List Of The Best Properties Near Sheffield Hallam University

best properties near sheffield hallam university

Sheffield Hallam University is located in the centre of Sheffield, England. As a consequence, finding the best properties near Sheffield Hallam University will be an easy & convenient process. Hundreds of thousands of students flock to this beautiful metropolis to pursue their dreams and achieve success. While there are several student housing alternatives in the city, some of the most popular include budget-friendly halls of residence, apartments, college dorms, shared accommodation, and cost-effective individual houses (PBSA).

Sheffield Hallam University Overview

Sheffield Hallam University, which is located in the north of England, is regarded as a modern university. It is one of the largest and most popular universities in the United Kingdom, with over 30,000 students from more than 100 countries and eight programmes ranked in the top 20 in the country according to The Times and Sunday Times University League Table. 

The institution is ranked as one of the top five research universities in the UK, and it takes pleasure in generating accomplished, job-ready graduates. Over 94 per cent of Sheffield Hallam graduates are either working or engaged in further study six months following graduation. With an increasing number of international students flooding the city to pursue their higher education, you can find some of the best properties near Sheffield Hallam University.

best properties near sheffield hallam university

Best Student Areas Around Sheffield Hallam University

Students in any major city in the United Kingdom are frequently perplexed while picking where to reside. Sheffield, the UK’s fifth-largest city, is no exception. Here are some of the top places to stay with the best properties near Sheffield Hallam University –

Crookes: This is one of the most well-known private student accommodation in Sheffield. It is located on a hillside and is home to terrace homes, which is ideal for students searching for a taste of home life. The Crookes, a Sheffield band, chose their name after the region since they enjoyed it so much as students.

Bramall Lane: This area is a street located immediately south of the city centre. With the best properties near Sheffield Hallam University, it is a short walk from the city centre and railway station. Despite the fact that this is not a student-heavy region, rental costs are on average lower than in the city centre. So, if you want to live in a comparably central area yet save money on rent, this is the greatest alternative.

Sharrow: Situated between the London Road and Ecclesall Road areas, Sharrow genuinely offers everything for everyone. The restaurants in this area are a veritable treasure mine of every sort of food you can think of, as well as a few you probably haven’t even heard of.

Ecclesall Road: This is a popular hangout for Sheffield Hallam University students. “Eccy Road” is undeniably one of Sheffield’s distinguishing features. This is the spot to be when your parents come to visit since it is packed with stores, restaurants, and pubs.

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Best Properties Near Sheffield Hallam University

Property NamePrice (£)
Sheffield 3£111/week
iQ Fenton House£117/week
Hollis Croft£142/week
iQ Steel£121/week
Laycock Studios£173/week
iQ Brocco£102/week
Crown House – Sheffield£200/week
Central Place£101/week
Truro Sheffield£72/week
iQ Century Square£158/week

Student Accommodation In Sheffield

Sheffield Hallam University provides housing to all first-year overseas students. These university dorms are within easy reach of the campuses and the city centre. However, since these student halls are limited in number, most students opt for private accommodation or homestays in the surrounding area. You can stay in one of the best properties near Sheffield Hallam University located within walking distance of campus. All of the rooms offer a great degree of safety, comfort, and value for money. They are self-catering apartments with a fully equipped kitchen available to you. UniAcco can help you in locating the finest Sheffield Hallam University accommodation to meet all of your requirements.

1. iQ Fenton Sheffield

iQ Fenton House, situated on 51 Wellington Street, is a prominent Sheffield Hallam University residence. The student residence at iQ Fenton House is perfectly placed near Sheffield Hallam University. Street retailers, major music and entertainment venues, and an indoor farmers market are all nearby. It is a wonderful alternative for student living since it includes a selection of modern and trendy en-suite apartments as well as large studios to meet your needs.

2. Sheffield 3

Sheffield 3

Sheffield 3 is a student house in Sheffield, located at 80 Hoyle Street in the city’s major student quarter. Nearby are supermarkets, pubs, gyms and restaurants, sports facilities, and clinics. Depending on your requirements, you may choose between en-suite and private independent studios.

3. Central Place

Central Place

Central Place is separated into five blocks, each with its own personality, amenities, and social spaces, and is the ideal place for all students to reside throughout their time at university. As one of the best properties near Sheffield Hallam University, Central Place is located in the heart of the student village, making it ideal for first- and second-year students wanting to meet new people.

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best properties near sheffield hallam university

List Of The Best Properties Near Sheffield Hallam University

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