First Semester Vs Final Semester: Hellos vs Goodbyes

first semester vs final semester

One thing in common between your first semester and final semester would be the jitters! At one point you were just a curious and excited student wanting to experience college life and take tours around your campus. And suddenly, you’re strolling around the same campus with a heavy heart holding dozens of memories to look back at and cherish. But that’s what uni life is all about, isn’t it? When you’re looking at your student life in the first semester vs final semester, you’ll come across many differences. In this article, we’ve shed light on a few of these differences for a better understanding.

First Semester Vs Final Semester

University life is one of the best experiences, whether you’re making new friends (or enemies), or getting late for morning classes, or bunking lectures to do some crazy things with your friends. However, it is undeniable that you’ll find many differences if you compare your first semester to the last one!

# 1 Friends

Oh, they’re the best part of college! You’ll be a part of a friends squad or more in your first semester with loads of gossip coming along! You’ll also have ice-breaking sessions, freshers’ parties, and orientation sessions to attend. If you’ve taken a student accommodation near your uni, you’ll have new roommates you’ll have to live with. They eventually upgrade from acquaintances to friends, you’ll wonder how! By the time it’s your final semester, you’re torn between completing your projects and assignments, giving job interviews, and making enough time for your friends. 

# 2 Ambitious vs Confidence

Before joining college, you’re all ambitious and you come prepared with a list of objectives and goals to complete. You come with the purpose of specializing in a specific area of interest and your thirst for knowledge is high. As you complete your first year of college, your hold on the subject is relatively stronger, and by the time you reach your end semester, you’re confident. You’re either ready to start putting your knowledge to practice, or you’re waiting to seek more knowledge. You’re confident, however, and that is the key.

# 3 Your Dressing Sense Changes

In your first semester, you’re putting on your best attires looking like you’re all ready to walk on the ramp. As time passes by, you’ll realize that comfort is what matters most, baggy clothes and worn-out t-shirts will be your go-to. You’ll make that a style statement in fact! This happens because you’re no more conscious, and you’re more familiar with the people around you. 

# 4 Library Visits

Libraries form an integral part of university life. Especially, during your first days of college, you’ll find yourself visiting your uni library every now and then. It could either be out of curiosity to check out the library or it could be that you actually enjoy reading books. Moreover, libraries will be like a major getaway place when you’re looking for a peaceful or calm environment. In your final year, if you undertake research, or if you have a thesis to write, you’ll call the library your second home. 

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# 5 Getting the hang of it

When you join college, your curriculum, the teachers, your general electives, course structure, all of it, will be new to you. You’ll be registering and joining different clubs and familiarizing yourself with college events. Towards the end of your studies, everything will be at your fingertips. You’ll eventually land up organizing clubs and events, and heading the same due to your 2 years of experience. It’ll be your turn to host a fresher’s party now and you’ll soon be advising your juniors on how to make the most out of their uni life.

# 6 Academics to Placements

Your 3 years of college will begin with a major focus on your academics, and by the second year, you will have made it to your summer internship. Soon enough, you’ll undergo training sessions by frequently visiting your college placements office every now and then. Either this, or you may decide to undertake postgraduate studies furthermore. In that case, you’ll find yourself looking for suitable universities, the best courses available for you, and you’ll prepare for your exams and interview rounds. 

first semester vs final semester

# 7 Homesick Much?

If you’re an international student who’s come to a new country to pursue your studies, it is natural for you to feel homesick in the beginning. You are probably from an altogether different environment, and getting acquainted with new cultures and lifestyles may be daunting. This may leave you super homesick, while you may still continue to remain excited to know what your uni holds for you. By the time you reach your final semester, you’re attached to your college and have adapted to the new lifestyle. You may miss your hometown, no doubt, but you would have already adjusted to your life here and that’s what you’re more worried about missing now!

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first semester vs final semester

First Semester Vs Final Semester: Hellos vs Goodbyes

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