. Children can play in the sea without fear of drowning on the beach here, thanks to the shallow sand flats, and parents can relax thanks to the presence of a beach patrol. The early evening hours are perfect for exploring this area.

5. Williamstown Beach

Overview Short- Williamstown Beach, like many of the top beaches in Melbourne, features nearby parks with plenty of grass and trees, making it an ideal spot for a picnic.

Location- Railway Cres, Williamstown, Victoria 

Nearest Station- Williamstown Beach railway station

Things to Do- The beach is monitored all summer, giving it a safe haven for families with young children. It is recommended that anglers visit the Eastern Pier, where the water is deeper. This beach is a must-visit due to its breathtaking scenery, abundance of attractions, and rich vibe.

South Melbourne Beach

6. South Melbourne Beach

Overview Short-  South Melbourne Beach is another beach that is very well-liked by inhabitants in Melbourne. Guests who want to stay within the hotel can enjoy this lovely section of the beach. 

Location- Beaconsfield Parade, Albert Park

Nearest Station- South Melbourne Railway Station

Things to Do- The sand dunes and beach playground make this a favourite spot for families to dine and swim. Those interested in a leisurely 45-minute stroll through suburban scenery on their way to the beach can consider making the trek.

7. Sandringham Beach

Overview Short- Like the other beaches in Melbourne, Sandringham Beach is great for swimming and activities away from the sand. The waves are shallow, and the shore is made of lovely golden sand at one end, while at the other, it is rougher and more forested. Close to the ocean, you’ll find various stores and trails for walking and running.

Location- Beach Road, Sandringham, Victoria

Nearest Station- Sandringham Railway Station

Things to Do- Although the neighbourhood around the beach has changed, the beach itself has maintained its historic charm. Ideal for secluded, leisurely days away from the crowds. This beach is perfect for those who seek seclusion, unobstructed views of Melbourne City, and a more relaxed pace of life.

8. Sandridge Beach

Overview Short- Sandridge Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Melbourne. The Sandridge Life Saving Club has been around since 1927, and its clubhouse is rather recent, complete with locker facilities and a snack bar.

Location- Virginia

Nearest Station- Barak Rd/The Boulevard (Port Melbourne)

Things to Do- The recent revitalization of the area, which included the addition of beach amenities and landscaping, has resulted in a quite pleasant beach. With convenient parking, the beach is easily accessible.

Elwood Beach

9. Elwood Beach

Overview Short- Not only is Elwood Beach one of the nicest beaches in Melbourne, it stands to be the most popular family-friendly attraction due to its proximity to the central business district. 

Location- Ormond Espl, Elwood, Victoria

Nearest Station- Elsternwick Railway Station

Things to Do- The beaches along the bay attract many people during the summer months for a variety of recreational activities like windsurfing, cycling, cricket, and strolling. There is also Elwood Park, a coastal park right there in the neighbourhood.

10. Dendy Street Beach 

Overview Short- The famed bathing boxes of Brighton, a southeast Melbourne suburb, can be found on Dendy Street Beach, making it an ideal location to spend a family vacation. 

Location- Esplanade, Brighton, Victoria

Nearest Station- Middle Brighton Station/Male St

Things to Do- This beach is protected by huge reefs, which create deeper rip channels against the reefs and leave Dendy Street Beach with only a bar along its northern section. 

Melbourne is home to many stunning beaches where families can relax and enjoy the sun, surf, and other coastal amenities. A beach holiday in Melbourne is as relaxing and enjoyable as it sounds, with miles of white sand, swaying palm trees, and a laid-back atmosphere. You’ll adore spending time on the beach, snorkelling in the warm, clear waters, and spending quality time with your loved ones in a beachy city like Melbourne. This compilation of beaches in Melbourne includes some of the city’s most popular spots and should be visited at least once. Get in on the fun!

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Beaches in Melbourne

List of Top Beaches in Melbourne You Must Visit

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