Explore 10+ Top Pubs in Newcastle: Raise a Glass in Newcastle

Top Pubs In Newcastle

The city of Newcastle is threaded with everything from sake bars to waterfront lounges, pubs, and craft beer halls. Whether you like classy or cosy surroundings, Newcastle has the top places for an afternoon session.

In terms of the pubs, Newcastle has it all with an ever-changing social scene. The pubs in Newcastle experience new customers daily who come to this place to double the awesomeness of their celebrations. If you plan to enjoy a few drinks this weekend, we have prepared a list of the best pubs for you in this city. Make sure to visit these pubs to socialise and relax after a hectic week.

Top Pubs in Newcastle

Brinkburn Bar & Kitchen

  • Location: 1A Ford Street, Ouseburn Valley
  • Best Drinks: Gins, Whiskey, Rum, Vodkas
  • Cost: 11.55 AUD

Why Visit:  Brinkburn Bar & Kitchen is inspired by taprooms and American craft breweries, the main attraction of this pub is the quality of beers brewed on-site. The quirky bar has a collection of objets d’art and armour. The kitchen produces regional dishes using locally sourced ingredients. Brinkburn Bar & Kitchen has opened ‘The Big Pub’ in their Maling Hall. You can hire the Maling Hall for parties, events, and wedding receptions.

The Free Trade Inn

  • Location:  12 St Lawrence Rd
  • Best Drinks: Quality Beers
  • Cost: 17 AUD

Why Visit:  One of Newcastle’s best-loved craft ale pubs, The Free Trade Inn is proud to champion ales. The pub serves craft beers from the North East. The Free Trade Inn is one of the pubs in Newcastle to visit on a sunny day, with their beer garden area providing the best views of the Quayside around. Street food pop-ups at The Free Trade Inn are regularly available. Proven Doughnuts are stocked at this pub frequently. Nine varieties of and five ciders are available at this pub. Interesting ales with tap takeovers and a range of foreign bottled beers make this place worth visiting. Service is friendly and knowledgeable. 

BrewDog Newcastle

  • Location: 16 Dean St
  • Best Drinks: Seigneur De Paludart, Punk Af
  • Cost: 9.56 AUD

Why Visit: BrewDog Newcastle is a go-to place for mouth-watering pizza and beers. Brewdog is an excellent spot to catch up for a drink. BrewDog Newcastle has 33 craft beer taps, including a stocked fridge full of cans and bottles. The pub also offers wines, spirits, and soft. The kitchen serves incredible sourdough pizzas made by the chefs daily. The mezzanine is a perfect place to hire for any occasion.

The Old George Inn

  • Location:  Old George Yard
  • Best Drinks: Sparkling Sunset cocktails And Beers
  • Cost: 9.77 AUD

Why Visit: The Old George is a beautiful pub renowned for its marvellous atmosphere. The pub is family-owned, with a range of real ales and beverages. The Old George Inn is a watering hole fronting traditional interiors and a quaint courtyard. King Charles first was a frequent visitor to this pub, the oldest in Newcastle. Visitors from all over the world come to this pub to experience its history.

Victoria Comet

  • Location:  38 Neville St.
  • Best Drinks:  Nicholson’s Pale Ale which is Brewed By St Austell Brewery.
  • Cost: 24.87 AUD

Why Visit: Victoria Comet is known for its style and charming personality. The Victoria Comet was opened in the 1800s, and the pub was closed 75 years later but returned to its glory after restoration. The pub is known for appearing in the gangster film classic ‘Get Carter’. You will love Victoria Comet if you are a movie buff. Victoria Comet is one of the most beautiful pubs in Newcastle to grab a beer or two, Victoria. The pub also serves a delicious selection of pub grub. 

The Forth

  • Location:  Pink Ln, Newcastle
  • Best Drinks: Poured Cocktails, Classic Ales And Craft Beers
  • Cost: 31 AUD

Why Visit: The Forth pub is one of the most popular pubs in Newcastle. The pub is loved by locals and is known for its cosy nooks and modern vibes. The Forth pub is the best place to grab a pint or catch up with mates. You can choose from cocktails, wines, and other drinks to cheer your friends. The Forth pub is a cool urban place with a stylish contemporary bar and quirky touches. The Forth has a cosy courtyard roof terrace, a treat for a city pub. The Forth pub is a boozer venue with retro interiors.

Top Pubs in Newcastle

Brandling Arms

  • Location: High St, Gosforth
  • Best Drinks: House Sodas And Fentamins, Rose Lemonade
  • Cost: 53.28 AUD

Why Visit: Brandling Arms provides a range of British pub classics and sumptuous sharing platters. Behind the bar, there are craft beers and cask ales, including wines, spirits, and soft drinks. With contemporary elements and period features, this pub is connected with the centre of Newcastle. Brandling Arms is the best spot for drinks, relaxing lunch, and an evening meal. There is a spacious beer garden for the regular quiz, warmer months, and comedy nights. 

The Gosforth Hotel

  • Location: High St, Gosforth
  • Best Drinks: Wines, Gins, Spirits, Bottled Drinks, and Cocktails which have been listed in Good Beer Guide.
  • Cost: 4.35 AUD

Why Visit: Gosforth Hotel is a high-street pub centred around local cask ale and live sport. The Gosforth Hotel is one of those pubs in Newcastle which remains busy during lunchtime. The pub offers good-quality food, and the Gosforth Hotel provides the warmest welcome in Newcastle. You can try the different ales while catching up with your friends or on the sport—Chow down the pub grub, including the bangers or steaming pies.

The Tyne Bar

  • Location: 1 Maling St.
  • Best Drinks: Local Craft Beers With Complex flavours To Quality Wines, Spirits, and International Beers.
  • Cost: 15 AUD

Why Visit: The Tyne Bar is one of the independent pubs in Newcastle. The Tyne Bar keeps improving and has a place in the hearts of beer and music lovers in Newcastle. The pub offers events and free gigs, an extensive menu of food with vegan options. It is one of those pubs which provides entertainment. The pub is set by the canal and touting live music; this charming spot is ideal for everything from full parties to chilled pints.

The Broad Chare

  • Location: 25 Broad Chare
  • Best Drinks: High Sobriety-Hogan’s, Silver Skin- Porterhouse
  • Cost: 71 AUD

Why Visit:  Broad Chare is one of those pubs in Newcastle which provides all the bits of a traditional ale-house. The pub has beers, friendly company, honest food, and good cheer- with a modern touch. The pub provides an open-hearted welcome and genuine warmth. The Broad Chare is a cosy and welcoming pub for browsing papers or chatting with friends. You can enjoy this pub’s labelled beer and impeccable food.

Newcastle is known for its late-night drinking dens. The superb range of pubs in Newcastle are welcoming and cosy and serve first-rate drinks. The pubs in Newcastle are a must-visit if you come here by any chance.

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Top Pubs In Newcastle

Explore 10+ Top Pubs in Newcastle: Raise a Glass in Newcastle

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