Top Pubs in Dublin: Raise a Glass in Dublin

Pubs in Dublin

Pubs in Dublin are the perfect spots for storytellers. Dublin, one of the most socially active cities, deserves recognition as the undisputed champion of classic pubs. Dublin’s drinking culture is rich in pubs, both big and small. Everyone has their favourties, but there are some classic spots that you can’t afford to skip. If you’re in the mood to have a pint or sip some fancy cocktail, you’ll find a pub to sit and drink. Almost all pubs in Dublin have their own vibe and style, whether it’s a quiet afternoon pint or a rowdy evening session.

Here is the list of top-tier pubs in Dublin to spend quality time with your loved ones: 

Top Pubs in Dublin

1. Toners

Location – Baggot Street Lower

Best Drinks – A Beer Garden

Cost – €50 

Why Visit – Due to Dublin’s meandering old streets, large beer gardens are rare. However, Toner has ample space for a few pints in the sun and heaters for when the weather turns cold. Toner Yard’s vibrant red letters and glowing fairy lights above the patio attract a lot of customers. Try arriving a bit early for a table. Toner’s Pub, known for its spacious outdoor area, is also home to one of Dublin’s coziest snugs just inside the front window. It’s definitely one of the most iconic pubs in Dublin. 

2. MVP

Location – Clanbrassil Street Upper, Harold’s Cross

Best Drinks – Cherry Bomb, Whiskey Daisy, Vodka Martini 

Cost – €38

Why Visit – Who wouldn’t enjoy a pint while watching puppies? MVP features a parade of familiar neighborhood dogs and their owners enjoying a cold one (and maybe a taco from the food truck, too). If you’re feeling snazzy, there are a few cocktails on tap, too. It’s one of the go-to pubs for locals for its excellent selection of ciders, whisky, gin and craft beers. The pub has indie film screenings, live DJ sessions and bring-your-own-vinyl nights upstairs.

Long Hall pubs

3. Long Hall

Location – South Great George’s Street

Best Drinks – Pint of Guinness

Cost – €68

Why Visit – The Long Hall is one of the oldest pubs in Dublin, named after a chapel dedicated to Saint George in 1181. Most Dubliners have a soft spot for the 250-year-old Long Hall. In this ancient pub, you’ll find red leather barstools, glossy wood bars and retro clocks that will take you back in time. The pub serves a cracking pint of Guinness but also lesser-known ales. The pub is charming, beautiful, and the service is outstanding. It’s one of the pubs in Dublin with several long-standing barmen who have 35+ years of experience.

4. The Palace Bar

Location – Fleet St. 

Best Drinks – Whiskey

Cost – €10

Why Visit – There is no doubt that The Palace Bar is one of the best pubs in Dublin. It offers some of the finest Irish whiskeys in town. Don’t let the neon sign of the ‘Whiskey Palace’ deter you. This elegant bar is surrounded by classic wooden cabinets. You can find everything from new distilleries like Teeling and Roe & Co to rare exclusives such as Redbreast’s 17-year-old Single Cask. Visit this pub to enjoy some good Irish music sessions while sipping your lip smacking drink.

5. Against the Grain

Location – Wexford St. 

Best Drinks – Beers and Ciders

Cost – €9 to €19

Why Visit – At Against the Grain, you can find almost any world craft beer you can imagine. It is one of the most famous pubs in Dublin. Galway Bay Brewery owns the pub, with a vast selection of Irish and international craft beers on tap. For those who can’t decide, you can order a sampler of various ales. It’s one of the few budget-friendly pubs that even locals will recommend you to visit at least once. 

6. John Kavanagh’s (aka ‘The Gravediggers’)

Location – Prospect Square, Glasnevin

Best Drinks – A Pint of Guinness

Cost – €9.64

Why Visit – John Kavanagh’s (aka ‘The Gravediggers’) might be the gem of all pubs in Dublin thanks to its evocative name and tasty Guinness. The historic bar is located next to Glasnevin Cemetery and dates back to 1833. It has a simple, old-world interior, a weathered wooden bar, and neither music nor television. Thus, you can enjoy a pint on your own or while chatting with your friends. If you are visiting Glasnevin Cemetery and Botanical Gardens, it is a perfect pit stop. You can also try a dish of coddle, a classic Dublin stew.

The Black Sheep pubs

7. The Black Sheep

Location – Capel St, Rotunda

Best Drinks – Craft Beer

Cost – €25

Why Visit – The Black Sheep is a craft beer heaven with almost 20 different beers on tap and a wide selection of Irish and international beers in the refrigerator. Irish hospitality is alive and well in this charming Dublin pub. If you live in Dublin or are visiting the city, the comfy seating and snug enclave make it an ideal spot to rest your feet between activities on a busy day.

8. Lucky’s

Location – Meath St, The Liberties

Best Drinks – Beer & Cocktails 

Cost – €1.93 to €29

Why Visit – Lucky’s is a local boozer with a relaxed and artsy vibe. It offers a decent selection of beers and first-class wines on tap. You can find a lot of Dublin’s youth in the pub’s crowd. In the back, you’ll find Coke Lane Pizza, a food truck serving some of the city’s best pizza. Enjoy wood-fired pizza, beers, cocktails, coffee, art, music and a sunny backyard in the heart of The Liberties. 

9. P.Mac’s

Location – Stephen Street Lower

Best Drinks – Craft Beer

Cost – €11 to €20

Why Visit – P.Mac’s is an iconic bar stop with traditional and quirky vibes simultaneously. It’s one of the most affordable pubs in Dublin. For relaxed drinking and atmospheric chilling, P.Mac’s offers a candlelit ambiance, vintage trinkets and mish-mashed interiors. The pub exudes a cozy atmosphere lit by golden candles that’s worth the shot.

Kehoes pubs

10. Kehoes

Location – Anne St

Best Drinks – Whiskey

Cost – €77

Why Visit – Kehoes is one of the award-winning pubs in Dublin. The classic boozer retains its traditional 19th-century charm, making it an ideal setting for watching live music, enjoying comedy shows or eating delicious pub food. It’s one of the only pubs in the area that hosts events regularly. They offer some of the best services in the upstairs bar, accommodating up to 60 people. You can also rent out the entire space for events as large as 150 people.

Whether you want a cozy hideout or a place to watch sports, the above-mentioned selection of the best pubs in Dublin will be perfect for you. Choose one of these venues, pull up a chair at the bar, and let your ears do the rest. Don’t miss out the opportunity to enjoy everything from Guinness to obscure IPAs. Hence, it’s impossible to choose the wrong option in any of these pubs in Dublin.

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Pubs in Dublin

Top Pubs in Dublin: Raise a Glass in Dublin

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