Everything About An Executive MBA Abroad Program

Executive MBA abroad is basically a management curriculum that caters to the middle to top-level executives, trying to bring one more momentum to their fields without having a break from their employment. In essence, these services are part-time MBA programs that encourage the candidate to operate alongside the classes. The courses are taken at nights or weekends and are moderated in such a manner that the applicant is granted the opportunity to continue working whilst learning. Most high-level executives choose this over having a clear break from their work with fierce competition in the job sector. The globalization of economies around the globe has prompted several top B schools to provide top-level professionals their own Executive MBA abroad solutions to provide them with an international viewpoint.

All executive MBA abroad programs are highly selective, regardless of position and consist of top-level managers with minimum job experience of anywhere from 4 to 15 years and the eligibility for executive MBA from abroad is you need to be graduated from any recognized University. International approval, therefore, refers to the degrees offered by these initiatives. So, if you’re trying to get that final leg up, grow your company to go global, or just strengthen your network and get acquainted with the best in all sectors, and don’t necessarily feel like taking a 2-year career sabbatical, these executive MBA abroad services are just the thing for you.

Let’s look at the best executive MBA programs abroad 

  1. IE Business School EMBA Program 

Established in 1973, IE Business School is based in Madrid, Spain, and has been part of IE University since 2009. IE Business School operates several programs such as MBA, Executive MBA, Master’s Degree in Finance and Administration, Executive Education, Ph.D., and DBA.

IE Business School has parting education even outside its boundaries. With several foreign students from over 90 separate nations, it is an academic hub. Per year, approximately 1,900 international students profit from this business school. In 28 countries the school offers educational facilities. In 102 nations, nearly 40,000 alumni reside. The school’s executive leadership classes involve approximately 5,600 annual applicants.

  1. University of Oxford-Saïd Business School EMBA program

Since 1965, the University of Oxford has had a proud tradition of offering diverse business and management classes. The Saïd School of Business is a prominent EMBA institute. It also has a part-time ‘Executive Master in Business Management’ for 21 months.

This degree is particularly tailored for individuals with management experience of more than 5 years. EMBA students learn in Oxford through 16 week-long courses. There are many scholarships made accessible to women by this institution for excellent applicants each year. 

  1. Northwestern University’s Executive MBA abroad Program-Kellogg School of Management

The Kellogg School of Management is considered to provide “good moral character” in business leaders. In addition to dual-MBA and MMM programs, Kellogg provides several classes that include MBA, MSMS, and Ph.D. programs. Kellogg works internationally with colleges. It is associated with countries such as China, France, Singapore, India, Spain, Hong Kong, Israel, Canada, Germany, and Thailand.

  1. UCLA-NUS Executive MBA

It is an executive MBA abroad program that UCLA and NUS Business School have jointly created. It comprises 16 modules and two sessions are conducted at UCLA and two at NUS Singapore.

NUS Business School is the management school of the National University of Singapore. In Singapore, it ranks 2nd and is one of the leading business colleges. In retaining its place among the best business schools,  it has been very consistent.

NUS Business School is ranked as one of the world’s best business schools. It is rated 32nd globally. NUS Business School has been eager to provide its students with a high-quality education so that they gain the abilities and skills to survive in the field.

Why undertake an executive MBA abroad program? 

In plain terms, an executive MBA abroad or Executive Master of Business Administration is a part-time degree available at a variety of B-schools. Executive MBA is for executives for either employed people or students who wish to work whilst training. Distance MBA, part-time MBA, and so on are various terminologies used for executive MBA abroad.

This program encourages a person to advance to a more senior position, transfer to a different place, develop leadership skills, or run their own organization. 

The executive MBA abroad program creates an opportunity for intensive learning for students. More in-depth knowledge of market fundamentals is provided by the rigorous, cross-functional curriculum, and students acquire all the skills needed to take on leadership. This curriculum would develop one’s verbal and analytical abilities that are crucial for performance. This curriculum is structured for students to become global citizens. A rare opportunity to channel your career and accomplish your ambitions is given by the Executive MBA abroad. 

The Executive MBA is not the same as the MBA as the curriculum focuses on case studies and the completion of workshops that takes about two years or less. EMBA programs consist of all classes such as Organizational leadership,  Industry analysis and predicting performance, Global business environment, and international business, Business ethics, Finance, Macroeconomics, and microeconomics.

What are the EMBA program’s challenges?

1. Although a short-term or part-time EMBA is pursued, the workload is high and there are rigorous and intensive weekend class schedules. For EMBA programs following a weekend timetable, executive MBA abroad students are required to dedicate 15 to 25 hours per week to tasks, exercises, and group work in addition to the class time.

2. Executive MBA abroad needs not only the applicant’s but also his/her family’s financial, physical, mental, and emotional investment. Because an EMBA is much more time-consuming than a full-time MBA course, this needs to be discussed with your partner, kids, and family. Successful completion of this course should not have any long-lasting negative impacts on one’s family and therefore, effective communication before the start of this program is crucial.

All you need to know about an Executive MBA abroad

1. People maintain their current position with the same pay scale and take up this program when it’s most convenient for them.  

2. The Executive MBA abroad is intended for working professionals who wish to develop comprehensive experience and acquire leadership skills to take on a more senior position, drive their own company or perhaps relocate to a better place.

3. An EMBA can be pursued digitally, on a university board, or both through all methods.

4.  If you haven’t been working at the destination, where your choice of EMBA college or University is located, you may apply for a suitable executive MBA from foreign university online while working at your current company in India. 

5. For senior executives who want a transition to a management level, EMBA has a specified curriculum. The program is daunting but specifically structured so that practitioners can retain their careers while earning an MBA degree at the same time.

6. Practical working experience that is primarily targeted for high-level management positions is a crucial focus. The EMBA program emphasizes all primary aspects of company administration, such as marketing, financing, accounting, logistics, multinational policy, corporate social responsibility, etc.

7. Group work during the phase of an executive MBA abroad program is important. The EMBA students are primarily grouped into classes of five or seven named ‘cohorts’ or ‘research groups’ that are maintained during the year. It tends to duplicate a traditional corporation’s working community. The students determine and finish most of the in-class and out-of-class tasks as a group. It is common for students to communicate with their colleagues via mobile, emails, or online collaboration tools between the weekend classes to complete their assignments, according to the Executive MBA Council.

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Everything About An Executive MBA Abroad Program

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