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Restaurants In Miami

Miami is home to many highly prominent eateries. Regardless of the occasion, people frequently visit these restaurants for a delectable dinner and a fun time. The best restaurants in Miami provide a diverse range of tastes and atmospheres, from white tablecloth fine dining to hip locations that are setting the standard for culinary innovation. 

Some of the tried-and-true inexpensive restaurants in Miami that will never disappoint your taste buds are- 

Top 12 Best Restaurants in Miami

1. Barsecco

Location: S Miami Ave

Cost: 26$-150$

Best Dishes: Waffles, tiramisu, and French toast are all excellent. Trying great Mimosas, Mojitos, or beer is also fun.

Why Visit: Barsecco is one of the chic lounges and restaurants in Miami that changes at night from open and airy to sensual and welcoming. Anyone would love to enter the shady terrace, where repurposed barn wood, unique seats, and draped vines welcome visitors to socialize, eat, and unwind. Programming is infused with excitement in the latter hours to provide the ideal atmosphere for a social night out powered by drinks, music, and late-night nibbles. 

2. Marabu Restaurant

Location: Brickell city center

Cost: 41$-115$

Best Dishes: Ropa Vieja Empanadas- Golden crispy pastry filled with flank steak slow braised in Marabú Criolla sauce with sweet, Ropa Vieja- Braised & shredded flank steak served with cherry tomatoes and Tropical Ceviche. 

Why Visit: Marab’s original name pays reference to Cuban culture. Similarly, the restaurant’s handmade cuisine, which is charcoal-cooked, brings Cuba’s rural meals to the table with bursts of smokey, rich taste. As a result, it is categorized under all the hyped restaurants in Miami.

Mofongo Restaurant Calle 8

3. Mofongo Restaurant Calle 8

Location: SW 8 St

Cost: 60$-200$

Best Dishes: Sopa del Día, Carne Frita, Queso Frito, and Surtido Borinqueño.

Why Visit: Mofongo is a must-have if you’re visiting restaurants in Miami. The restaurant has a great reputation because of the competent service. The servers are friendly, helpful, and really look after the guests without being intrusive. Along with good latin music, the menu has a lot to offer. One unique feature provided to visitors is the ability to customize Mofongo choices by adding green plantains, ripe plantains, or even yuca—as well as a number of sauces.

4. Monty’s Coconut Grove

Location: S Bayshore

Cost: 100$ 

Best Dishes: Shrimp Ceviche, Frozen drinks.

Why Visit:  Over the years, Monty’s Raw Bar has earned a position among one of the most renowned restaurants in Miami. Miami Vice, Burn Notice, and Marley & Me, among others, have used its iconic setting as the setting for their TV shows, music videos, and films. As you take in the bay air and have a delicious dinner with friends and family, the waterfront tiki hut setting allows you to forget about your hectic life. The indoor area is ideal for air-conditioned gatherings & meals.

5. Steak Brasil Churrascaria

Location: Sc first Ave

Cost: 10$-50$

Best Dishes: Prime sirloin, Pork loin, Lamb leg, Beef ribs, Flap Meat, Chicken heart, and Chicken Drumstick.

Why Visit: The Steak Brasil Churrascaria offers a distinctive and engaging dining experience. The traditional Rodizio is available at Steak Brazil Churrascaria for a set fee, which is not so common in most restaurants in Miami. Along with the carvery, you may also enjoy the salad buffet, which features cheeses, cheese spreads, and abundant fresh vegetables.

6. Leku

Location: NW 23rd St

Cost: 21$-80$

Best Dishes: Short rib sliders on milk buns & 5 Jotas Iberico ham with an airy bread 

Why Visit: Although there are many Spanish restaurants in Miami, there aren’t many that specialize in Basque cuisine. It is considered unique based on one’s experiences at Leku. Speaking of crackers, the beginning variety with seasonal tomatoes on top may not pop out at you, but believe it when the chef says there is no more flavorful combination of ripe tomatoes, fresh herbs, and edible flowers.

