Finding Funding For Your International Education

Finding Funding For Your International Education

Attending college in the United States can be costly; however, it can be less expensive if tackled carefully. American education can be a wise investment with long-term advantages. When it comes to finding finance for your education, there are a lot of options to consider. If you’re excited about the possibilities of studying abroad, don’t rule out the possibility of it just because you think you can’t afford it. Here are some funding options for your international education.

International Education Funding

Education funding and international student loans have always been an extremely common options for international students studying in the USA. Companies are willing to lend money to students so that they can study in the US; however, each loan differs, sometimes greatly, in terms of the product and process. International students are not eligible for government-backed loans in the United States, however private international student loans to study in the United States are available. In most circumstances, you’ll need to meet particular eligibility conditions, such as attending a recognized school and having a cosigner.

Whether you don’t have a cosigner but still want to apply for a loan, discover if you qualify for a no cosigner loan. If you decide to apply for a loan, be careful not to take on too much debt; only borrow what you really need to afford the costs of studying and living in the United States.

Scholarships | International Education Funding

Finding Funding For Your International Education

For graduate and undergraduate students looking for methods to fund their study abroad adventures, there are numerous scholarship opportunities available. Research about local scholarships, major-specific scholarships, and program-specific scholarships to help fund your education. Scholarships are a great way to help pay for your education because they don’t require you to pay them back with interest.

Employment | International Education Grants

Remember that you cannot work in the United States unless you have been granted a teaching or research assistantship as you begin to consider financial possibilities for your educational and living expenses in the United States. You cannot respond to anticipated income when you give evidence of your financial resources. The income on which your application is based must be guaranteed, and it must be equivalent to or more than the costs of your first year of study.

Working while on a student visa is strictly prohibited by immigration restrictions. Part-time on-campus employment is permitted under F1 status, which is the most frequent status for full-time international students (fewer than 20 hours per week.) As long as authorization is granted by the exchange visitor program sponsor, J-1 student status permits for equivalent employment with similar restrictions. Jobs on campus are often low-paying, and certainly not enough to cover the cost of university education. This type of job should only be used as a supplement to other sources of income.

Grants | International Education Funding

Unlike scholarships which are merit-based, grants are need-based meaning that they are usually based on financial circumstances but could also consider other factors such as physical or mental disabilities. Grants are also a type of financial aid that does not need to be repaid. 

Don’t let finances scare you into not pursuing an international education in the United States. There are many different ways you can receive international education grants to help pay for your education.

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Finding Funding For Your International Education

Finding Funding For Your International Education

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