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Reading, a vibrant town renowned for its rich history and thriving academic community, offers an exceptional environment for students to pursue their educational aspirations. However, like any other university town, the cost of living in Reading is a crucial factor that demands careful consideration. As students flock to this charming locale to immerse themselves in top-tier educational institutions and a culturally diverse atmosphere, it becomes imperative to comprehend and navigate the expenses associated with daily life. From accommodation and transportation to food and leisure, understanding the nuances of the cost of living in Reading is essential for students to make informed financial decisions and fully embrace their educational journey without undue financial stress.

Cost Of Living Calculator

DescriptionCost (£)
Total Cost of Accommodation100
Total Cost of Transport50
Total Cost of Utilities30
Total Cost of Food70
Total Estimated Cost250

Why Study & Live In Reading?

  1. Acclaimed Educational Institutions: Reading is home to prestigious universities and colleges offering top-quality education and diverse courses.
  2. Safe and Friendly Environment: The town has a reputation for being safe and welcoming, providing a comfortable atmosphere for international students.
  3. Proximity to London: Located just a short distance from London, students can easily access the capital’s attractions and opportunities.
  4. Employment Prospects: Reading’s strong economy and industry presence offer potential part-time work and internship opportunities for international students.
  5. Diverse and Inclusive Community: With a significant population of international students, Reading provides a multicultural and inclusive environment for social and academic growth.
  6. Green Spaces: The town offers beautiful parks and green areas for relaxation and recreation.
  7. Affordable Living: Compared to London, the cost of living in Reading is generally more affordable, making it attractive to international students.
  8. Supportive Services: Educational institutions in Reading often have dedicated support services for international students, helping with visas, academics, and cultural integration.

Cost Of Living In Reading For Students 

As a student in Reading, you are bound to incur expenses on varied aspects apart from the tuition fees. Here is a tabular representation of the associated costs which contribute towards the cost of living in Reading for students:

ExpenseMonthly Cost (£)
Off-Campus Accommodation1,275
On Campus Accommodation828

Cost Of Living In Reading For Indian Students

International students from India pursuing their studies in Reading should be mindful of various considerations. This includes monitoring currency conversion rates, as exchange fluctuations can impact expenses. Additionally, being mindful of potential cultural contrasts between India and the UK is important for a smooth transition. As a student pursuing Reading as your study destination, it is imperative to allocate adequate funds to various associated costs along with the tuition fees. One will need to dedicate financial resources towards the programme fees, accommodation, food, groceries and many other miscellaneous expenses. Furthermore, students should also factor in the costs of occasional travel back to India during academic breaks to visit family and friends.

Average Rent In Reading UK For Students

Accommodation accounts for one of the major expenses for students. Thus, going for purpose-built student accommodations in Reading will help you save costs on utility bills as they are included in the property pricing for these residences. The average accommodation prices in Reading range between £199 – £345 per week. 

Student Accommodation In Reading 

As a student in Reading, you can go for purpose-built student accommodations which are stacked with a wide array of contemporary amenities like a private room, a private bathroom, a kitchenette, a television, functional furniture, access to communal area facilities and a lot more. Here are some of the best student accommodation options in Reading that are ideal for a comfortable and convenient stay in the UK:

  • Saxon Court- The Saxon Court accommodation in Reading prices begin from Saxon £199 per week.  
  • Berkshire House– The Berkshire House accommodation is a top-notch accommodation in Reading with prices starting from £211 per week.
  • Central House– The Central House accommodation is a great place to stay for students with prices starting from £232 per week.
  • New Century Place– The New Century Place accommodation in Reading is a contemporary student accommodation with prices beginning from £260 per week.
  • 79 Silver Street– This is one of the best student housing options in Reading with prices beginning from £345 per week.

Reading: Student Housing, Close to Campus – From £199/week!

 Cost Of Tuition Fees In Reading

For international students planning to study in Reading in 2024, the tuition fees can be a major expense. However, it is imperative to note that the tuition fees can be significantly determined by the programme and university that you opt for. Undergraduate programmes typically cost between £1,250 and £2,080 per month for tuition fees. Postgraduate degrees, such as master’s programmes, tend to be slightly higher, ranging from £1,500 to £2,500 per month on average. Thus, it is crucial to thoroughly analyse the potential costs to plan your budget and expenses accordingly.

Cost Of Transport In Reading

Reading offers multiple transportation alternatives for students to travel to the university along with exploring the neighbouring localities, restaurants, cafes, shopping destinations, grocery stores and entertainment options. The average cost of transportation per month for students in Reading will be around £66 per month. 

