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Money Making Tips For Students

Money-Saving Tips for Students

Money making tips are essential no matter what your age, you wish you were better at, and you will always wish that you started saving earlier. If you are a student, then you will know the struggle of trying to pay for rent, uni activities and the odd cocktail all from your maintenance loan, which unfortunately is not an endless supply of money. 

How To Make Money At Uni

Knowing your finances is a big part of making uni a fun and enjoyable time. Planning when you receive money and when you will need to pay expenses will help your budgeting process. Using mobile apps help you monitor your spending, however, there are also small changes that can make an impact. Carry on reading to find out how to make money at uni!

Student Money Saving Tips

Travel With A Budget 

Travelling home or seeing friends can get a little pricey, so there are a few ways to cut down costs. Simple things such as travelling off-peak or trying out bus companies, rather than getting the train are easy ways to save yourself some money. If you must travel via train, then use websites such as ‘split your ticket’; a clever system that splits up your journey into multiple tickets.

Your other saviour is a railcard. If you are of age 18-25, then you can apply for the young person’s railcard, which saves you a third of all train ticket costs! This can either be bought and the savings will pay for the worth of the railcard, or you could open a Santander student bank account where you get one for free for 4 years! Save these student money-saving tips for later!

Saving Money On Food | Money Making Tip

Food can easily be one of your expenditures each week. So, try to buy supermarket own-brand products rather than well-known brands, as they will most likely have a premium price tag. Also, shopping at the end of the day is a savvy way to save money, as expiring products will be discounted. 

Another quick (and hopefully fun) tip is to cook with housemates or bulk make meals. This saves you money by buying food in multipacks, reduces waste and also lets you enjoy meals with your friends! 

If you miss restaurants or eating out, why not check out the ‘too good to go’ app. This app offers food from hundreds of restaurants, supermarkets and fast food places at a reduced price in order to stop the food from going to waste. You usually get the same food (or more) at least half the usual price!

Student Discount Shopping | Money Making Tip

This is one of our favourite money-saving tips for students! Our best words of wisdom are “use your student discount before it is too late!”. As soon as you finish your education, you will sadly lose the privilege of student discounts. Nearly all high-street retailers offer student discounts, and you usually get around 10% off each time! Just showing your student ID at the till you can save hundreds if you use them well! Oh, and if you are a big McDonald’s fan, you can get a free McFlurry or burger with every meal! (Yes, I have used this discount a few too many times…)

Cheap(er) Activities

Although most students are sucker for a night out, the prices of VKs and kebabs add up. Why not skip a night out every once in a while and make the most out of free activities. There are often plenty of free or cheaper things to do, such as movie nights in or trips to the nearby park (providing there is nice weather). Another easy way to save money is to look for discounts – they’re everywhere! I usually find 2-for-1 theme park discounts on the back of cereal boxes.

If you do end up on nights out, then make the most of pre-drinks, but stay responsible! Or if you tend to buy everyone rounds of drinks when you are out, why not leave your card at home or turn off Apple Pay? 

Buy Second-Hand Books

We all know the trouble when your lecturer claims you must have a £60 book for their module. If you can’t find a copy at your local library, see if you can borrow it from the library instead or if there are any second-hand books for sale from previous years. You can also then save them to recoup some of the money later!

Find A Part-Time Job | Money Saving Tips For Students

Student jobs are a great way to make some extra money while studying. There are plenty of part-time jobs out there such as working at your student union or at a local cafe or shop. Ensure to find a position that matches your uni timetable and still gives you some free time. 

If you follow this money making tips, in no time you will have some extra cash….. 

Written by Rebecca Hart, an Online Marketer at StudentJob UK. If you are starting your job search but not sure where to start, then check out StudentJob. Our application tips will help you create an effective CV, cover letter and help you smash interviews!

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Money Making Tips For Students