Places That Manchester Is Famous For

famous places in manchester

As Lancashire’s economic and cultural capital, Manchester is a celebrated center for the arts, media, and higher education. It makes the metropolitan county of Greater Manchester, together with Salford and eight other municipalities, in which some five million people now live. Like neighboring Liverpool, with the introduction of initiatives such as the Castlefield project, with its museum complex on Liverpool Road, Manchester has undergone something of a renaissance. The development of the city’s entertainment and sports facilities has also significantly increased its attractiveness to tourists, making it one of the best sites to visit in northern England. With its roster of theater and music performances, the excellent Opera House and the thrilling Chill Factor, the longest and widest indoor ski slope in Britain, are notable examples. For shoppers with a vast range of retail opportunities, including the elegant shops of St. Anne’s Square, King Street, and the Royal Exchange and the large covered market halls of Bolton Arcade, it has also become a favorite. Be sure to browse through our list of the best famous places in Manchester to learn more about these and other enjoyable things to do in this part of England.


Castlefield, one of the famous places in Manchester, designated an Urban Heritage Park, is an excellent place to start exploring Manchester. A walk along the old canals or through the reconstructed Roman Fort between the lovingly restored Victorian houses is time well spent.

Be sure to explore the Bridgewater Canal one of the famous places in Manchester City, built-in 1761, to transport coal to Manchester from Worsley’s mines. The many old canal-lining warehouses have been restored and converted into offices, shops, hotels, and restaurants. A trip is highly recommended on one of the Bridgewater tour boats.

Other exciting tourist attractions comprise the Castlefield Art Gallery, its contemporary art exhibitions, and the Hallé Orchestra and first-class concerts at Bridgewater Hall. Regular pop and classical concerts are hosted at the Castlefield Bowl and are also worth a visit.

Science and Industry Museum

The locality of the world’s oldest railroad station is the Science and Industry Museum. The Power Hall, with water and steam-driven machines from the golden age of the textile industry, and vintage made-in-Manchester cars, including a rare 1904 Rolls Royce, comprises its 12 galleries.

In the Station Building, the city’s history is documented from Roman times through the Industrial Revolution to the present day.

Another must-see is the Air and Space Gallery. You will see many historical aircraft here, including a replica of Triplane 1 by A. V. Roe, the first British plane to fly successfully. It is truly one of the famous places in Manchester England.

Imperial War Museum North

Looking for famous places to visit in Manchester? Worth visiting is the Imperial War Museum North (IWM North), especially if you are interested in warfare history. This Imperial War Museum branch was opened in 2002 and is a popular attraction for its collection of combat vehicles and aircraft.

The visit’s highlights include audiovisual presentations and displays on warfare’s history and role in shaping society. There are also countless static displays of large machines such as tanks, planes, artillery, and handheld ammunition. The premises are home to a shop and a café.

Manchester Cathedral

famous places in manchester

Manchester Cathedral, formally the Cathedral and Collegiate Church of St. Mary, St. Denys, and St. George is one of the famous places to visit in Manchester, is situated on the Irwell River banks and dates mostly from 1422 to 1506 and was elevated to cathedral status in 1847. The chapels on both the sides of the nave and the choir are especially attractive. It is one of the famous places in Manchester.

With further additions and changes in almost every subsequent century, it was built between 1486 and 1508. Of special note are the choir stalls, with some of the country’s most richly decorated mercy orders.

The chapel of the Manchester Regiment in St. John’s Chapel and the small Lady Chapel has a wooden screen dated 1440. Constructed in 1465, the octagonal chapterhouse has murals that include a figure of Christ in modern dress.

St. Mary’s Catholic Church

St. Mary’s Catholic Church is another religious place worth visiting-and sort of a secret treasure in Manchester. Established in 1794 and located next to the historic Market Hall, it is often referred to locally as “The Secret Gem.” But don’t let the very bland exterior of the building deter you from popping inside for a look.

You can find various fine Victorian carvings here. The highlights include the high marble altar, statues of saints, and a unique cross station in the Expressionist style.

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famous places in manchester

Places That Manchester Is Famous For

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