Best Tips And Tricks To Save Money While Living In Australia

save money in Australia

Looking for some easy and quick ways to save money while living in Australia? We’ve got some practical tips and tricks for you to help you start saving money right away. There are so many ways in which you can save money starting from food to lifestyle, groceries, entertainment, and much more.

Also, while following this you are going experience some never experienced before adventures so here we go :

  1. Sharing a ride

Wanting to travel from one city to another without spending a lot of money? You need to Check Gumtree and the Couchsurfing forums, or can also go through your city’s backpacker group on Facebook to see if anyone is offering a ride from your city, otherwise, posting a message inquiring about a ride can also help you. Some drivers would like to get from City A to City B as fast as possible, while others might love a more laid-back road trip. Either way, rideshare in Australia is a good way to save some money and see a bit more of the country for just the cost of fuel.

  1. Buy a used Campervan

Road tripping around the cities of Australia is quite popular amongst the backpackers and working holidaymakers. Also, you will never face a shortage of used camper trailers and campervans feasible to buy, usually fully equipped with everything you’ll need for road trips. This is such a great money saver because after using the van, you can easily sell it for close to the amount you paid for it, which fundamentally means you can have an almost free campervan to travel around Australia.

  1. Smartcard for public transport

Most of the major Australian cities provide a reusable transit card in which you can load money and tap on/off while using public transport. You just need to pay a small fee for obtaining the card, but in the long run, you’ll end up saving a lot more.

  1. Public transport to the Airport
save money in Australia

Unless you’re traveling with other people or sharing rides, it’s far more cost-effective to take public transport rather than a taxi to the airport, and it’s actually quite convenient in most Australian cities.

  1. Couchsurf

Want to meet locals while living in Australia and stay at their places for free? You can experience exactly this with Couchsurfing, which is an online community of travel lovers. Many members of the community offer their couches or unoccupied rooms to travelers who are passing through their city, that too for free. The idea behind this is to increase cultural exchange and authentic travel experiences.

  1. House Sit

What can be better than having a whole house to yourself along with a pet or two to give you company? With house sitting, you get a chance to live in someone’s home while they are away in exchange for taking care of their pets, home, or garden. It’s a great way to experience distinct neighborhoods around a city and saving money at the same time while living in Australia.

  1. Go Grocery Shopping
save money in Australia

To stock up on some staples at super cheap rates, hit up the supermarkets providing huge discounts. For a wider variety of goods, prefer shopping from larger supermarkets. Most of the major Australian cities have a fruit and vegetable market from where you can pick up fresh and cheap items.

  1. BBQ On the beach

Australian beaches are truly gorgeous but what is great about them except that fact? Many of the Australian beaches provide free BBQs for public use. The best part is you don’t even need to bring gas or charcoal or anything from your side. If not near the beach, you can do the same at the park or wherever you are and can enjoy a picnic in the sun.

  1. Discounted adventure activities

The best hack while living in Australia is the advantage of discounted adventures on Groupon and other similar platforms. In Australia, Groupon and Adrenaline are some platforms from where you can book cheap scenic flights or take surf lessons, kayak rentals, scuba diving courses, and also meals at restaurants, and many more amazing deals.

  1. Hit the beach

Let’s be honest that we all visit Australia for the glorious beaches. Don’t we?

Australia has over ten thousand beaches and any Australian beach is about a gazillion times more beautiful than any other beach, but they’re also free. Visiting a beach is the best way to save money on adventures and Entertainment. You won’t find better value for money in Australia.

  1. Embark on a coastal walk or trek
save money in Australia

For those who love exploring places on two feet, Australia is full of coastal walks, hiking trails, and multi-day trekking opportunities. Taking in fascinating vistas and getting a good workout hand in hand, what can be better?

  1. Explore the national parks

Australia has more than 500 national parks spread across the country. Though you’ll probably need to pay some amount to enter the park, or camp in them, the fee is very less compared to what you’ll gain in natural eye candy and wonderful experiences.

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save money in Australia

Best Tips And Tricks To Save Money While Living In Australia

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