The Best Vegetarian Restaurants In London

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Whether or not you’ve avoided beef and chicken since childhood, the general consensus appears to be that we eat far too much meat. And, despite the fact that there has never been a better time to be a vegetarian in London, far too many people still associate meat with a satisfying meal. If you’re looking for junk vegan food in London that doesn’t skimp on flavour while avoiding nasty processed meat, or delicate dishes that look too pretty to stick your fork into (but you will), we’ve compiled a list of the capital’s best. With more plant-based options than ever before, incorporating meat-free meals into your life has never been easier, so stop making excuses. With our pick of the best vegetarian restaurants in London, meat-free Mondays will become the norm.

Govinda’s  (9-10 Soho Street, London, W1D 3DL.)

Govinda’s is one of the oldest vegetarian restaurants in London, located beneath the Radha-Krishna Temple. It serves a delicious and inexpensive thali-style menu (various dishes of your choice served on a platter) of traditional Indian food based on grains, vegetables, and lentils. The restaurant is currently only available for takeout and has a small outdoor seating area. 

  • Eat this: Limiting yourself to one dish is impossible, let alone inadvisable, but Govinda’s creamy paneer with peas is not to be missed.
  • Drink this: Mango lassi
vegetarian restaurants in London

Mao Chow (Hackney): (159a Mare Street, London E8 3RH)

This broom closet-sized restaurant on Hackney’s Mare Street serves a limited menu of entirely vegan Chinese food and usually has long lines around the block. Fortunately, the intensely flavorful dishes of one of the finest vegetarian restaurants in London are now available for takeout and delivery. We dare you to look at Mao Chow’s Instagram page without drooling. Go on!

  • Eat this: The chilli oil dumplings are consistently sold out and for good reason.
  • Drink this: Tsingtao beer

Spicebox (Tsingtao beer58 Hoe Street, London E17 4PG)

An Indian curry house with meals that are so tantalizing, punchy, and delectable that you’ll forget the menu is almost entirely vegan. The Walthamstow Spicebox restaurant began as a street-food stall that travelled around London markets and UK festivals, and it now offers only collection and delivery.

  • Eat this: Bhajis smothered in tamarind chutney and stuffed with pickled pink onions, green chilli, dates, raita, and crispy onions? It’s to die for.
  • Drink this: Spicebox, one of the best vegetarian restaurants in central London sells beverages made by London-based companies. If you want the full pint-and-curry experience, go for Gravity Well’s Pale Ale.
vegetarian restaurants in London

The Good Egg (SOHO): (Unit G9 Kingly Court, Kingly Street, London W1B 5PW)

What began as a shakshuka-serving street stall has evolved into three Middle Eastern restaurants with a twist. The menu is inspired by Tel Aviv but also by Jewish delis in the United States and by Brick Lane. The end result is an unmistakable mash-up of flavours and some seriously tasty sandwiches. And, while the menu is not entirely vegetarian, the vegetarian options are delicious. Dine outside at The Good Egg’s Soho location or order from their Stoke Newington location.

  • Eat this: The bagel with whipped feta and aubergine jam, nigella, and sunflower-seed dukkah. Finish with a decadent slice of babka French toast. 
  • Drink this:  The Classic Tahini shake.

Tredwells: (4a Upper St Martin’s Lane, London WC2H 9NY)

Chef Patron Chantelle Nicholson created a relaxed fine-dining experience in the heart of London. Tredwells, one of the most famous vegetarian restaurants in London is not entirely vegetarian, but the “Vegwells” tasting menu is well worth a look. It features five courses that highlight the best of British produce, with fresh flavours and inventive combinations.

  • Eat this: Tredwells provides seasonal menus.
  • Drink this: For the full experience, choose a wine pairing.

MERE (74 Charlotte Street, Bloomsbury, London W1T 4QHnce)

Mere, an elegantly pared-back restaurant from Monica and David Galetti, is tucked away on Bloomsbury’s Charlotte Street. If you’re looking for fine vegetarian dining, this is the place to go. While Mere does serve meat, its six-course vegetarian menu is just as impressive, if not slightly more so, for its inventiveness.

  • Eat this: The tasting menu of one of the best vegan restaurants in London includes all six courses, but the ones to look forward to the most are the lentil ragout with roasted carrot, pickled celery, and sea purslane, and the unique cheese course, which combines whipped goat’s cheese, quince jelly, and sourdough into a bowl for a savoury, mousse-y treat.
  • Drink this: The wine pairings with the tasting menu are excellent, so relax and let the sommelier look after you.

The Gate (Hammersmith): (51 Queen Caroline Street, London W6 9QL)

After all, The Gate has been a staple of innovative vegetarian and vegan cooking since 1989. Everything is good there, with its homey atmosphere and plentiful menu. Outdoor dining is available at the Hammersmith and St John’s Wood locations, as well as the Islington and Marylebone locations.

  • Eat this: Start with their miso-glazed aubergine, then move on to their wild mushroom risotto cake and finish with their decadent Mille-Feuille. In that order, you’ll never miss meat again.
  • Drink: Cucumber cooler 

The Takeaway

A few years ago, the list of the best vegetarian restaurants in London would have been a fairly short one, and even shorter outside of the capital. However, not only do most restaurants now offer a good selection of delicious veg-focused dishes, but the number of all-vegetarian and exclusively best vegan restaurants in London has increased dramatically.


1. Is it easy to find vegetarian food in London?

Vegetarians are well catered in London, with many of the best dishes being plant-based and celebrating excellent produce; fried artichoke sprinkled with sea salt may be one of the best things you eat all year, while plates of burrata with seasonal vegetables and handmade potato and chestnut gnocchi offer memorable twists on classics.

2. Is London good for vegans?

London is one of the world’s most vegan-friendly cities. You can find innumerable vegetarian restaurants in London.

3. Where are most vegetarians in the UK?

Norwich, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Bristol, Manchester, and Cardiff, are some of the places in the UK where there are most vegetarians.

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The Best Vegetarian Restaurants In London

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