WES Evaluation For Indian Students In 2024

Wes Evaluation For Indian Students

The World Education Service is a key organisation that helps students and professionals in the U.S. and Canada to get internationally recognised degrees. As many Indian students are looking abroad for education and career opportunities, the WES evaluation for Indian students is becoming more critical. According to statistics, there has been an increase in the number of students from India who have applied for a WES evaluation by approximately 10 % per year. This increase is due to the growing number of Indian students in North America pursuing higher education and professional opportunities. To ensure a smooth academic transition in 2024, the process and fees related to the WES assessment will continue to be essential.

Summary Of WES Evaluation For Indian Students 2004

Key TakeawayDescription
Importance of WES     Establishes uniformity in global qualifications to meet the standards of the United States and Canada.
Process and DocumentationRequires application, document collection, and submission with reference number.
Evaluation Costs Offers WES Basic and WES ICAP packages, ranging from USD 163 to USD 217.

What Is WES Evaluation?

WES evaluations, conducted by World Education Services (WES), are thorough assessments that analyse a student’s educational qualifications obtained outside the United States and determine their equivalence to U.S. or Canadian standards. 

  • This assessment aids universities, colleges, licensing boards, and employers understand foreign educational credentials by providing comprehensive reports on coursework, grades, study duration, and other essential details.
  • There are two primary categories of WES evaluations: Document-by-Document and Course-by-Course evaluations.
  • The latter is more comprehensive and is usually required by universities and professional licensing boards. 
  • The WES assessment is highly recognised and accepted by numerous institutions and organisations across the United States. It is important for students who aspire to pursue educational or professional prospects within the nation.

Is WES Evaluation Mandatory In The USA & Canada? 

The assessment provided by WES is highly significant for individuals aspiring to pursue higher education or secure employment opportunities in the United States and Canada. Although not mandatory for all universities in the US, many educational institutions and employers strongly recommend WES evaluations to establish a uniform benchmark for evaluating academic qualifications. Several significant reasons make it highly advisable to consider this option.

Credentials StandardisationIt helps establish a uniform measure of international academic qualifications by equating them to their US or Canadian equivalents. This valuable service simplifies the task for universities and employers in understanding applicants’ educational backgrounds, ensuring a fair and consistent evaluation of their qualifications. 
Eligibility CriteriaWES evaluation helps determine whether an applicant’s international credentials fulfil the necessary criteria for admission into a particular university programme or job opportunity.
Maximised CompetitivenessIt enhances an applicant’s competitiveness by showcasing that their qualifications have undergone thorough verification and evaluation by the rigorous standards set by North America. 
Encourages EmploymentA large number of employers in the United States and Canada often request or prefer a WES evaluation. This evaluation is valuable as it enables them to accurately assess the qualifications and experience of international candidates. 
Supports ImmigrationIndividuals seeking permanent residency in Canada via the Express Entry system must undergo a WES evaluation as a crucial step in the Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) procedure. 

Steps To Apply For WES Evaluation For Indian Students 2024 

If you face challenges in following the steps for WES evaluation, you can get assistance from the professional team at UniAcco. But let’s take a quick look at the WES evaluation procedures for Indian students:

  • Begin by applying for your WES application and securing your WES reference number.
  • Please review the document requirements and collect all the necessary documents, including your degree certificate (provisional certificates are acceptable) and academic transcripts/mark sheets.
  • When sending your documents to WES, include your WES reference number in the envelope.
  • Once WES receives your documents, they will review them and verify their authenticity. Provided that all the required documents have been received, it usually takes about 7 business days for WES to complete the evaluation report.

Remember, the WES evaluation for Indian students is valid for five years.

Fees For WES Evaluation 

WES offers two evaluation packages, WES Basic and WES ICAP, to assess international academic credentials. WES Basic provides the essential credential evaluation report. WES ICAP, also known as the International Credential Advantage Package, includes the credential evaluation report and offers verified transcript storage and direct delivery to institutions. In the table below, check out the WES evaluation costs for Indian students. 

