List of Best Coffee Shops in Edinburgh: Top-Rated Cafes Near Edinburgh

Coffee Shops In Edinburgh

The true conundrum of owning a dog is the agony of leaving it behind when you’re stepping out. Whether it’s while going to work, college or merely to socialise with friends and family, the constant thought of what your furry pet might be up to while alone at home is daunting enough for all dog parents. Although some social places tolerate dogs, others won’t even let them in. Contrary to these strict norms, a new wave of coffee shops in Edinburgh is rising which are increasingly pet-friendly and will accommodate your dogs in the best way possible.

If you’re looking to take your dog on a stroll while also grabbing a cup of coffee, relax after a tiring visit to the dog park or have fun with friends along with your canine companion, this blog is perfect to guide you correctly. Below are some of the best dog-friendly coffee shops in Edinburgh which are certainly worth a visit.

Top 7 Coffee Shops in Edinburgh

1. Bross Bagels

Phone: +44 131 629 1860

Address: 177 Portobello High St, Portobello, Edinburgh EH15 1EU, United Kingdom.

Most popular for: Dog-focused menu items.

Bross Bagels is a relatively recent establishment that offers a varied range of simple and filled bagels to relish with the most delicious coffee. Having expanded across 4 locations, this coffee shop in Edinburgh is particularly popular for treating its canine clientele with love and care. Oftentimes, they are provided with water bowls and food treats too.

Larah Bross, the owner of Bross Bagels, hails from Montreal, one of the best places for bagels. She says the lack of efficient bagel stores in Edinburgh prompted her to open a cafe that would provide its patrons with a wide array of only the best quality bagels along with several tempting beverages. 

2. Piecebox

Phone: +44 131 629 6284

Address: 2 Polwarth Cres, Edinburgh EH11 1HW, United Kingdom

Most popular for: Beetroot hummus and avocado on toast.

The furry patrons of Piecebox cafe will never leave with empty stomachs as they’re warmly welcomed with water bowls and food treats like chopped sausages. As for the human customers, several hearty classics like mac and cheese, hot dogs and nachos are available. They also provide their clients with many dietary options like delicious vegan and gluten-free dishes. Their breakfast and brunch delicacies are certainly worth a try.

Piecebox is also known for hosting dog-themed events. It is one of the few coffee shops in Edinburgh which routinely hold events designed around dogs and their owners. In 2019, Piecebox cafe welcomed Pup Up Cafe, a travelling company that hosts dog-themed parties and contests. So all the dog parents out there, you might want to keep an eye on this cosy cafe.

burr & co. cofee shop edinburgh

3. Burr & Co.

Phone: 0131 240 7166

Address: 20 George St, Edinburgh EH2 2PB, United Kingdom.

Most popular for: Seasonal soup.

Burr & Co. has a gleaming appearance and a minimalistic modern architectural design that gives it comfortable and cosy energy. The perfect place to settle down and work, this coffee shop in Edinburgh has an extensive menu consisting of sandwiches, cakes and delicious coffee. Several other of its specialities include barbeque pulled pork and smoked cheddar ciabatta.

This cafe is particularly welcoming to dogs to the extent that dogs are allowed to be seated in the chairs along with their owners, provided they have clean paws. Free dog treats are naturally encouraged here, and food options for dogs are also available.

4. Cafe Milk

Phone: +44 131 629 6022

Address: 232 Morrison St, Edinburgh EH3 8EA, United Kingdom.

Most popular for: Breakfast brioche.

Not only is this cafe one of the loveliest dog-friendly coffee shops in Edinburgh, but they’re also competent enough to take pride in their locally grown organic produce and traditionally farmed Scottish crops. Cafe Milk is known for its famous breakfast brioche served with steaming hot beverages like coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. They include plenty of vegan options too, and most of their dishes are essentially prepared with only sustainable and environment-friendly ingredients. Their cakes are almost always home-baked, which fills their shop with a pleasantly sweet aroma.

Many of the dogs are part of a frequent clientele here and have a charming back-and-forth with the baristas working in the cafe. They are treated with water and dog muffins by the staff which are as equally delectable as their assortment of dishes for people. This lovely cafe is functional in a total of three locations across Edinburgh where the baristas ensure good coffee and delicious food is served.

Blue Bear Cafe in edinburgh

5. Blue Bear Cafe


Phone: +44 131 629 0229

Address: 9 Brandon Terrace, Edinburgh EH3 5EA, United Kingdom.

