All You Need To Know About Aussie Slang Words

All You Need To Know About Aussie Slang Words

It can be a bit daunting for a 20-something year old to move halfway around the world to reach Australia for further education. Amidst the whole new-change-in-surrounding and culture shock, students may find themselves baffled by the way Australians talk. Don’t get me wrong, the preferred language of communication in Australia is English but the Aussies put their own spin on it. Aussie slang words have become a part of the Australian culture. In order to blend in well with the locals, we’ve prepared a blog on our favourite Aussie slang words and phrases. Here is a comprehensive Aussie slang words list that contains the best Aussie slang words.

All You Need To Know About Aussie Slang Words

Mate – Mate means friend but the gravitas of this word allows Aussies to use it in a variety of ways. Example, 

  • Addressing an actual friend: “Hey mate.”
  • Addressing an enemy: “Listen here, mate…”
  • Expression of congratulations: “Maaate!”
  • Expression of indignation: “Aw, mate…”
  • Expression of surprise: “Mate!”
  • Expression of scepticism: “Maaate…”

Straya – Most native English speakers will pronounce all the syllables in “Australia,” but the Aussies are different. One of the most famous Aussie slang words is “Straya” which is a shorter (and more convenient) pronunciation of Australia. 

Barbie – This is an abbreviation for ‘barbecue’. Since Australians love their barbecues, there’s a good chance you’ll hear this often.

Fair Dinkum – Aussies say Fair Dinkum to emphasise truth or veracity. Example, “Last night’s barbie was fair dinkum amazing”.

Bathers – Bathers, also known as ‘swimsuit’, is one of the most popular Aussie slang words for Australians.

Arvo – Arvo is short for ‘Afternoon’. Similar Aussie slang words are avo (avocado), servo (service station), devo (devastated) and defo (definitely).

Bottle-O – This means a store that sells alcohol in Australia. 

Choccy Bikky – Australians love their Choccy Bikky aka ‘chocolate biscuit’. A similar Aussie word – Crissie pressie (Christmas present).

U-ey – This word means ‘taking a U turn’. 

Woop Woop – This Aussie slang word means ‘middle of nowhere’. Example, “U-ey soon or we’re going to end up in Woop Woop.”

Footy – Footy is short for ‘Football’ (not soccer), which is Australia’s favourite pastime.

Macca’sMcDonald’s or Macca’s is one of the favourite fast-food chain restaurants in Australia. If you’re more of a KFC person, then you should head over to the ‘Dirty Bird’.

Bludger – If you see a lazy person in Australia, call him a bludger.

Shout – In Aussie slang, shout means a round of drinks at a bar. Example, “It’s Johnno’s shout, the bludger”. Shout has nothing to do with raising one’s voice in Aussie slang words.

Snag – You might think snag means a hidden obstacle or drawback. But in Australia, snag means ‘Sausage’. Example, “I’m going to pick up some snags for the barbie this arvo”.

Accadacca – Accadacca is how Australians pronounce AC/DC, one of the most famous Australian bands. Be ready to hear an Accadacca song almost everywhere you go when you visit Australia.

Prezzie – This means ‘gift’ or ‘present’. 

Pro tip: If you’re invited to a party, make sure you bring a prezzie. Typical prezzies (plural) include wine, beer or gift vouchers.

Chrissie – Since we’re so close to Christmas, we thought we’d include this popular Aussie slang word. Chrissie is the Aussie word for Christmas. Start buying your ‘chrissie prezzies’ before the stores are empty!

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All You Need To Know About Aussie Slang Words

All You Need To Know About Aussie Slang Words

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