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Restaurants In Houston

If you’re looking for some of the finest restaurants in Houston, from West African food to smoke brisket and everything in between, you’ve come to the perfect spot! Houston is widely recognised as one of the best locations to eat in the United States. Restaurants in Houston have the best fusion food because it offers the perfect combination of endless flavours and cultures altogether.

All the customers who visit Houston can fill their plates with various cuisines, including Tex-Mex, Viet Cajun, and BBQ. You must check out this list of restaurants in Houston eateries, compiled to finally answer all your queries about where to eat.

Top 12 Restaurants in Houston


Location: 24 Waterway Ave #125, The Woodlands

Cost: $ 12- 65

Best Dishes:  Lobster toast with yuzu aioli, smoked trout roe, crab truffle ravioli, and Korean butter-poached crab on a tasty kimchi pancake.

Why Visit: TRIS in the Woodlands is unlike any other restaurant in the area. The restaurant’s dining room is perfect for both a quick lunch and a romantic evening for two. Seafood and beef meals can benefit from the chef’s experimentation with various ingredients, especially brown butter. Among all the other restaurants in Houston, this is one of the most renowned places to visit.     

2. Amrina

Location: 3 Waterway Square Pl, The Woodlands

Cost: $ 8- 100

Best Dishes: Masala chai marble cake and A5 wagyu beef cooked over white charcoal with housemade spice butter. Unique cocktail serving vessels

Why Visit: Amrina is named after a fictional young Indian princess who blends in with the urban population. The restaurant is dedicated to its patrons where customers are valued, and their taste buds get aroused with various dishes and drinks. They source only the highest quality materials from around the globe, making it one of the best restaurants in Houston.    

3. Saigon Hustle

Location: 3323 Ella Blvd, Houston

Cost: $ 4- 38

Best Dishes: Crispy pork egg rolls, piled-high vermicelli bowls, and banh mi sandwiches with sunny-side-up eggs are some of the restaurant’s most popular dishes.

Why Visit: Saigon Hustle is perfect for grabbing a bite on the go. The restaurant brings authentic Vietnamese food and culture to the heart of bustling Houston. It is one of the restaurants in Houston, signifying an exclusive cuisine variety. Saigon Hustle is thrilled to perform at your upcoming function. Each party is tailored to the host’s preferences to give the guests the best experience possible.

4. Squable

Location: 632 W 19th St, Houston

Cost: $ 9- 35

Best Dishes: Bolognese lasagna with pickled collards to larger plates, including the Dutch baby pancake with ricotta and the marinated mussels served with calico beans and bonito aioli.

Why Visit: Squable is a cosy neighbourhood restaurant with a youthful vibe, serving casual European cuisine with American touches. They offer a variety of European dishes influenced by American cooking techniques and prepared with mostly regional products. The natural light flooding through the restaurant’s windows creates a pleasant dining experience.

5. Feges BBQ Spring Branch

Location: 8217 Long Point Rd, Houston

Cost: $ 5- 26

Best Dishes: Frozen margaritas, spiced cracklins, and pimento mac and cheese are among the best dishes here, along with succulent sandwiches and wings.

Why Visit: Visit Feges BBQ because Patrick and his team have taken barbecue to a new level by blending classic flavours with inventive twists and serving them alongside a carefully picked list of wines and beers. The barbecue joint in Houston, Texas, caters for events and parties on and off the premises at most of the restaurants in Houston.

6. Phat Eatery

Location: 23119 Colonial Pkwy suite b-2, Katy

Cost: $ 35- 40

Best Dishes: Crawfish in a curry sauce, prawn dumplings that are hard to put down, and house specialities like black pepper beef and Hainanese chicken served with a trio of dipping sauces.

Why Visit: Phat Eatery’s freshly made Malaysian street food, laid-back vibe, and friendly service have won many fans’ hearts. The restaurant has become well-known for its excellent renditions of popular Malaysian street foods. Customers at this trendy, laid-back, and reasonably priced restaurant can expect to see a lot of distinctive dishes on the menu.