WES PackagePrice in INRPrice in USD
WES Basic     13,500 USD 163
WES Basic     14,102.63     USD 170
WES ICAP     18,001.59     USD 217

How Do You Send Documents For WES Evaluation? 

There are three primary methods for sending documents to WES. Always include your WES reference number in your application, regardless of the method you choose. This will significantly assist WES in matching your documents to your application.

Type Of SubmissionExplanation
Online PlatformThis is the easiest way to proceed. Sign in to your WES account, choose WES as the recipient, and submit your documents digitally. WES will be able to retrieve the documents straight from your institute’s online system.
Direct SubmissionYour institute can transmit the documents directly to WES using secure channels such as Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) or Application Programming Interface (API). This method ensures a fast and secure transmission of documents from institutions to WES.
Email SubmissionIf your institution cannot use the online or direct submission methods, it can send the documents to WES via email. Nevertheless, specific criteria must be met for this alternative. The email must originate from an authorised institutional email account, the sender must be authorised to send academic records, and the documents must be in a secure and unchangeable format such as PDF.

WES Evaluation Validity 

WES credential evaluations are valid indefinitely and do not have an expiry date. The evaluation report is versatile and can be utilised numerous times for educational and professional pursuits in Canada.

A WES Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) for immigration is valid for 5 years from the issue date. Applicants can request an extra copy through their WES account to prolong the validity for another 5 years.

List Of Universities Requiring WES Evaluation 

More than 2,500 educational institutions rely on WES credential evaluations to assess and acknowledge the academic accomplishments of students from diverse backgrounds. Let’s examine a few universities that require WES evaluation.

  • Fairfield University, Connecticut (selected programmes)
  • Chicago State University, Illinois
  • University of Central Florida, Florida
  • University of Memphis, Tennessee
  • University of Texas at Pan America, Texas
  • Villanova University (CS Major), Pennsylvania
  • California State University, Channel Islands
  • University of Nevada Las Vegas, Nevada
  • University of North Carolina Greensboro, North Carolina
  • Texas A&M College Station, Texas

What Is Included In The WES Evaluation? 

Key components of the WES (World Education Services) evaluation consist of:

Credential VerificationEvaluators play a crucial role in validating the legitimacy and entirety of academic papers, such as degree certificates.
Credential Identification and Description The task of evaluators involves analysing documents to determine and explain the credentials within the context of the U.S. education system.
GPA EquivalencyAcademic evaluators analyse students’ academic achievements and determine their GPA based on the U.S. grading system.
Evaluation of Document AuthenticityEvaluators verify the authenticity of documents from reputable institutions to ensure their validity.
Evaluation ReportA report will be generated to summarise the evaluation findings and provide an equivalent assessment for the United States.


What Is WES And Why Is It Important For Indian Students?

WES (World Education Services) is a non-profit organisation that assesses academic credentials. It plays a vital role for Indian students by ensuring their qualifications are acknowledged for university admissions, professional licensing, and immigration purposes in the United States and Canada.

What Documents Are Required For A WES Evaluation?

Indian students must usually submit official transcripts, degree certificates, mark sheets, passport copies, English proficiency scores, and other necessary documents for a WES evaluation.

How Much Does A WES Evaluation Cost For Indian Students In 2024?

By 2024, Indian students must pay approximately USD 220 for a standard course-by-course evaluation conducted by WES. There may be extra charges for expedited services and document authentication.

What Is The Typical Processing Time For A WES Evaluation For Indian Students?

The regular processing typically takes 7-10 business days, but advanced choices can shorten it to 1-2 days for an extra charge.

Can Indian Students Apply For A WES Evaluation Before Receiving Their Final Transcripts?

Indian students have the option to submit in-progress transcripts for a preliminary WES evaluation; however, verified official final transcripts are necessary for the final review.

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Wes Evaluation For Indian Students

WES Evaluation For Indian Students In 2024

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