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Top Cinemas near Southampton You Cant Miss!

Cinema in southampton

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, theatres have been forced to shut their doors, with many living in the dark ever since.

Claire Cochrane, Professor of Theatre Studies at the University of Worcester, argues in an essay in The Stage that one of the most dangerous periods of our past occurred in the early 17th century, when theatres had to shut if more than 30 citizens had become afflicted with the plague in that week. Between 1603 and 1613, the theatres were required to shut for 78 months, about six and a half years out of a ten-year duration.

We as a discipline are inexhaustibly durable, and it is our duty as performers to think how we react to these challenging times.

There have been several fantastic cases of theatre companies rapidly transitioning to the online world. Digital jobs, recording, and zoom theatre shows are being created by companies such as “The Original Theatre” and “The Curve.” Southwark Playhouse and stream.theatre should also be included.

Cinemas in Southampton

Here is a list of cinemas in the Southampton region.

Solent University’s Cinema, Sonar Film

The LT1 is equipped with a DCi-compliant Barco 2K optical projector that can fill the 8m matt-white frame with the new films. The material is hosted on a Dolby DSS200 digital cinema server and played back using Dolby Theatre management software, which creates automation cues for lights, screen masking, music, and playback. Playback of 3D content is also possible with an Xpand active-shutter 3D device. The sound system utilises Dolby’s most recent format: Atmos.

Southampton Cinema De Luxe Showcase

A new multi screen cinema with digital film and audio systems, as well as a custom party service, is available. XPlus is the ultimate theatre experience, with a massive, expansive wall-to-wall projector, all-around 360 Dolby Atmos sound, and ultra high definition projection.

With a wide curved screen and groundbreaking optical projection, go further into the world’s most creative moviegoing experience. The IMAX format at Show Case Cinemas is the most interactive movie experience in the world; it is a blend of many patented innovations and architecture – nearly all of which are IMAX creations.

Southampton Odeon

It has 13 film magic displays that display spectacular RealD 3D, including a monster IMAX projector.

With the Luxury seats and ice luxuries at Ben & Jerry’s, you will treat yourself to an exclusive immersive experience.

Each screen has wheelchair access and the most up-to-date technologies to include audio definition and hard-of-hearing facilities right at your table.

Southampton Cineworld Theater

This vast modern late-1980s complex, located in Southampton’s Ocean Village, has five different sized auditoriums and a total of 1,650 luxury seats. The foyer is lined by cinemas that display all of the new movie launches while still catering to children for exclusive Saturday morning movies.

The cinemas first opened on July 21, 1989, under the umbrella of England’s huge Cannon Cinemas chain, which once owned the ABC Forum Cinema on High Street in Southampton, which is now a pub-style nightclub. It was acquired by MGM, which was then acquired by Virgin, then UGC, before becoming Cineworld.

Meanwhile, development of a new kind of arts cinema, the Harbor Lights Cinema, was about to begin around the corner. The Cineworld Cinema in Southampton closed its doors on August 9, 2018.

Harbor Lights Theater

Each of the cinemas is distinctive, full of personality, and operated by friendly and caring workers. They are all situated in the heart of their respective communities. Here not only great movies are shown but  places to eat, meet, and rest, as well as a complete schedule of activities for all to enjoy.

Movies are shown on 35mm and 70mm special presentations at select Picturehouse Cinemas, invite indie film collectives, and are honoured to host some of the most forward-thinking film festivals in the world. The dedicated programmers diligently curate a vast range of films, spanning from quality popular and family films to indies, dramas, and international language launches.

Southampton Phoenix

Its  films are seen at Southampton University Students Union’s Union Films Cinema. There are 225 modern, comfortable, fully-raked chairs, as well as cinema-standard optical projection with surround sound. The films are screened in the best possible way, with their original soundtrack and, where necessary, English subtitles. It ahsa  a handout with credits and additional details, and it invites everybody to score the film and vote on it afterwards.

The movies are seen on Wednesdays and begin promptly at 8 p.m. It does not screen previews or commercials. The Union’s facilities, especially The Bridge bar and restaurant, serve food. Union Films has a snack counter where you can get food and beverages. Following the viewing, the bars are often available for you to explore the film’s effects with fellow guests.

Eastleigh Vue Cinemas

This cutting-edge chain theatre of family displays many of the new commercial films. Vue Entertainment is a division of Vue International, one of the world’s largest cinema operators with ten countries, over 280 locations, and over 2,400 screens.

Vue Entertainment (Vue) is a market pioneer in the UK’s luxury entertainment cinema industry.

Vue is committed to the continuing growth and advancement of the premium entertainment ‘big screen’ experience, offering the best material, paired with the best technologies, in the best environment.

It operates 91 cutting-edge cinemas with over 870 screens throughout the UK and Ireland. This involves 271 3D displays, 11 Extreme Screens, 7 Gold Class Screens, 6 Scene Screens and Bars, and 3 IMAX screens, where Vue projects the bulk of our films in Sony Digital Cinema 4K for super high resolution images of four times more clarity. Vue’s creative growth programme has paved the way in the UK, with over 150,000 spaces, 98 percent of which are stadium seating. Vue Westfield London (February 2010) and Vue Westfield Stratford City (September 2011) continue to be the country’s first and third highest earning cinemas.

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Cinema in southampton

Top Cinemas near Southampton You Cant Miss!