7. Truth BBQ

Location: 110 S Heights Blvd, Houston

Cost: $ 4- 23

Best Dishes: Whole hog roasts, smoked boudin, fatty brisket, and beef ribs served solely on Saturdays, along with corn pudding, tater tot casserole, and delicious cakes, are some of the best dishes.

Why Visit: Truth BBQ is known for its authentic Central Texas BBQ and other eats. Installing the massive 1000-gallon offset barrel pits was no easy task, but the restaurant’s prime location and Botello’s superb barbecue quickly established it as a Houston institution.

8. Xin Chao

Location: 2310 Decatur St, Houston

Cost: $ 5- 42

Best Dishes: The lemongrass-buttermilk fried chicken with pandan rice, pickled cucumber, beef tallow aioli, and hot satay honey; the spicy, buttery Viet-Cajun oysters; the smoked beef rib flat rice noodles made with 44 Farms ribs; and the smoked beef rib flat rice noodles.

Why Visit: Xin Chao serves a modern interpretation of traditional Vietnamese dishes using Texas and the Gulf Coast ingredients. The dishes pay attention to conventional Vietnamese ingredients and cooking methods while incorporating the tastes of the regions their customers hail from.

9. POST Market (Food Hall)

Location: 401 Franklin St, Suite 1200, Houston

Cost: $ 6- 32

Best Dishes: Lucy Pearl’s pastries, Thai Kun’s spicy entrées, and ChpnBlk’s comforting curry rice bowls highlight West African cuisine.

Why Visit: Post Market is the food hall at Post Houston. It has skylights, a soaring spiral staircase coated in metal mesh, and neon signs, all of which conjure images of a mall food court. The vast interior now houses so many exciting dining options that the once-bustling postal centre is always noticed.

10. Theodore Rex

Location: 1302 Nance St, unit a, Houston

Cost: $ 8- 49

Best Dishes: A dish of sour pig sausage served with cucumber, tomato toast, and sweet melting onions in buttermilk.

Why Visit: Theodore Rex, a casual yet refined restaurant, has taken over the space in the gritty Warehouse District once occupied by Justin Yu’s acclaimed restaurant Oxheart, and it’s easy to see why the neighbourhood is so drawn to the chef. As a first impression, the most well-known foods there will impress you with their looks.

11. Bludorn Restaurant

Location: 807 Taft St, Houston

Cost: $ 6- 41

Best Dishes: A Tarte flambee, grilled octopus, short rib ravioli, lobster-chicken pot pie, and preserved-lemon vinaigrette-dressed maitake mushrooms.

Why Visit: Chef Aaron Bludorn’s posh namesake restaurant is a staple in the area thanks to its innovative New American-French cuisine with a particular emphasis on dishes from the Gulf Coast. Only eat a little dinner because Bludorn’s famous baked Alaska is big enough for two!

12. Pizaro’s Pizza Napoletana

Location: 1000 W Gray St, Houston

Cost: $ 2- 20

Best Dishes: Sweet Pea with caramelised onions, bell peppers, and Italian sausage is one of the best dishes in Detroit.

Why Visit: Pizaro’s has won recognition from the esteemed for its dedication to making authentic Neapolitan pizza as it’s supposed to be: by hand, with fresh ingredients and cooked in a wood-burning oven. This pizzeria is not only adept at making New York-style thin and cheesy pizzas and Detroit-style thick and fluffy pizzas with crispy edges.

All these restaurants in Houston are known to be one of the magnificent pinnacles of recognition for the city’s essential places. Moreover, these restaurants offer cuisines that make up the city’s throbbing culinary heart. Restaurants in Houston have a long-standing penchant for homely fare, and these eateries throughout Houston will fill you up with traditional food that doesn’t compromise on flavour at all.

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Restaurants In Houston

Best Restaurants in Houston 2024 – UniAcco

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