13 Must-Follow Educational Blogs That Can Boost Your Grades

13 Must-follow Educational Blogs That Can Boost Your Grades

The fight for a status of superiority in society starts from the very core of your educational span of time. When parents enroll their children in schools that are affordable and best suitable for them, it bluntly puts the weight on the child’s shoulder to ace their grades and stand out as the brightest student.

Humans are amusing creatures. We have the same hands, eyes and fingers yet somehow deep inside each one of us is different. Your calibre, way of thinking, reactions to things and capacity to understand vary from everyone including your family and friends. This is what also happens in a classroom; you might be better than someone and someone else might be better than you.

To be at the top consistently is a difficult job. Even though you have teachers to guide you, tutors to help you prepare for exams and pressure from parents to ace your exams, it might not be enough until and unless you have the insight to do the given task. 

There is a solution for this problem that many students tend to ignore, mostly because it requires more reading but we can assure you that this approach will surely help you to go from average to good in your class and make a good impression on everyone who has high hopes for you. 

There are professionally designed blogs that will help you understand things from a different perspective. On one hand, they will educate you or guide you with the dos and don’ts of preparation and on the other hand, they will offer you insight on how it is important to create a strong educational foundation to become successful in life. 

We will familiarize you with these blogs here. All of these blogs comprise of various genres from elementary education to educational hacks. 

Here Are The 13 Must Follow Educational Blogs

The Learning Network

From ancient history, political science, current events and social studies, this blog is associated with the New York Times, their page provides you with the best content, inspirational and insightful, you will be able to learn several subjects. Their main audiences are teachers, students and parents who actively choose to succeed.


A community that provides scholarships to the students based on different criteria. It might vary, from scholarships to the students who belong to a specific country to scholarships or students who have dedicatedly worked to improve the environment. The range is wide for students to fit in at least one category and enjoy those scholarships joyously. 

Classroom 2.0

This is one of the best options to study from as it integrates various schools together to share the way of teaching and learning. It integrates social media and web 2.0 in the classroom, creating a huge web of educational content with many great educators and intellectuals to guide you through any problem. 

SureJob | Blogs That Can Boost Your Grades

A dynamic blog that provides information about various affairs such as the courses you can take after completing your high school or how to write professional emails. In one way or another they educate you to become professional and diligent. The best part of SureJob is they have a detailed description of each and every course available for students widening their choices.


The George Lucas Educational Foundation sub-division focuses on k-12 educators and also drives students to become better intellectually. This blog paves a way for students to interact and corroborate with many educators, researchers and teachers to have a higher understanding of any subject or even a small topic. 


This blog uses the concept of a widely enjoyed social media platform YouTube. It contains numerous videos, audios and photographs on various subjects and the special thing about this blog is that they provide you with different groups for different subjects to focus on. 

MindShift | Blogs That Can Boost Your Grades

This blog amalgamates data and research into their educational process and provides information on science and technology. The unique selling derivation of this blog is the games and learning apps that help young toddlers to create a strong foundation. 

13 Must-follow Educational Blogs That Can Boost Your Grades

Innovative Educator

While focusing on the technological aspects of teaching it provides information on the best programs, apps and other tech related things that are suitable for any teacher to develop his/her teaching abilities.

Homeroom | Blogs That Can improve Your Grades

This is the White House of all the educational blogs out there. It talks about the educational issues and drawbacks faced in the United States. They also let the viewers give feedback and suggestions to make the system better. They mainly keep up with the updates that are associated with education helping students to know about them as well in one single place. 

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

As mobile devices and technology has changed the educational system in this global pandemic, integrating mobiles and tech into their educational approach has become extremely essential for the teachers. This blog helps in achieving the same, making the quality of education for the students better and enjoyable. 

Teachers Pay Teachers

This blog is specifically designed to provide, buy and sell original and authentic resources to teachers and students of many different subjects. Teachers and students benefit from this blog both educationally and monetarily through this blog. 

Discovery Education

From transforming classrooms, captivating students and empowering teachers to providing digital textbooks on different subjects this blog covers a lot of ground in changing the education system. They provide educational dynamics to the students and schools of various areas.

The Cengage Blog

This is a Massachusetts based blog that serves as a platform for higher education, a library for students and k-12 teachers, and workforce management training worldwide. This blog creates an environment that drives students to learn and achieve many milestones as a student.


This article covers information about the 13 must-follow educational blogs that can boost your grades. These blogs will help any student to become a better learner and change his/her perception of the school’s education system.

They start to acknowledge the flaws within themselves and create an approach that will help them to learn things easily. The article also talks about how technology and mobile integration and corroboration has changed the education system in a drastic way.  

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13 Must-follow Educational Blogs That Can Boost Your Grades

13 Must-Follow Educational Blogs That Can Boost Your Grades

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