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    Best Student Accommodation in Dagenham:

    Explore the finest and most affordable student accommodations in Dagenham through UniAcco. Take your pick from a diverse array of properties in Dagenham, including flats, student halls, studio apartments, and private accommodations. Student housing in Dagenham not only offers maximum comfort but also comes at affordable prices. Dagenham caters to a variety of preferences, ensuring your time here is not only comfortable but also enjoyable with the perfect accommodation.

    Join UniAcco's community, serving over 10,000 students globally, and benefit from the best guidance to fulfil your study abroad aspirations in Dagenham. With a plethora of options to explore and take advantage of, your stay couldn't be more promising! Rely on the expertise of UniAcco's professionals to help you select the ideal student housing in Dagenham, making your study abroad journey truly worthwhile. Here are some popular purpose-built student accommodation options we cater to in Dagenham:

    About Dagenham:

    Home to esteemed universities like the University of East London and Queen Mary University of London, Dagenham attracts students from around the globe seeking top-notch education in a welcoming environment. From the historic Barking Abbey to the bustling Barking Market, there's no shortage of iconic spots to visit and soak in the local atmosphere. Students can also enjoy the greenery of Mayesbrook Park or explore the charming neighborhoods of Becontree and Chadwell Heath. With affordable accommodations and a lively social scene, Dagenham provides the perfect backdrop for students to thrive academically and culturally, making it a fantastic choice for those embarking on their educational journey.

    Dagenham: History, Culture and Facts:

    Initially an agricultural area, Dagenham experienced significant industrialization during the 20th century, particularly with the establishment of the Ford Motor Company plant in the 1930s, which played an important role in shaping the town's identity. Over the years, Dagenham has evolved into a diverse community, reflecting its multicultural heritage through celebrations, festivals, and cultural events. The community spirit thrives in neighborhoods like Becontree, where a village-like atmosphere adds a unique charm to the town. Dagenham is home to the Dagenham Idol, dating back to the late Bronze Age. This wooden figurine, believed to be around 4,000 years old, was discovered in the area and is now on display at Valence House Museum.

    Why Is Dagenham The Best Place To Study?

    From its local amenities to the proximity of renowned institutions, Dagenham presents itself as a promising location for those looking for a well-rounded and fulfilling educational journey. Here are some key factors that make Dagenham a great place to study:

    Closer to London:

    Dagenham's proximity to London provides the students an opportunity to leverage the academic and social culture of the city. Many renowned universities, libraries, museums, and cultural events are easily reachable, offering a diverse and enriching experience for students.


    Compared to central London, Dagenham may offer more lower living costs, including accommodation and daily expenses. This will considerably reduce the Dagenham accommodation costs for students. This proves to be advantageous for students looking for budget-friendly student housing.


    Dagenham offers good transportation links, including train stations and bus services. This connectivity can be convenient for students commuting to different parts of the city.

    Serene Atmosphere:

    Some students prefer a quieter and more community-oriented environment for studying. Dagenham is a suburb that could provide a more peaceful setting as compared to the bustling atmosphere of central London.

    Access to Local Amenities:

    Dagenham features parks, shopping centres, and recreational facilities. These provisions contribute to an easy lifestyle for students.

    Educational Facilities:

    While Dagenham itself may not be known for major universities, its proximity to London means that students can easily access a wide range of educational institutions in the city. This includes universities, colleges, and research centres.


    Where Are Students Coming From?

    According to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), first-degree courses remained the most popular type of higher education, despite a decrease of 2% between 2020/21 and 2021/22. Even though an increase was seen for the first time in over a decade in 2020/21, enrolments in other types of undergraduate courses decreased by 2% in 2021/22. The total number of students enrolled in Higher Education institutions in the UK currently stands at 2,862,620 across all institutions. This is an increase of 4.02% compared to the total number of students in the 2020/2021 academic year (2,751,865).

