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Best Restaurants in Boston 2023

When looking for some of the restaurants in Boston‘s most cosy eateries, you might ask, “Can you recommend a place with some lip-smacking menu options?” If you’re having a trip to Boston for the first time or even if you’ve visited the place quite often before, be completely relaxed to know that there is an abundance of delicious options. Food in Boston is famous for all the different types of variety, flavour, and cultural significance. Starting from the exclusively flavorful Mediterranean fare on a romantic terrace to eccentric wines in cosy pubs, the following list features some of the top-rated restaurants in Boston with the most unique eateries to get you obsessed!

Top 11 Restaurants in Boston

1. Spoke Wine Bar

Location: 89 Holland St, Somerville

Cost: $ 4- 21

Best Dishes: Sambal-cured mackerel served with coconut, milk bread, and Thai basil, or the duck hearts glazed with fresh cherries and whisky.

Why Visit: Spoke Wine Bar has one of the smallest kitchens in town, but you wouldn’t know it from the elegantly plated tiny meals that experiment with seasonal ingredients and global inspiration. Amongst all the other prevalent restaurants in Boston, this is one of the suited ones. And since it’s a wine bar, you can’t overlook the extensive wine list, which flits between well-known and obscure winemaking locations.   

2. Dakzen

Location: 195 Elm St, Somerville

Cost: $ 7- 52

Best Dishes: Khao Soi, Tom Yum Noodle Soup, And Ba Mee Moo Dang.

Why Visit: At Davis Square in Somerville, you’ll find Dakzen, a Thai restaurant that was named Fast-Casual Restaurant of the Year by Eater Boston. The food, in general, doesn’t shy away from heat and funk at maturity, though the service concept of this restaurant is a hybrid between counter service and full service, creating an atmosphere of cheerful pandemonium in the bright, bustling restaurant. 

3. Yume Wo Katare

Location: 1923 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge

Cost: $ 4- 43

Best Dishes: Pork-centric ramen, where you may pick between two and five pork slices and an extra helping of garlic on the side.

Why Visit: This tiny Porter Square ramen spot bills itself as a “dream workshop,” and at the end of each meal, customers are encouraged to get up and publicly reveal their aspirations. In order to know when the restaurant is offering these unique menu items, it is important to keep tabs on their best sellers.

4. Dear Annie

Location: 1741 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge

Cost: $ 6- 35

Best Dishes: Smoked Spanish mackerel, smoked mozzarella grilled cheese, roasted corn with cilantro and Shelburne cheddar, and the smoked mozzarella grilled cheese.

Why Visit: New to Cambridge in 2021, wine bar Dear Annie is making waves with its exciting wine list and seasonal pescatarian menu. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, seeing as how it was created through a partnership between the chefs at two of the city’s most beloved establishments: the wine bar Rebel Rebel and the restaurant Field & Vine, which specialises in serving only the freshest seasonal ingredients there.

5. Giulia

Location: 1682 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge

Cost: $ 7- 31

Best Dishes: Prosciutto di Parma, the Baby Clams “In Brodetto,” the Burrata di Puglia with roasted peppers, golden raisins, and pine nuts, and the Bruschetta with Tuscan greens, homemade ricotta, and chillies.

Why Visit: Though there are plenty of reliable Italian restaurants in Boston, especially the Greater Boston area, Giulia in Cambridge stands out for its excellent menu and friendly service. Have the pappardelle with wild boar if it’s on the menu, but really, you can’t go wrong with anything on Giulia’s menu, especially pasta. 

6. Barra

Location: 23a Bow St, Somerville

Cost: $ 4- 22

Best Dishes: Mezcal-based twists on traditional drinks and snacks on textiles and cactus salad with grasshoppers.

Why Visit: This little bar, decorated to evoke Mexico City, is perfect for fans of tequila, mezcal, and pulque to squeeze in next to each other and have a great time getting to know each other while sampling these Latin American libations. Those who need a bit more relaxing space to enjoy the best foods will be offered a lively sidewalk patio here at this restaurant.

7. Celeste

Location: 21 Bow St, Somerville

Cost: $ 8- 17

Best Dishes: Tiradito de Atun, Crudo de Scallop with Salsa de Ceviche, Carapulcra, Lomo Saltado, and Ceviche of Palm and Artichoke Hearts are some of the restaurant’s best dishes.

Why Visit: Although Union Square in Somerville already has several Peruvian restaurants, Eater Boston’s Restaurant of the Year, Celeste, is a charming tiny gem serving flavorful Peruvian food. The coat rack on the wall by the toilet will look more like a tangle of metal pipes and brightly coloured balls than anything else. It may be a work of art, something left behind by the construction crew at other restaurants in Boston as well. 

8. Brewer’s Fork

Location: 7 Moulton St, Charlestown

Cost: $ 7- 28

Best Dishes: “Spicy Clam,” which is made with fresh local clams, tomato sauce, pecorino, chilli flakes, and gremolata; the “Killa B,” which is topped with genoa salami, tomato sauce, mozzarella, and local hot honey. 

Why Visit: Brewer’s Fork has attracted a lively, pizza-loving crowd to an otherwise peaceful street. One of the greatest beer selections at competitive restaurants in Boston complements the hearty brunch sandwiches, oysters, and wood-fired pizza.

9. Puritan & Company

Location: 1166 Cambridge St, Cambridge

Cost: $ 3- 19

Best Dishes: Kimchi hot dog, bar pizza, wings, perfectly cooked scallops, roasted chicken, or Parker House rolls, you’ve come to the right place.

Why Visit: Puritan & Co. in Inman Square pays homage to New England by elegantly reimagining regional staples while competing with the other restaurants in Boston; for example, the baked fish isn’t like grandma’s unless it’s accompanied by lobster stew, salt cod fritters, and wax beans.

10. Santarpio’s Pizza

Location: 111 Chelsea St, Boston

Cost: $ 11- 30

Best Dishes: Served with fiery cherry peppers and fresh bread, the restaurant’s best dishes include lamb skewers, steak tips, and sausage prepared in-house.

Why Visit: In East Boston, Santarpio’s is a no-frills icon for New York-style pies that has been family-owned and run since 1903 and has been serving pizza since 1933. Though Pizzeria Regina has more locations, Santarpio’s pizza is superior.

11. Oleana

Location: 134 Hampshire St, Cambridge

Cost: $ 6- 21

Best Dishes: Nevada Indigenous Brut Sparkling Wine from Keush, called “Origins.” Sparkling Rosé from Vayots Dzor, Armenia; Champagne from Pierres Écrites ‘en Bulles’; Touraine, Loire Valley, France; Folle Blanche from the Famille Lieubeau and many more.

Why Visit: Taking their cue from Turkey and the rest of the Middle East, the chefs at this Greater Boston gem create delicious unforgettable dishes. The intimate restaurant stands firm with other restaurants in Boston and is home to one of the most charming patios in the area, and its menu, which changes with the seasons, always provides a new dining adventure with the same warm welcome. This place has a cordials licence and is well-known for its baked Alaska. It also has a unique cocktail menu with a variety of sherry and aperitifs.

Boston’s explicit location near the seaside location makes it perfect and ideal for a mecca seafood hotspot and the robust recipes that showcase it. With other iconic viewpoints, Boston has a wide variety of delicious cuisine you should try if you haven’t already. Restaurants in Boston have some of the top restaurants in the world, so relax and be ready to indulge in some of the world’s best cuisines.

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Best Restaurants in Boston 2023

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