Unwind At One Of These Rooftop Bars In Sydney

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The harbour city of Sydney is home to many things and among them is the exhibition of great places rich in culture and history like the Sydney Opera house, nature reserves, Harbour bridge, etc. Sydney is also known to have a vibrant city life with a great balance of elegance as well as casual ambience. Each and every pub, bar, club or restaurant exudes an authentic Australian experience which will leave you content and refreshed. Also, a word of advice would be to not sit with a Foster’s lager to blend with the Australian crowd. Rather head to one of these amazing rooftop bars in Sydney and enjoy the creative cocktails they have and the plethora of other things. 

Sky Bar At Shell House

When dining at some of the top rooftop bars in Sydney you will be treated like an elite with service and quality that sets a benchmark. Similar is what you will expect in Sky Bar which sits on the top floor of the Shell House hotel located at Wynyard. At Sky Bar, you will be pleased with the range of alcoholic beverages with specialities like Clooney Tunes, 10th Floor Fizz, etc. The place has cosy indoor as well as outdoor dining arrangements and both are accompanied by great views of the city. You cannot go wrong with organizing a great dining session at Sky bar.


Magnificent is how you would describe this place upon entry and you wouldn’t have enough adjectives to describe this place when you are done. Zephyr has captivated its diners with the best of everything; food, drinks, ambience and city views. Rooftop bars in Sydney do not make them like Zephry, with exquisite cocktails crafted from the finest alcohol. Tasting their Duck Pancakes, Waygu Beef Sliders or Plant-based Taco will leave your taste buds in a world of delight. Be a part of Zephyr and experience what finesse feels like. 

Kiln At Ace Hotel Sydney

Chef Mitch Orr has truly culminated an astounding rooftop dining experience with years of iterations and inspirations. At Kiln you will be treated with the freshest ingredients which are showcased in their broad range of drinks and food. Dining at one of the best rooftop bars in Sydney naturally comes with excellent quality but besides that, you will also have a fond memory of the whole experience. You will witness the best views of Sydney from their indoor and outdoor areas with retractable ceilings and tall glass doors. You can visit Kiln on the 18th floor of the Ace Hotel at 53 Foy Lane.

The Strand Hotel Rooftop

If you are hosting an event or just looking to get brunch and still want that touch of refinement then The Strand Hotel Rooftop will sate your needs. A unique place among rooftop bars in Sydney which brings in refreshing decor and comfortable designs that please the eye. They say you eat with your eyes first and let’s be honest the glorious views from this rooftop will definitely fill your hungry soul. Combine this with great tunes, appetizing food, delicious cocktails and friendly staff and you are bound to have a great experience. The Strand Hotel Rooftop is located at 99 William Street Darlinghurst.

CIRQ Bar & Lounge

Book yourself and the ones close to you an extravagant dining session with nothing but the best in one of the best rooftop bars in Sydney. The well-renowned and prestigious CIRQ Bar & Lounge will deliver far beyond your expectations, with a touch of class to everything. The CIRQ Bar & Lounge is situated on the 26th floor of the Crown Sydney at Barangaroo. Being on the 26th floor you can look forward to some spellbinding views of an expansive Sydney accompanied by the night or morning glow. CIRQ Bar & Lounge gives many other rooftop bars in Sydney a run for their money with their alluring cocktails and heavenly cuisines.

The Fernery

Ever wanted to dine in the middle of a tropical destination? The Fernery comes close with its green touch to the decor and creation of an urban garden. Even with all the nature-oriented design and atmosphere, The Fernery maintains top-notch quality and hygiene. Expert mixologists and chefs bring you the most divine creations from behind the counters with only the freshest ingredients. Make the whole of social media jealous with great views that can be captured from the rooftops of The Fernery. Enjoy a great time at The Fernery located at Mosman NSW 2088.


1. What are among the best rooftop bars in Sydney?

Best rooftop bars to dine at in Sydney are; The Ferney, Zephyr, Bar Ombré, Sky Bar, etc.

2. Do rooftop bars in Sydney have time or day restrictions?

Yes and it depends on the venue, some remain open till late at night while some others run through out the week.

3. Are roof top bars in Sydney expensive to dine at?

Pricing at rooftop bars can be low or high based on many factors of the bars themselves, such as location, quality, class, etc

4. Why are rooftop bars in Sydney popular?

Sydney has a great drinking culture and people enjoy indulging in elegant drinking at such rooftop bars from time to time.

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rooftop bars in Atlanta

Unwind At One Of These Rooftop Bars In Sydney

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