Most popular for: Homemade smoky beans on toast.

The name of this cafe is perfectly synchronous with its aura and welcoming energy. Consisting of a brilliant blue-coloured design scheme, Blue Bear Cafe offers both outdoor and indoor seating with minimalistic architecture and a beautiful cosy vibe. The hospitality of this cafe to its canine patrons is evident by the presence of the resident red labrador Buford who’s always ready to greet his fellows. Although they have strict rules about avoiding dogs on chairs or tables and making sure they keep their leash on, each four-legged customer is rewarded with doggy treats and designated dog bowls. 

Apart from this, Blue Bear Cafe also offers an assortment of delicious dishes like blueberry French toast, eggs benedict,  french toast, waffles, breakfast classics, lunch bites, pastries and several customised options too for children. All in all, this cafe is truly one of the loveliest pet-friendly coffee shops in Edinburgh.

6. Chapter One

Phone: 07900 075632

Address: 107 Dalry Rd, Edinburgh EH11 2DR, United Kingdom.

Most popular for: Sourdough toast with scrambled tofu.

This cafe holds dogs in such high regard that there are no restrictions for them at all. Dogs are open to hanging around the counter, with the staff and even other customers. The baristas make sure the dogs feel comfortable by giving them cuddles and scratches. Not only do they have wonderful food treats for the dogs, but they also have an excellent menu for their human patrons. Chapter One is one of the few coffee shops in Edinburgh that take pride in being 100 per cent plant-based. Their menu items like soups, falafel paninis, vegan cakes, and cinnamon rolls are some of the delicious specialities of the cafe. This place is a must-try for all dog parents who crave more than just a caffeine rush. 

7. Tea and Sympathy

Phone: +44 131 337 2467

Address: 1E Ashley Terrace, Edinburgh EH11 1RF, United Kingdom.

Most popular for: Haggis and pork Scotch egg.

Although its name has “Tea” in it, this cafe deserves a special mention in this blog. Located right beside one of the most popular dog parks in the city, Tea and Sympathy is the perfect cafe if you need a quick takeaway. They have several savoury breakfast options and palatable lunch bites to relish while your pooch helps itself to a jar of treats.

Since it’s a former furniture upcycle place, the ambience of the cafe is filled with beautiful antique furniture and colourful art prints. The cherry on the cake is the cafe’s picture collection, which comprises polaroid shots of all its regular canine patrons. This wall of fame certainly makes it one of the loveliest coffee shops in Edinburgh!

Other than these popular cafes, there are several other places with wonderful ambience and delicious food. Places like Cowan & Sons, Honeycomb & Co, Hideout Cafe and Patisserie Florentin are particularly famous. You can pop into any of these cafes and you’ll always find a warm welcome of palatable food and comfort for both you and your dog.


Q1. How dog-friendly are the coffee shops in Edinburgh?

Ans: Several dog-friendly places allow and welcome dogs with water bowls and free food treats too. Many of these places are affordable and offer delicious food and a wonderful ambience to their customers.

Q2. Which are some of the popular dog-friendly coffee shops in Edinburgh?

Ans: Cafes like Bross Bagels, Tea and Sympathy, Chapter One, Cowan & Sons and Blue Bear Cafe are some of the popular places that allow patrons to bring along their dogs. 

Q3. Can you find dog food specifically at any cafes?

Ans: Some cafes have a special menu customised for dogs only. For instance, Bross Bagels is one of the places that have a range of dog-focused menu options. 

Q4. Are any cafes open after hours?

Ans: There are many coffee shops in Edinburgh which offer their services through the late hours of the night. These cafes are perfect for people who wish to relax after a stressful day or those who work different shifts and need a calm environment to study and work. Fortitude Coffee, The Milkman, Urban Angel and Lowdown are some of these places. 

Q5.  Can you meet friendly people in the cafes of this city?

Ans: Scottish people have a well-deserved reputation for being friendly and welcoming to both locals and tourists. So whether you’re a local exploring your city, a student or a tourist, you can always find cordial and helpful people in the cafes or around the town. 

Let us know your views about taking along your pets to cafe hopping with you in the comments below!

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Coffee Shops In Edinburgh

List of Best Coffee Shops in Edinburgh: Top-Rated Cafes Near Edinburgh

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