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Tips To Manage Anxiety And Stress During COVID-19

Everyone is scared of the Coronavirus. Schools and colleges are closed. Shopping malls, theatres, historical monuments are closed. Trains are cancelled. Visas of many countries are getting cancelled. The taxi industry is taking a hit because nobody wants to travel by cab. Factories are shutting down due to unavailability of raw material, the prices of sanitizers and masks have been drastically inflated. People are even trying to avoid going to the market!

The last resort of people during a pandemic of this magnitude is to stay at home. Being quarantined at a time like this is essential to restrict the spread of the virus. People are preparing themselves for the worst scenario. Everyone is in a hurry and concerned about their wellbeing.

On one hand, staying at home is relaxing, but on the other hand, it creates anxiety as no one knows what will happen next. Staying at home all day is not always fun because you’ve never been prepared for it. You have trained your mind only to study, practice a hobby, etc. But suddenly, being locked up at home can be very overwhelming as it raises a lot of questions in your mind, thus creating anxiety. Here are some simple steps to help you cope with anxiety.

Tips To Manage Anxiety And Stress

Relax yourself:

Relaxing yourself is one of the ways to deal with anxiety. Spend time with yourself and understand dealing with anxiety levels. Practice deep breathing exercises. Keep repeating some positive, assertive statements like “we all are healthy and can fight this virus”, “I will be glad I did it when this will over”.

Do exercise regularly:

deal with anxiety

Go for a walk in a park. Do some light exercises at home. If you are staying in a small room that does not have a lot of space, then you can practice Yoga, Zumba, aerobics etc. If you have some elderly family members or some friends who cannot do active physical exercises, motivate them to practice “pranayam” or some other form of breathing exercise which can be easily learned from online videos.

Maintain a Diet and Sleep early:

Maintain a healthy diet that has low sugar content. Include green vegetables in your diet. Sleep for at least for eight hours daily. Proper sleep helps you remain calm and in coping with stress.

Develop or rejuvenate a hobby:


This is the right time to find something new to do. Art, craft, music, dance are some of the activities that you can do. Learn to cook food, wash clothes, write letters etc. There are hundreds of activities to do. Invest your time in learning all this.

Distract yourself:

Watch some positive news. Connect with your friends through social media. Talk to them and find out how they are dealing with this. What strategies they are following. Focus on the positive things around you and cherish every moment. Live in the present.

Build new relations:

Another one of the ways to deal with anxiety is to talk to your family members. Listen to them and try to understand their concerns and empathise with them. Open up about yourself and share your thoughts and feelings. Discuss dealing with anxiety to someone, and if you require some support from them, tell them openly.

Take care of your physical health :

deal with anxiety

If you are taking some medical treatment, follow it regularly. Don’t change the dosage without consulting with your doctor. You can contact them over the phone or email them about your condition. Emergency services are always available. Taking care of your physical healthy helps coping with stress.

Talk to your therapist

If your anxiety is very high and you are unable to manage yourself then don’t hesitate to contact your Counsellor or therapist. You can request them to have an online session.

Have a relax time

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Tips To Manage Anxiety And Stress During COVID-19