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a river running through a snowy field in Stafford

Stafford is a market town and the county town of Staffordshire, in England. Stafford is believed to have been established about AD 700 by the Mercian prince named Bertelin.

The Elisabeth Ancient High House in the city centre is the largest timber-framed townhouse in England. It’s a gallery of temporary shows. Both the rooms are steeped in tradition, and the atmosphere is electrical as one strolls inside. There’s a military museum on the top level that’s not to be overlooked. It’s such a beautiful building with a really fascinating background. Free entrance and one can wander if he wishes, around the nice old floors. Look out the windows around the rooftops to get a new view. They also provide themed parties with costumed guides. Here is a list of the top attractions in Stafford.

Stafford Castle | Top Attractions in Stafford

It was constructed about 1090 by the Normans on the adjacent hilltop to the west, replacing the town’s post-Conquest fort. It was originally constructed of timber and then reconstructed of stone. It has been restored twice since then, and the remains of the 19th-century Gothic Revival Castle crowning the earthworks have included most of the initial stonework. The castle has a visitor centre with audio-visual exhibits and hand-made items. There is also a reconstructed mediaeval herb garden. Shakespeare’s performances take place every summer on the grounds of the castle. The gardens of the castle are still well provided for, but the castle itself had a poor existence and portions have been destroyed.

Despite the harm that has occurred over the years, this is a beautiful spot to have lunch, the views are lovely and there is plenty of space for children to play.

Stafford Castle

Church of St Chad | Top Sights in Stafford

It is the oldest structure in Stafford dating back to the 12th century. The key section of the church is richly painted. The sculptures in its archways and on its pillars may have been created by a community of stonemasons from the Middle East who came to England during the Crusades. Most of the stonework was covered in the 17th and 18th centuries, and the church took on a neo-classical look. Study on the church was carried out at the beginning of the 19th century and the Norman decoration was rediscovered. The church hosts “Timewalk,” a computer-generated exhibition that recounts the path of history and mystery inside the walls of the church.

St. Mary’s, A Collegiate Church | Top Attractions in Stafford

St. Mary's, A Collegiate Church

Formerly connected to St. Bertel’s chapel, it was restored at the beginning of the 13th century on a cruciform scale, with an aisled nave and a traditional fortress of the time. It is home to the Art Gallery, which displays evolving exhibits. It also includes a café, and formerly a library in the city before its recent relocation to Staffordshire Location. The Shire Hall used to be a town courthouse and is a Grade II listed structure. It also has two courtrooms. One is accessible to the public and has a permanent display of the heritage of the building and information of some of the high-profile cases heard there. An old “holding cell” is accessible to the public as well. In modern years, the property was used as a library prior to the construction of a new complex in the new council houses.

The Stafford Gatehouse Theater | Top Attractions in Stafford

The Stafford Gatehouse Theater

It is the city’s largest entertainment and cultural centre. Its Met Studio is committed to stand up comedy and alternative live music. There’s an art gallery in Shire Hall. Staffordshire County Showground, just outside the city, hosts a number of national and local activities. The annual Shakespeare Festival at Stafford Castle drew a number of noteworthy individuals, including Frank Sidebottom and Ann Widdecombe. One should enter this club on Tuesday nights (membership not required). During the February season-one can take part in a series of films at The Gatehouse. Grab something to eat or drink, and lay back and enjoy.

Victoria Park | Best Places to Visit in Stafford

Victoria Park

Opened in 1908, it is a 13-acre Edwardian Riverside Park with a playground, bowling green, birdcages and greenhouses. It has a playground for girls, a sand-and-water-jet area to replace an open-air paddling pool and a BMX/skateboard area. The refurbished park is already much more spectacular than before, having opened at the end of October 2020. The once tattooed Mottram shelter, the bandstand and other older elements have been expertly restored. The aviary, long a favourite of the children of the area, has been moved and restored and is now full of exotic and not-so-exotic animals. Stafford also has a 9-hole golf course in the city centre.

Recent improvements on Riverside have enabled the growth of the city, in particular the new Odeon cinema, to replace the ageing one at the end of the high street. Stafford Film Theater is located at the Gatehouse Theater which presents independent and alternate films. There’s a tenpin bowling alley at Greyfriars Place. The new Stafford Leisure Center opened on Lammascote Road in 2008.

Nightlife comprises smaller bars and dance venues such as the Casa, the Grapes, the Picture House, the Couture and Poptastic night clubs and the Redrum live music venue for rock gigs. A modern retail centre, containing large retailers and a variety of restaurants, was opened in 2017.

Cannock Chase | Top Attractions in Stafford

It is a perfect venue for a family-wide recreational trip. Lots of trails for all and just great scenery, the variety of entrance routes is limitless, one can sometimes stroll along the canal and then into seven springs before going to Marquis Drive or Birches Valley, just the tip of what this place has to bring.

Vast open area, perfect walking for all skills, great for pets, mountain biking, horse riding, bbq’s, activities, and although it may get really crowded, there are still peaceful spots at any stage. Fantastic views if one can handle the climbs at times. Various car parks to pick from, and plenty of nice pubs to end the day in the city. Something that everybody would strongly suggest, will never tyre of this magnificent forest with well-maintained paths.

Gentleshaw Birds of Prey and Wildlife Center | Best Stafford Places to Visit

Gentleshaw Birdsof Prey

It is a wonderful place to visit, animals so well cared for, a really calming and fun atmosphere, well worth the expense. The owners are totally committed to their livestock, and there are lots to see and do. 

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a river running through a snowy field in Stafford

A List Of Top Attractions In Stafford 2024 – UniAcco

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