What Is Backlog Certificate? Explained

what is backlog certificate

Concerned about the extensive amount of paperwork needed for your plans to study abroad? If you are wondering about what is backlog certificate, in essence, it is a crucial document that contains irregularities and indicates any failed exams. It is one of the most essential documents for international students pursuing global studies. In this guide, we will evaluate these certificates, examples of formats to use, and templates for application letters to request documents quickly. 

Types Of Backlog Certificates:

  • Certificates for Backlogs based on Semester or Year: Certain universities provide individual certificates for backlogs for each semester or academic year where a student had unfinished courses that were eventually completed.

  • Combined Backlog Certification: Some universities may offer a unified certification containing a comprehensive list of all the backlog courses a student completed during their academic programme.

  • Attempt-specific Backlog Certificate: Some schools may provide certificates that outline every try a student took for a specific subject, emphasising the attempt in which they ultimately succeeded.

  • Backlog Certificate by Subject: Certain universities may provide certificates that specifically indicate the subjects in which a student had backlogs and later passed.

  • Accumulated Backlog Certificate: Sometimes, an accumulated backlog certificate can be awarded, encompassing the failed subjects, the eventual passing scores, and the attempt in which they were resolved.

  • Attempt-based Backlog Certificate: Some universities might provide certificates that outline every try a student took for a specific subject, emphasising the attempt they successfully passed.

Why Is A Backlog Certificate Important For Studying Abroad?

A backlog certificate must be attached with other supporting documents, including academic transcripts, LORs, SOPs, test scores, CVs, and any additional requirements. Here are some primary reasons that highlight the importance of the same:

  • Universities usually require these certificates for students with active backlogs.
  • It confirms your educational history and status. 
  • In the USA, UK, and Canada, universities consider the amount of backlogs to be the number of subjects in which you have backlogs. 
  • In Australia and Germany, the number of attempts is the same as the number of backlogs.
  • It helps universities accurately analyse a student’s academic achievements.

Procedure To Obtain A Backlog Certificate:

You can generally apply for it from your previous university. Here are some of the most common steps that you need to go through to apply for a backlog certificate:

  • Most universities in India are familiar with the need to provide backlog certificates for admission to foreign universities. Thus, you must submit a written application highlighting the request to your university for issuing a backlog certificate or a no-backlog certificate.
  • At times, students may encounter challenges in receiving their certificates if universities are unaware of the need for a backlog certificate. To deal with this problem, students can contact the university they are applying to and ask them to contact their former institution for the certificate.

Backlog Application Format:

Institutions usually offer a b-certificate application on their website for students to fill out and submit to the proper authority. Understand the format of the backlog application to submit the specific information required by the institution.

backlog certificate application

Application For Backlog Certificate

By understanding the standard b-certificate format, students can ensure that the certificate they receive reflects their academic history and meets the requirements of the universities they are applying to. 

To, The Principal/DeanUniversity NameUniversity AddressSubject: Application for Backlog CertificateRespected Sir/Madam,I, _____ (Name), son/daughter of _____ (Father’s Name), Roll No. ______, am enrolled in _____ (course name with batch) at your university. I am requesting for my backlog certificate to be issued through this application, as I need it for my master’s degree application. The information regarding my backlogs can be found in the table provided below:

SemesterExpected Year of PassingYear of PassingNumber of BacklogsNumber of AttemptsSubject Reappears Semester I

Semester II

Semester III

Semester IV

Semester V

Semester VI

Kindly issue my backlog certificate at the earliest as this is crucial for my university application process. Thank you for your time and consideration.Yours Sincerely,(Name

Application For No Backlog Certificate:

Some universities require students to submit a zero or no-backlog certificate from their previous institution. Here is a format to help you submit your application for a no-backlog certificate to your university:

The Principal/ Dean
Name of the University
Address of the University
Subject: Requesting for a No-Backlog Certificate
Respected Sir/ Madam,
I am _____ (Name), s/o or d/o of _____ (Father’s Name), Roll No. ______, student of _____ (course name with batch) at your esteemed university. I write this application to request a zero backlog certificate, as I require it for applying to a master’s degree. I have cleared my bachelor’s degree with zero backlogs in any semester, and I, therefore, need a no-backlog certificate verifying the same.
Please issue my backlog certificate as soon as possible. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Yours Sincerely,

Thus, now that you know what a backlog certificate is and its application format, it is easier for you to handle this document when applying to international universities. If you have any active backlogs, try to finish them quickly so that your academic history remains strong and you can gain entry to your dream university. 


1. What do you mean by a backlog certificate?

A backlog certificate is an official document issued by a university or college that contains information about any courses or subjects that a student has failed. The number of subjects that failed in and the number of attempts to clear these failed subjects for several reasons are called backlogs. 

2. Why is a backlog certificate necessary for studying abroad?

Many international universities require a backlog certificate to evaluate a student’s academic history and study dedication. 

3. What are the different types of backlog certificates?

Common types of backlog certificates include semester/year-wise certificates, consolidated certificates, attempt-wise certificates, subject-specific certificates, and cumulative backlog certificates.

4. How do I receive a backlog certificate from my university?

You must submit a written application to your former university to receive a backlog certificate.

5. What is a no-backlog certificate?

A no-backlog certificate is an official document that highlights your academic history with no previous failed subjects during your course of study in your former institution. 

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what is backlog certificate

What Is Backlog Certificate? Explained

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