30 Interesting Facts About Scotland

Interesting Facts About Scotland

Green forests, vast lochs, towering mountains and a lively culture form the beautiful country of Scotland. But this great country is so much more than that! We’ve delved a little deeper and discovered some exciting and funny trivia pieces you ought to know before travelling to the Highlands.

Here are 30 facts about Scotland –

  1. Scotland’s national animal is a unicorn.

Scotland's national animal
Because having a real animal is too mainstream! 
  1. Scottish people are most likely to have blue eyes than any other people in the UK. 57% of the South East of Scotland has blue-eyed residents. 

  1. The world’s tallest hedge is in Scotland. Over 1,700 feet in length and 100 foot high, this behemoth is located near Meikleour on the A93 Perth-Blairgowrie road.

  1. Scotland is home to one of Europe’s oldest trees – Fortingall Yew. Modern estimates believe it to be between 2,000 and 3,000 years old.

  1. The Scots invented the sport of Golf, with St. Andrews considered as the ‘Home of Golf’. Golf has been played in Scotland since the early 15th century.


Scotland has the highest proportion of redheads in the entire world. Around 13 per cent of the population has red hair.And no, Rupert Grint is not from Scotland. 

  1. Since the 70s, imports of haggis to the US have been banned.

  1. The scars on the face of The Joker from the movie The Dark Knight is a wound called the “Glasgow smile”. It originated in Glasgow, Scotland but later became popular with English street gangs. Actor Tommy Flanagan was given one when he was attacked outside a bar in Scotland.
  1. At Edinburgh Zoo, there’s a Penguin called Sir Nils Olav, who’s a Brigadier and has a Knighthood.


  1. You can take the shortest commercial flight in the world in Scotland. The journey from Westray to Papa Westray in Orkney takes just 47 seconds.

  1. You know about Loch Ness, now meet Morag, the monster of Loch Morar. This large and elusive creature is said to have attacked two fishermen in August 1969. They say they saw a creature that was around 30ft long with rough brown skin, three large humps and a snake-like head. 

  1. The first-ever international association football game was played in Scotland. This match was between Scotland and England in 1872 and was played at the West of Scotland Cricket ground in Partick. The match was watched by 4,000 spectators and ended as a 0–0 draw. 

  1. Scotland is made up of approximately 790 islands. 660 of those are uninhabited. 

  1. Football was initially banned by King James I. Luckily, it fell into disuse, and Scotland gave the world one of the most heated rivalries in football – the Old Firm derby between Rangers and Celtic. 

  1. The longest echo inside a man-made structure was recorded in Inchindown tunnels in Scotland. This was a WWII fuel-storage facility near Invergordon in Ross-shire. 

  1. Scotland has three officially recognised languages: Scots, English, and Scottish Gaelic. Just one per cent of the Scottish population use Scottish Gaelic.

  1. The first city in the world to have its very own fire brigade was Edinburgh. But it comprised of volunteer firefighters. That’s why it took a lot of time to gather people and come to the burning place. 

  1. The small town of Bonnybridge in Scotland has become the UFO capital of the world. Close to 300 sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects are reported every year. 

  1. The oldest preserved stone house in northern Europe can be found in Scotland. It is called the “Knap of Howar“.

  1. The Bank of Scotland that was set up in 1695 is one of the three oldest banks in Britain. Barclays and The Bank of England are the other 2 banks.

  1. The Encyclopedia Britannica was originated in Scotland. 

  1. Scottish breakfasts are one of the most effective hangover treatments. They include Scottish style black pudding, Lorne sausage, baked beans, tattie scones, poached egg, toast and English tea or coffee.

  1. It can be said that the Scots invented the modern world. Scotsman Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in February 1876 whereas, Scottish engineer John Logie Baird created the world’s first TV picture on October 2, 1925.

  1. The bagpipe is Scotland’s national instrument. First traces of the bagpipe can be detected back to around 1400.

A person playing bagpipes in a building

  1. Some Scots lived in caves just a mere 100 years ago.

  1. There are as many people with Scottish heritage living in the US as there are in Scotland. 

  1. At the famous Highland Games, contestants show off their skills at hammer throw and even haggis-hurling. The first Highland Games was celebrated in the 11th century.

  1. Scottish men wear kilts. The kilt is the traditional dress of Gaelic men and boys in the Scottish Highlands.

  1. The Edinburgh International Festival is one of the largest performing arts festivals in the world. The festival attracts over 400,000 people annually.

  1. The world’s first colour photograph was taken in Scotland. The picture in question is a Tartan Ribbon. 

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Interesting Facts About Scotland

30 Interesting Facts About Scotland

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