11 Advantageous Tips For International Students In Canada

tips for international students in Canada

Are you a student who just received acceptance from a Canadian University for higher education? Or are you a student who just started with your course recently? I relate to both cases. The mixed emotions you have experienced or are experiencing, I have been through that. From joy to anxiety, from surprise to fear; even I have experienced it all just like you. Moving abroad for higher studies is overwhelming. To help you all out there who will be moving to Canada, this is a precious article that lists down most of the tips for international students in Canada. (Wish someone just gave this to me before) Let’s roll. 

Important Tips For International Students In Canada

Here are a few tips that you can totally benefit from when studying in Canada as an international student.

Begin Sooner With Your Visa Process 

This initial tip is for the ‘future international students in Canada’. You will need a study permit to pursue academics here. The sooner you begin with the application the better it will be. Once you arrive in the country, you’ll be given a temporary resident permit. It allows you to work in Canada for a limited number of hours as a student. Once you graduate you are eligible to apply for a three-year work permit.  

Weather Warning

weather warn

Heads up! It is truly chilly in the winter. Carry or buy boots, coats, gloves and thermals before the heavy snowstorms hit. The only way you can survive and thrive in the Canadian winter is if you wrap up so well that you can still get out and explore the city. Despite the temperature, the snow paints a beautiful landscape that you must witness. 

Acquaint Yourself With The Degree Structure 

It is important to be well-versed with the course curriculum you opt for. Make sure you analyse your interests, aspirations and goals well and choose a course accordingly. Do not, I repeat do not take any course just to enter Canada. It will have adverse effects in the long run. I agree that studying abroad is an experience that students desperately want to indulge in. However, think beyond the college years, i.e. the 45-50 years of professional life ahead. 

Online catalogues and brochures can be very long and overwhelming. In such cases reach out to an academic advisor or registrar to get clarity. Be acquainted with the specialisation programmes, major or minor courses you might have to take in and other degree requirements. 

Also, be on the lookout for Canadian scholarships that your university or Canadian government generally offers. Your overall expenditure could drop down dramatically just by being vigilant. You could also opt to go on the UniScholars website to check the available scholarships. This platform can help you minimise the efforts you need to put in. 

Make Use Of Your Institution’s Resources

The Universities have a very friendly nature towards international students in Canada. You can find all the necessary information you need at the beginning of your course right here. Explore the best travel options, health centres, cafes and cultural spots nearby. It is a great asset and the best place to start. 

Do open a local bank account to felicitate easy transactions. Also, get used to having maple syrup on pancakes and poutine which are the staple diet of Canadians. 

Build You Friend Circle And Network 

Talking to people and networking really helps. You can learn the language faster and improve your vocabulary. Do not just hang out with the students from your country. Meet new people and spend some time with them. Who knows you may make one good friend in all the popular countries across the globe. 

Also, talk to seniors. Trust me your experience will become much smoother with the guidance of a fellow student. 

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Embrace Yourself For Longer Lectures

college lectures

Depending upon the country you hail from, this tip will vary. If you are from a country that believes the attention span of students to be less (1 hour or so) then Canadian lectures will come as a big blow for you. Most universities have lectures that last for about 3 hours. So, it is advisable for all the international students in Canada that you eat a snack or grab a cup of coffee just before the lecture. There won’t be any breaks until the end of a lecture.

However, it’s not all bad. The good thing is that you will save a lot of library time. Particularly because the lecturer explains the concepts with more details and more examples. The quality of education of Canada is reflected right here.

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Be Punctual At All Times

Punctuality is important in Canadian culture. If you’re running late then notify the person through text or call. It is an unsaid rule that you shouldn’t be more than 10 minutes late. Arrive early or at least stay on time but never ever be late. Get used to that.  

Learn The Canadian Manners 

Manners are important. Canadians are known to be nice people. Say “please” and “thank you” more often and to everyone – the bus driver, the cashier, your fellow students and everyone you meet.

Holding the door open for others is an unwritten rule. Just make sure you gauge the distance between and the person you’re holding the door open for. It wouldn’t look good if you are awkwardly waiting with an open door for a person who is too far away and feels that they have to jog to the door.


Living independently outside the university campus would be the best way to explore the surroundings. If you wish to get a cheaper and comfortable accommodation option then do check out UniAcco. Most international students in Canada will vouch for UniAcco as being the best in catering to your stay needs. 

Explore The Canadian Nature

When in Canada you cannot afford to miss out on the picturesque location and scenic road trips. Plan out a good trip in your breaks and explore the remotest huts in the mountains. Plus do visit the national parks and other common sightseeing spots.

Understand The Healthcare Clauses 

As an international student in Canada, healthcare can come very expensive. Fortunately, most universities include comprehensive health coverage plans in your tuition itself. Make it a point to understand these plans and know what they cover or what they don’t. Get it straight, which are the preferred care providers that accept your university health card. Healthcare Insurance is a must. In emergency situations being thorough with the clauses will literally be a lifesaver. 

That’s it from my end. Hope all these tips help you a lot and your transition is smooth. Cheers!

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tips for international students in Canada

11 Advantageous Tips For International Students In Canada

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