7. Cote

Location: Broadview Avenue

Cost: 40$-70$

Best Dishes: butcher’s feast includes a variety of cuts, as well as kimchi, different vegetables, egg souffle, two stews, rice, and soft serve. 

Why Visit: With a high-end menu that nevertheless has plenty of heart, Cote introduces a new level of dining that stands out among all the restaurants in Miami. It is sophisticated but approachable. Servers will cook your dry-aged beef for you on smokeless charcoal grills that are installed on the tables. You can enjoy one of the fantastic craft cocktails, like the Esteban, a mezcal negroni that is incredibly smooth in your budget. 

8. Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink

Location: NE 40th St

Cost: 90$

Best Dishes: a roasted tuna collar prepared Sicilian-style and wood-roasted camembert with golden chanterelle mushrooms and garlic toast.

Why Visit: Despite all the excitement, recognition, celebrity sightings, and longevity, the Design District institution continues to astound us after 14 years. Following a remodel, it now boasts even more magnificent indoor and outdoor dining facilities, wider bar seating, and a larger menu that reflects modern dining trends. The restaurant is a go-to for a quick happy hour cocktail, a business lunch of steak frites, or a date-night supper of oysters since the food and ambiance balance casual and ostentatious.

Mandolin Restauran

9. Mandolin

Location: NE Second Ave

Cost: 70$ and over

Best Dishes: Fish sandwich, Key lime pie, Traditional Fritas, and Chicken-n-Waffles. 

Why Visit: Visit Mandolin if you’re looking for an authentic Greek lunch at restaurants in Miami with gorgeous, Mediterranean-inspired surroundings. There is no finer place for a date. The menu’s sharing items, such as mezze, platters of hot pita bread, and a fresh entire grilled fish for two, enhance the romantic ambiance. Mandolin’s delightful homemade sangria genuinely conjures the impression of an island getaway. 

10. Zitz Sum

Location: Alhambra Circle

Cost: $100-$205

Best Dishes: Har Gow Shrimp, Sheng Jian Bao, Crab Yakisoba, and Hong Kong-Style French Toast.

Why Visit: Now that Zitz Sum has a physical location like the other popular restaurants in Miami, people usually drop by to enjoy chef Pablo Zitzmann’s hand-rolled dumplings, scallion pancakes, and other delicacies. With unusual combos like charred cabbage with habanero butter and aged parmesan and chicken pot stickers with Oaxacan salsa macha, Chef Zitzmann lets his inventiveness run wild.

11. Boia De sits

Location: NE Second Ave

Cost: $60-$150

Best Dishes: The beef tartare is topped with a crunchy shallot-garlic mixture and fried capers for a burst of saline flavor. Then, the entire dish is slathered in a delicious tomato sauce, an Italian condiment made with tuna that binds everything together like a gourmet picnic salad.

Why Visit: In this restaurant, Michelin-trained chefs Luciana Giangrandi and Alex Meyer devote their full attention to constantly reinventing the standards. The wine list is excellent, the pasta is fresh, and there are a few skin-contact alternatives to tempt you out of your comfort zone.

12. Stubborn Seed

Location: Washington Ave

Cost: 70$

Best Dishes: Roasted barramundi served atop a delicate stew of onions, citrus, and carrot puree

Why Visit: Stubborn Seed offers a wow factor of velvet ropes and sparkles, which is uncommon in other restaurants in Miami. Also, it is proud to achieve a Michelin Star. You’ll wonder, “Why have I never tasted this before?” after trying appetizers like the oozy jalapeno fritters and the cacio e pepe cheesy puffs. 

Choosing the best restaurant to have a fine-dining experience is a great task. Therefore, if you want to have a delightful experience at restaurants in Miami, you should refer to the ones mentioned above. 

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Restaurants In Miami

Best Restaurants in Miami 2024 – UniAcco

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