Cost Of Food And Groceries In Reading

The cost of food per month in Reading will be around £214 per month. There are many popular grocery outlets like Tesco Express, Sainsbury’s, Aldi and Lidl where you will get household essentials effortlessly. The cost of groceries in Reading will be around £128 per month. However, this can vary if you prefer eating out and on the basis of your dietary preferences.

Cost Of Entertainment And Recreation In Reading

The entertainment and recreational expenses can vary based on individual preferences and lifestyles. However, students can expect to spend around £100 to £150 per month on entertainment and recreation per month. This includes activities such as cinema expenses which range from £8 – £12 per ticket, going out for meals and drinks which cost around £15 – £25 per outing, and attending local events or concerts which cost around £10 – £30 per event.

Healthcare Cost In Reading 

As part of their tuition fees, all full-time students are required to pay an annual healthcare surcharge of around £470, which grants them access to the National Health Service (NHS). This ensures that most essential medical treatments, including visits to a general practitioner (GP), are provided free of charge. However, certain services like prescriptions, dental care, and optometry may incur additional expenses. Thus, students should allocate £10 – £20 per month for prescription medications and £20 – £50 per visit for dental or eye care. Additionally, private health insurance companies can provide more comprehensive coverage, with monthly premiums ranging from £30 to £100, depending on the level of coverage and the insurance provider.

 Cost Of Personal Care

The cost of personal care in Reading for students varies according to individual needs, preferences, budgets and lifestyles. However, personal care items such as toiletries, hair care products, cosmetics, and basic grooming supplies will cost around £30 to £50 per month. Additionally, salon services may cost £15 to £30 per visit which will also vary depending on the salon and the location.  

How To Save Money As A Student In Reading?

Here are some pro tips to help you plan your finances well and save money as a student in Reading: 

  • Take advantage of student discounts for restaurants, clubs and gym memberships. 
  • Use public transportation to travel to your university and explore places within and around the city centre.
  • Go for home-cooked meals to save money instead of eating out frequently.
  • Purpose-built student accommodations are majorly inclusive of the utility bills which prove to be cost-effective. They also provide contemporary amenities for a convenient student living experience.
  • Check with your university bookstore or online platforms for study resources. 

Job Opportunities For Students

Students can explore part-time job opportunities in Reading to add value to their skill sets along with being able to save money and contribute towards the overall living expenses. Here are some job prospects that students can go for:

  • Retail sector jobs for supermarkets, boutiques and stores.
  • Office and administrative roles
  • Freelance opportunities
  • Social media internships
  • Telecalling and customer service
  • Hospitality sector jobs
  • On-campus jobs and internships

Final Verdict:

Living in Reading as a student provides a vibrant and enriching experience. While the cost of living may require careful budgeting, there are ample opportunities for part-time work and student discounts to help manage expenses. With proper planning and smart financial choices, you can make the most of your time in Reading without compromising your academic goals.


Q1. Are there part-time job opportunities available for students in Reading?

Ans: Yes, Reading offers part-time job opportunities for students. The university careers service or local job portals can provide information on available positions.

Q2. Can I find affordable student accommodation near the university in Reading?

Ans: Yes, Reading has a range of student accommodation options near the university campuses. It’s recommended to apply for accommodation as early as possible to secure the best options.

Q3. Are there scholarships or financial aid available for international students in Reading?

Ans: Some universities in Reading offer scholarships or financial aid programs for international students. It’s advisable to check the university’s website or contact the admissions office for information on available opportunities.

Q4. What are some affordable recreational activities in Reading?

Ans: Reading offers various affordable recreational activities, including exploring parks, visiting museums and galleries, joining student clubs and societies, and taking advantage of student discounts at local entertainment venues.

Q5. How can I save money on food expenses in Reading?

Ans: To save money on food, consider cooking meals at home, shopping at budget-friendly supermarkets, and taking advantage of student discounts at local eateries. Additionally, planning meals and buying groceries in bulk can help reduce expenses.

Q6. Is Reading as expensive as London?

No, Reading is generally more affordable than London for living expenses and accommodation costs.

Q7. How much is Reading international student fees?

International student tuition fees at universities in Reading typically range from £15,000 to £25,000 per year, depending on the university and programme.

Q8. Is Reading UK a good place to live?

Yes, Reading is generally considered to be a great place to live in the UK, especially for students due to academic excellence, a high quality of life, contemporary amenities, and convenient access to London.

Q9. How can I save money on food expenses in Reading?

To save money on food expenses in Reading, you can stock up on groceries from stores like Aldi and Lidl, go for student discounts and home-cooked meals.

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Cost Of Living In Reading For Students 2024 [Latest] – UniAcco

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