Top Student Discount Cards in Australia

Student Discount Cards In Australia

Although studying in Australia will definitely be a wonderful experience, it is important to note that it is certainly not the cheapest place to live! When combining with the whole of Australia for residence, facilities, transport, and insurance, it can be difficult to meet ends. A discount can be crucial to saving you money both for use and also to keep the finances in order. If you are not sure of your discount entitlements as an Australian undergraduate, read on during your time in Down Under to learn more about our top preference for student discounts! Here are the top Student Discount Cards in Australia.

UNiDAYS | Student Discount Cards in Australia|

Discounts on a variety of items can be accessed via the UNiDAYS website, from garments and cosmetics products to equipment. World-renowned brands offer a minimum cut of 10%, while Australian labels still save money. Simply create an account and review your student status through your university site to generate one-time discount codes to secure these concessions with this student discount card.

International Student Identity Card (ISIC) 

A virtual worldwide student pass that allows you access to more than 150,000 reductions in 130 countries around the world can be bought for $30. Your ISIC will save you money on housing, traveling, sports, eating, discounting, gift cards, medical care, and gatherings etc. The best thing about ISIC is that you can probably get your card balance back with these deals, meaning that if you use it carefully, it can prove a worthwhile saver. You can only confirm your full-time status as an ISIC student, and only an additional $8.50 would be paid if you wish to add a plastic card to your account. This is one of the top student discount cards in Australia

Student Flights 

If you’re an excited tourist, you would definitely be able to take advantage of Student Flights airline discounts. You can save time on tickets, tours, and hotels with offers exclusively available to students and under the 30s. In order for qualified customers to fly to any corner of the world with fair sums of money, the famous Black market’ airfares provide discounts on flights from some luxury world companies. Student flights need a valid student card or proof of age card to remind you of the availability of their personal identification card for access to these savings.

Music Streaming Apps 

Popular streaming platforms offer discounts cards in Australia for students who are eligible to save up to 50% of the original fee. If you are a qualifying student, you can use services for just $5.99 a month for a premium level subscription. In order to take advantage of these savings, you only have to verify your enrollment at an approved university and note that your status will be reviewed annually to validate your qualifications.

If you’re an international student in search of student accommodation, all you have to do is fill the form in this blog.

Student Edge | Student Discount Cards in Australia|

Like UNiDAYS, the Student Edge student discount card  is one of the best Student Cards in Australia and provides you with offers on a heap of items. Invest money on food and movies or look for industry and finance deals instead. To reap the rewards of such fantastic offers, you need to merely validate your student status through your university portal.

Student VIP 

This website is a perfect place that provides Australian student cards to search for subsidized materials for classrooms. If you want to make some extra cash, you can purchase second-hand textbooks or trade your old books for others. Student VIP now has a marketplace for quality student notes, where you can sort your records by institution, subject, and semester. You can also pay for access to online tutors or download ‘missing’ maps on campus to make your studies in the country free from tension with the help of this student card in Australia.


You could have access to student discount cards in Australia  on public transit, depending on where you are located in the country. Most countries need a legitimate student card from an Australian institution that you must hold at all times to guarantee a concession card. Students in Australia’s Capital Territory, Northern Territory, South Australia, Tasmania, Queensland, or Western Australia, whether they are a full-time student in an accredited college, would be eligible for public transit conferences. Only foreign students and bursary students have the right to transportation discounts in Sydney – students traveling abroad must fly with an Opal adult passport. However, in all of New South Wales, international students with an ISIC or international identification card are entitled to preferential rates for regional train connect services. The concession rules for foreign students in Victoria are very close as there is only access to subsidized public transit for students on exchange programs or government-supported scholarships. The iUSE pass can be useful for international undergraduate students who regularly use the transit system from Melbourne, and it gives students an annual myki pass that can save you money on a long-term basis. You should have a talk with your university to find out more about your grant rights as a foreign student or consult the public transport agency in your country

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Student Discount Cards In Australia

Top Student Discount Cards in Australia

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