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International students in Australia

Considered as one of the most pleasant countries and fastest advancing economies in the world, Australia has become a prominent destination for international students. Its educational institutions have a remarkable reputation, especially if you consider that six Australian universities are in the top 100 of the World University Rankings.

If you have your heart set on pursuing your further education in Australia, there are a few essentials to keep in mind as an international student in Australia– from an elite list of universities to apply to the lifestyle and culture of this country. This blog has everything you need to know about Australia before moving here!

Universities To Apply In Australia

With 43 universities spread across state capitals and regional areas, Australia provides ample options for students to find their ideal educational destination. By conducting thorough research, you are certain to discover the perfect place to establish yourself. These institutions offer a wide array of courses encompassing various subjects, including science, humanities, management, and engineering, among others. The educational structure in Australia closely resembles that of the UK, allowing you to pursue Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees, thereby providing a comprehensive range of academic opportunities.

Name of the universityTuition fees
The University of Melbourne INR 18.28 L
Monash University. MelbourneINR 22.32 L 
The University of SydneyINR 27.32 L
The University of Queensland, BrisbaneINR 23.06 L
Australian National University, CanberraINR 25.98 L
University of New South Wales, SydneyINR 19.41 L

Bachelor’s In Australia

Bachelor’s programmes in Australia typically span three years, with the exception of four years for an honours degree. These programmes are usually divided into two semesters, although certain universities may offer three semesters. Pursuing an undergraduate degree helps cultivate the essential skills and knowledge necessary for a career in your chosen field, while also serving as a pathway for further postgraduate studies. 

Master’s In Australia

Masters programmes in Australia adhere to a structure similar to those in the UK and typically require one to two years of study for completion. The qualifications attained from Australian institutions carry global recognition and enjoy high regard among employers, ensuring favourable prospects upon graduation.

Australia offers the opportunity to pursue specialised masters’ degrees to accommodate various objectives. For students seeking to transition to a different subject area, there are “Change of direction” Master’s programmes available. These programs cater to individuals aiming to pivot their academic focus. 

Admission Requirements For International Students

The specific requirements for Indian students vary depending on the study programmes and academic levels they wish to pursue. It is necessary for Indian students to meet a minimum English language proficiency requirement for each course. Additionally, a minimum academic record of 65% or higher in class XII is generally expected. However, for students who have achieved below 60%, there are Foundations and Diploma programmes available as alternative pathways. Furthermore, students must have reached the age of 18 before enrolling in a degree programme.

Otherwise, the following documents will be needed at the time of application: 

  • Marksheets of class X, XII or Bachelor’s degree (if applying for postgraduate courses) 
  • Proof of work experience (if any) along with 2 LORs of employers 
  • Statement of Purpose 
  • Resume 
  • Test scores of GMAT/GRE and /TOEFL/IELTS
  • Proof of funds
  • Any other country-specific or course-specific requirements

Steps To Apply For Admission Here:  

  • Search for colleges and courses.
  • Contact schools and visit their websites for information.
  • Narrow down your list of schools.
  • Take entrance exams like SAT or GMAT/GRE and language proficiency tests such as TOEFL/IELTS/PTE.
  • Write a Statement of Purpose (SOP) and request Letters of Recommendation (LORs).
  • Apply to colleges that match your interests.
  • Participate in video interviews with shortlisted colleges.
  • If accepted, apply for a student visa.

Lifestyle And Culture

Apart from the prestigious universities it houses, Australia’s warm and sunny weather is also something student’s living here like to boast about. You can consider it as a pretty multicultural country where you can find yourself surrounded by people of all cultures and traditions.

Trendy restaurants and cafes, museums and galleries, lush green parks and gardens and so much more make the country a thrilling one to explore. Don’t be shy in asking for help or advice from people regarding any aspect of your life in Australia, rest assured that there’ll be a lot of people eager to offer you a helping hand.

Upside-Down Seasons

Another appropriate fact for those who choose to pursue their education in Australia is that its location in the southern hemisphere means that the seasons are opposite to those in Europe and the US. By this, we can understand that Australia’s spring will start just as the autumn leaves start to fall from the trees in Toronto, and you’ll probably be relaxing on the beach while many in Wales are freezing.

Health In Check

While the residents of Australia are entitled to their local medical care but every foreign student needs to make sure that they have a proper health package called Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), which is also on your must-have list for the visa.

It’s composed chiefly as a precaution and a way to support you with potential expenses in case you have any health issues during your stay in the country. Make sure that you choose the package that is perfect for you, and as soon as you pick your student accommodation in Australia, find out about the nearby emergency centers, clinics, and hospitals.

Public Transport

Regardless of where you decide to study, Australia has a full-grown variety of public transport options incorporating buses, trains, light rail, and ferries. All these services have reliable timetables, and it might be helpful to learn about any schedule changes before starting your semester.

Some territories have several concession fares for students, so enquire about it and obtain the proper student transport cards depending on your age and status.

Cost Of Living In Australia 

The cost of living for students in Australia varies depending on the university attended and the desired standard of living. Opting for off-campus accommodation, if not provided by the university or preferred for independence, can potentially lead to better savings. Entertainment expenses in Australia can also fluctuate significantly.

Your monthly expenses may align with your weekly spending if you enjoy exploring the vibrant city you reside in during weekends. Ultimately, it depends on personal preferences. While Australia offers a wealth of opportunities, don’t be discouraged. You can consistently earn the extra money required to make your stay rewarding while studying in Australia. You can refer to the monthly breakdown of living expenses in Australia below. 

ParticularsCost (Monthly)
Off-Campus Accommodation AUD 800
On-Campus AccommodationAUD 1,754
TransportationAUD 150
Food CostAUD 780
Utility CostAUD 205
EntertainmentAUD 80
GroceriesAUD 68
ClothesAUD 153
Total Cost of Living with On-Campus Accommodation AUD 2,236
Total Cost of Living with On Campus Accommodation AUD 3,190
Annual Cost of LivingAUD 26,832


In conclusion, studying in Australia in 2023 presents a world of possibilities for international students. With its renowned universities, globally recognized qualifications and diverse range of courses, Australia offers a promising educational experience.

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International students in Australia

Studying In Australia In 2024: A Guide – UniAcco

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