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Brunch is the most convenient way of socialising when you want to catch up with your friends and family but are also running on a time constraint. The calm and comfortable vibes that an appetising brunch insinuates are incomparable to the rush of busy dinners and hefty lunches. Also, for introverts running on a social battery, it is a good way to balance your energy.

Wellington, being one of the most popular cities amongst international students, has a very lively social scene with vast cuisines of delectable food and beverages. In such a vibrant city, several independent businesses or chains running cafes or dining places are thriving. Below is a guide to such cafes in Wellington that have an amazing ambience, beautiful interiors, and of course, delicious food. These places are perfect to visit if you’re in the mood for an elevated and fulfilling brunch.

Top 6 Best Cafes in Wellington

1. Fidel’s Cafe

Phone: +64 4 801 6868

Address: 234 Cuba Street, Te Aro, Wellington 6011, New Zealand.

Speciality: Spanish eggs, turmeric latte, Latin-inspired brunch dishes. 

“Fidel’s: where the coffee is Cuban and hospitality is pure New Zealand.”

Designed with modest interiors and homely, cosy colours, Fidel’s cafe offers a unique brunch experience to people looking to relax. Not only is the coffee here first-rate, their dishes are colourfully picturesque and finger-lickingly delicious. They also offer Cuban-style comfort food along with an assortment of menu items to satisfy the palate of both vegetarians and meat lovers alike. 

Long-established on Cuba Street, Fidel’s is one of the calmest cafes in Wellington that is sure to provide you with a rejuvenating experience. They also host events and functions according to the choice and preferences of the customers. 

2. Neo Cafe & Eatery

Phone: +64 4 385 9553

Address: 132 Willis Street, Te Aro, Wellington 6011, New Zealand.

Speciality: Healthy smoothies, almond and buttermilk pancakes. 

“A Place For You: Our mission is to create special moments and build community.”

The owners of Neo Cafe and Eatery appreciate the energy of brunches so much that they proudly host all-day brunches. With a modern twist on several classical dishes made with artisan ingredients from around the region, their menu is an assortment of wonderful brunch platters along with vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian dishes as well. Their superfood lattes of flavours like matcha, turmeric, red velvet, fluffy pancakes, and chilli scramble are all delectable and popular amongst its patrons. 

With an adorable decor of wall-mounted plants, the cafe is designed with minimalistic interiors that give off a sense of calm. This amazing place is perfect to schedule an enticing brunch at, out of the many other cafes in Wellington.

Loretta cafes in wellington

3. Loretta

Phone: +64 43842213

Address: 181 Cuba Street, Te Aro, Wellington 6011, New Zealand.

Speciality: Waffles with coconut yoghurt, chai latte and crumpets.

“Brunch. Lunch. Dinner.”

Loretta is one of the effortlessly stylish, sleek cafes in Wellington that exudes elegance. Even though their interiors are long and narrow, they are designed with simplicity and minimalism in such a way that it’s still pleasant and delightful. The wooden decor influence of spacious Melbourne cafes is quite evident in this place. 

Loretta’s brunch menu has surprisingly sophisticated dishes such as a porchetta continental platter. Several savoury options like woodfired flatbreads, the sausage-mozzarella-gremolata combo are as equally delicious as the sweet ones like waffles, yoghurts, cheesecakes, and pies. They also offer their customers an array of beverages like cocktails, smoothies, hot chocolate along with tea and coffee.

4. Elements Lyall Bay

Phone: +64 4 939 1292

Address: 144 Onepu Road, Lyall Bay, Wellington 6022, New Zealand.

Speciality: Seasonally changing menu according to the local ingredients. 

“Real food, everyday.”

Located in a historic building that once housed a public library, post office and a butchery, Elements takes pride in being a hundred per cent genuine and natural.  Dedicated to using ingredients that are strictly handmade from scratch, they rotate their menu routinely in order to incorporate the rich in quality, specialty key ingredients available locally. Their brunches also cater to dietary restrictions, substituting gluten-free, dairy free, and vegetarian options. Their granola bowls, soups, and soufflés are especially popular. Their sweet options include a separate cake menu made in-house and served with cream, yoghurt or ice cream according to the customer’s preference. 

