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things to do in Preston

Preston, England’s administrative seat, is a traditional city with a rich past. The past of the industrial revolution, nature parks, Roman heritage, football league, River Ribble, and urban settlements neighbouring parishes of the region are only a couple of the things to treasure. Explore Winckley Square, Avenham & Miller Parks, the Owl Shelter, Miller Arcade, Town Hall, Guild Wheel, Lancashire Museum, St Walburge’s Chapel, docks, and the marina in Preston. Visit the Minster as well as the Fishergate Baptist Chapel. On Winckley Square, in reality, you’ll see a lot of lovely Georgian architecture. Steam trains, waterfront boating, hotels, bars, shopping, and a cinema are all accessible in Preston. The following is a compilation of the top things to do in Preston.

  1. Avenham and Miller Parks

Avenham and Miller Parks are two linked parks in Preston’s Avenham Valley. Given their proximity to Preston’s major retail and business area, the parks’ peaceful setting on the banks of the River Ribble creates a lovely buzz of city life. Avenham and Miller Parks are a peaceful and lovely desert garden, with the Ribble River flowing across it at the bottom. Enjoy the well-kept gardens and on-site café, which are surrounded by lush greenery. Taking a walk around these parks is surely one of the best things to do in Preston.

  1. Preston Guild Wheel

Preston Guild Wheel is a scenic path that circles the city of Preston for 30 miles (48 kilometres). First and foremost, Preston’s Guild Wheel is a fascinating cycle path. Enjoy a panoramic view of Preston by visiting this guild wheel. To bring people out in the open weather, the guild wheel was a great concept. Overall, the guild wheel is a great spot to walk or cycle.

  1. Turbary Woods Owl and Bird of Prey Sanctuary

Preston, Lancashire, is host to the Turbary Woods Owl and Bird of Prey Sanctuary. Turbary Woodland Rescue and Regeneration has a rare array of over 90 flying animals. Birds of prey, hawks, owls, vultures, and other rare animals are among the birds on this list. Each of these winged creatures is kept in a large open-fronted aviary in the centre of a woodland. Experience a hawk’s spectacular flight or read about these interesting birds by hands-on experiences at one of the best  things to do in Preston.

  1. Harris Museum and Art Gallery

The Preston City Council has owned the Harris Museum and Art Gallery since 1893. Through linking persons, collections, and presentations, praising creativity, and bolstering learning, Harris has enriched the lives of travellers. Within the house, you’ll find excellent architecture and craftsmanship, as well as a broad range of events. Enjoy the architectural backdrop of Preston, as well as an immersive view. On the first level, there is a bistro that sells cocktails. You can also purchase expressions and artworks in the museum’s tiny store.

  1. St Walburge’s Church

Preston’s St Walburge’s Church, on Weston Lane, is a Roman Catholic church. Joseph Hansom, a Gothic revival draughtsman, planned and constructed this 19th-century church. St Walburge is also classified as a Category I structure on the National Heritage List. One of Europe’s most spectacular steeples is located in this lovely church with an excellent structure. The church is very quiet on the inside, and its celestial tall, thin tower rules the outside. It is a wonderful illustration of Victorian architecture, as outlined by Hansom, so take care of the splendid interiors.

  1. Ribble Steam Railway 

Work your way to the platform and board the Ribble Steam Train, which contains magnificent coaches from the golden age of British rail travel. The rail crosses the Ribble Canal, going by the watercraft yard until landing at the Preston dock. It takes about 30 minutes to complete the excursion. Furthermore, the train is filled with teddy bears! You can also appreciate the impressive exhibition of cars and train machinery. The museum has a wonderful collection of train models, as well as a bistro cafe for refreshments and drinks.

  1. Beacon Fell Country Park

Beacon Fell Country Park is composed of 185 acres of broad coniferous forest and moorland. Enjoy the amazing scenic beauty of this park when you come. A visitor centre, bistro cafe, picnic field, six car parking, woodland strolls, and nature views are also accessible at the site. Birdwatchers would enjoy Beacon Fell Country Park. The park is ideally located near the Bowland Fells, a popular hiking spot for families and solo hikers. The view is stunning, and the cafe will tell you about the local environment. Take a visit at this place and this will be undoubtedly your one of the best things to do in Preston.

  1. Bowland Wild Boar Park

Bowland Wild Boar Park is situated on the outskirts of Chipping Norton, a picturesque area. It’s set in a gorgeous countryside, and upon entry, you’ll be briefed on different species. Wild pigs, meerkats, owls, dogs, pigs, and a host of other species can all be seen here. The boar park is also pet-friendly, making it an excellent venue for a relaxing trip. The staff is polite and cooperative, and the bistro cafe serves a great lunch! Overall, the boar park is a lovely treat, filled with enchanting little strolls along Preston’s nature trails.

Above listed are some of the best things to do in Preston. Do check them out while you are in the city.

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things to do in Preston

List of Best Things to do in Preston 2024 – UniAcco

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