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The Best Countries For MBA You Need To Check Out!

A postgraduate level course that can open up global prospects for your future is a Masters in Business Administration or an MBA degree. Being one of the most followed courses in the world, there are best countries for MBA that provide a comprehensive MBA program offering you a solid base in marketing, accounting, economics, organizational skills, management, corporate ethics, and human resources for business fundamentals.

An international MBA degree would open up your job opportunities enormously, and in either communications, banking, operations, or technology, you can pick your chosen thread. As a brand manager, product manager, marketing intelligence analyst, business analyst, marketing manager, financial analyst, chief financial officer, data processing manager, you might find your position in the industry. In reality, if you are strong with your realistic skills, then you will possibly end up with a global organization in a top management role.

MBA is considered to be one of the world’s most profitable degrees and the job prospect is immense. Not unexpectedly, students are striving hard to get to successful business schools and universities in the best countries for MBA to give wings to their aspirations and simply appreciate their investment returns. If you want to improve your future with the right degree, then brace up and chisel yourself to get into your favorite international university.

Here we present some of the best countries for MBA that you choose to pursue your higher studies

  1. Australia

In the last two years, Australia has witnessed a strong increase in international student numbers. With a total of 720,150 students participating in programs in different regions, it reported double-digit growth.  Study in the field of business and management in the country is considered top-notch for many reasons.

The bulk of MBA programs delivered at Australian universities are globally accredited and have AACSB and EQUIS global accreditation. Furthermore, the multiculturalism of the region, a fusion of experience and philosophy, the creation of advanced skill sets, opportunities to extend your professional network, among others, render Australia one of the best countries for MBA aspirants.

With the creation of the Graduate Management Association of Australia in 1978, the value of the MBA is not just strongly supported and improved each year, but management students in the country are also acknowledged and granted opportunities to connect with industry professionals. Some popular and renowned Universities in one of the best countries for MBA are University of Melbourne, University of New South Wales, University of Sydney, Monash University, The University of Queensland, RMIT University, The University of Western Australia, Curtin University.

  1. Germany

Germany is considered one of the best countries in Europe for MBA. One of the main benefits of learning an MBA at German universities is that Germany is not just the largest economy, but also the strongest. In the area of business and administration, a healthy economy draws and assures a stable stream of both domestic and international graduates.

Crossing Western and Eastern Europe, Germany’s geographical position serves as a big asset for future buyers and startups, opening the way for new companies, technological start-up development and further creativity through diverse sectors.

In addition, the education framework of the nation involves esteemed business world scholars with specialized experience, thereby bringing more appeal to a German MBA. In the country, immigration regulations further allow students to receive an 18-month residency permit and search for employment that suit their criteria. Some of the best Universities in Germany for MBA are University of Mannheim, Technical University of Munich, Freie Universität Berlin 

  1. UK

This nation is likely to be on your list of shortlisted countries for an MBA, with 27 UK universities included in the QS Global MBA Rankings 2021.

Due to their strong links with industry, extensive networking reach, comparatively lower tuition fees, global visibility and job services throughout and after graduation, most foreign students find the UK as one of the best countries for MBA and opt for the course at UK universities.

Being a key consideration for prospective b-school students, the ROI for MBAs at UK universities is high, with students earning between $80,000 and $180,000 only three years out of the course.  Some of the very popular Universities in the UK are London Business School, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), University of Warwick, Imperial College London , University of Manchester, Aston University.

  1. Canada 

As announced by CIC News, Canada became the third leading destination for international students in the world, with a whopping 642,000 foreign students. According to IRCC statistics, this accounted for a 13 percent increase from the previous year in the number of foreign students hosted by the government.

A total of 240 universities have been listed in the Global MBA rankings, of which 18 are Canadian universities. The high rate of return on investment, graduation outcomes, diversity, and post-graduate jobs rank each of these universities highly. Canada is credited with a range of merits, from top colleges to a flourishing work sector, to becoming one of the best countries for MBA research destinations. 

The nation also guarantees that a good range of career openings are provided to foreign students, both on-campus and off-campus, along with a good standard of life. Some of the best Canadian Universities include University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McGill University, University of Montreal, University of Western Ontario, Queen’s University at Kingston, University of Alberta.

  1. USA

Have you heard that, in the early 20th century, the MBA emerged in the USA. Universities of other countries later embraced it. India has submitted the largest number of MBA applicants to the US, second only to China.

For factors such as realistic expertise and advice from professionals, the multicultural climate, the immense space for networking, quicker job development, among others, US universities providing MBA programs stand out. It is said that MBA graduates should assume a starting wage of around 115,000 U.S. dollars in the USA. 

There is an opportunity for part-time MBA programs for students who do not pursue a full-time MBA course. Currently, for foreign students, the part-part curriculum is in high demand. Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology , University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, Columbia University, Auburn University, University of South Florida are some of the most renowned Universities in the US.

Why should you go for an MBA?

Networking opportunities

If you pursue the course overseas in one of the best countries for MBA, you would be open to numerous opportunities to network with students from diverse cultures, teaching practitioners, future employers and those with significant expertise in their respective fields. A complex network like this will help you unlock promising opportunities in the future.

Gain realistic knowledge

Seeking a degree from best countries to study abroad for mba can show you how to cope with emerging business challenges and obtain an edge on advanced business management strategies.

Attractive Career Package

The average compensation given to an MBA graduate from a globally recognized B-school of one of the best countries for MBA is considerably higher than that of an Indian B-school MBA graduate. 

Brighter job prospects

If you choose to opt one of the best countries for MBA, this degree will place you in a CXO position or a top entrepreneurial spot.

The first and most important thing is to choose the right university and best countries for MBA, as it determines the course of action in your career path. Keep these few points in mind while you look for the best countries to study abroad for mba: review the rating and foreign accreditations of the institution, teaching staff, composition of the course, facilities and services, estimated research costs, provision of scholarships and post-study opportunities. 

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The Best Countries For MBA You Need To Check Out!