Along with being a renowned neighbourhood eatery, Elements is one of those cafes in Wellington that have a specialty gift shop too. They sell a range of beautiful products for skincare and as health supplements. Their lifestyle improvement categories include cosmetics, homeware, and self-care. Food items like jams, chocolates, sauces, and chutneys are also sold amongst many other things.

Maranui Cafe in wellington

5. Maranui Cafe

Phone: +64 4 387 4539

Address: Lvl1, 7A Lyall Parade, Lyall Bay, Wellington 6022, New Zealand.

Speciality: Seafood dishes, bagels and toast.

“Local craft beers and boutique wines.”

Situated along the bay, this surf shop inspired beach shack is one of its kind. Emanating a raw and rustic decor that cites the calm and tranquil of the sea, the actual ambience of the cafe is exciting and dynamic, crowded with lively and frequent patrons. 

Maranui offers a simple and delicious menu of several classical dishes. Their kiwi inspired recipes and in-house made sourdough crumpets served with orange and vanilla whipped ricotta and honey are best-liked by the customers. The platters they serve, are designed for hungry swimmers and surfers, thereby being copious at affordable prices. The unmatched view, fulfilling menu and exuberant interiors make Maranui a perfect brunch spot amongst the cafes in Wellington. 

6. Olive

Phone: +64 4 802 5266

Address: 170-172 Cuba Street, Te Aro, Wellington 6011, New Zealand.

Speciality: Tuesday night trio – three unique courses available every tuesday.

“Contemporary New Zealand Cuisine.” 

Olive is a true classic, the kind that keeps getting better instead of giving in to the nostalgia of olden days. Offering a beautiful outdoor courtyard seating to its customers, the overflowing flora and greenery exude comfort and calm. This, combined with the polite servers and excellent service make the cafe’s surroundings relaxing and serene. 

Olive composes its menu by using a combination of both house-made ingredients and locally farmed produce, resulting in delicious classical dishes with a slight modern twist. Their apple and coconut bircher, chargrilled beef fillet sandwich, and salmon eggs benedict are some of the well-liked dishes. The experience of having a romantic brunch platter in this lovely and appealing setting is one of the dreamiest. 

Several other cafes in Wellington offer the best brunch experience. Floriditas, on Cuba Street, is known for its fresh locally-sourced food and intimate environment. Egmont Street Eatery is a special hidden gem tucked away in an alleyway where wonderful seasonal delicacies can be enjoyed. Beachside cafes like Beach Babylon, Makara Beach Wharekai, Beach House and Kiosk are popular for their beautiful, relaxing ambience and unmatched breathtaking views. The Arborist, Plum, The Larder, Picnic Cafe and Spruce Goose are also famous for their undoubtedly delicious food and overall experience. Whether you’re a student looking forward to a stress-free weekend, someone who wants to socialise in a calm setting, or simply a tourist exploring the city and the jewels of its crowns, these cafes in Wellington are a must-visit to get a taste of the local culture and indigeneity.


Q1. Why is brunch becoming so popular in Wellington?

Ans: The popularity of brunches is increasing steadily majorly because of convenience. Brunch is typically served on weekends, allowing people to sleep in and still have a late meal. The immense variety offered in brunch menus combining a wide range of dishes, breakfast and lunch foods is also an incentive since there is always something for everyone to enjoy.

Q2. Which cafes in Wellington have dishes made from inhouse ingredients?

Ans: Places like The Arborist, Olive, Elements and Spruce Goose offer dishes made from inhouse ingredients.

Q3. Which are some of the popular vegan cafes in Wellington?

Ans: Sweet Release Cakes and Treats, The Botanist, HIllside Kitchen and Cellar and Aroha are some of the popular vegan cafes in Wellington. 

Q4. Are there any late night cafes in Wellington?

Ans: Midnight Espresso, Enigma and Kaffee Eis are some famous cafes where you can get a bite after hours. 

Q5. Which are some affordable brunch places?

Ans: Best Ugly Bagels, Plum and Beach Babylon are some pocket-friendly places where you can enjoy brunch. 

Thank you for reading this small guide to the brunch-friendly cafes in Wellington! If you enjoyed reading this blog, check out similar ones on our website

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List of Best Cafes in Wellington 2024 – UniAcco

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