    Here’s A Breakdown Of International Students Studying In The United Kingdom-


    Academic Year 2021-2022











    Hong Kong




    Sri Lanka


    United States


    Student Housing Dagenham:

    Student housing in Dagenham provides a comfortable and convenient living experience for those pursuing their academic endeavours in the area. There are myriad housing options tailored to suit the diverse needs and preferences of students. Dagenham accommodation features various purpose-built student residences and university halls. The purpose-built student accommodations provide a wide array of room types including ensuites, studios and shared apartments. They are equipped with contemporary amenities like a kitchenette, private bathrooms, and access to communal area facilities featuring seamless connectivity through Wi-Fi, gaming rooms plus a lot more.

    Educational institutions are located closer with accessible transportation links so students can reach their university and travel across the city easily. Additionally, the student housing landscape in Dagenham often builds a sense of community, allowing students to participate in social activities and build lasting connections with their peers. Nearby shopping centres, tourist attractions, places to explore and essential services make student living a breeze in Dagenham.

    Best Places To Stay In Dagenham:

    You would want to go for a Dagenham accommodation that is closer to your university and based on the accessibility to nearby markets, shopping centres, public transport links and the features the student housing offers. If you are in search of some popular localities to seek residence in Dagenham as a student, here are some of the best places to look for:

    • Becontree: This residential area in Dagenham is known for its family-friendly environment and local amenities. It presents a mix of housing options, including apartments and houses, and is well-connected with public transportation.
    • Dagenham Heathway: This area has a bustling high street with shops, restaurants, and local services. It's convenient for daily needs and is close to public transportation, making it suitable for students who want to go for an urban setting.
    • Chadwell Heath: Located near Dagenham, Chadwell Heath provides a suburban atmosphere with easy transport links. It provides a mix of housing options for students.
    • Parsloes Park: If you are looking for a serene environment, Parsloes Park is an attractive area. It is known for its green spaces, including the Parsloes Park itself, providing a peaceful setting for residents.

    Cost Of Living In Dagenham:

    The cost of living in Dagenham as a student involves various aspects like accommodation, travel, groceries, utilities and a lot more. Here is a breakdown of the average associated costs you will have to incur as a student in Dagenham apart from the tuition fees and study expenses:


    Monthly Cost (Sterling Pound)

    Off-Campus Accommodation


    On Campus Accommodation















    Transportation Options In Dagenham:

    Travelling across Dagenham and central London is convenient as there are multiple transportation options available. Here’s a glimpse of transportation alternatives that you can choose to go for:

    • London Underground (District Line): Dagenham is served by the District Line of the London Underground. Dagenham Heathway and Dagenham East are the two stations in the area which offer links to central London and other parts of the city.
    • National Rail: Chadwell Heath railway station near Dagenham is served by National Rail services. It offers additional rail connectivity to destinations in London and beyond.
    • Buses: Dagenham has an extensive bus network, with several bus routes offering seamless connectivity. Buses provide a flexible and often cost-effective mode of transportation for local travel. 
    • Cycling: Dagenham has been working on improving cycling infrastructure, and there are dedicated cycling lanes and bike-sharing schemes available. Cycling is a sustainable and healthy option for short-distance travel. Many purpose-built student accommodations even provide bike storage facilities for students. 
    • Walking: Many parts of Dagenham are pedestrian-friendly, with sidewalks and footpaths. Walking can be a pleasant and healthy way to explore the local area, particularly for short distances. 
    • Taxi and Ride-Sharing Services: Taxi and ride-sharing services are also available in Dagenham which offer door-to-door transportation options.

    Popular Attractions In Dagenham:

    Dagenham has some renowned and interesting places worth exploring for students to have an enriching experience. You can discover these attractions while you stay in Dagenham for your academic pursuits:

    • Valence House Museum: Valence House is an iconic museum that showcases the history of Dagenham and the surrounding areas. You can visit this place to experience the historical charm of the town.
    • Parsloes Park: Parsloes Park is a great place for outdoor activities. It offers open spaces, playgrounds and a garden area to offer a peaceful retreat for visitors.
    • Eastbrookend Country Park: Disconnect to reconnect with yourself as you have some downtime in nature. This park is a mix of woodlands and lakes and is a good spot for walking, birdwatching, and enjoying nature.
    • The Broadway Theatre: Located in Barking which is closer to Dagenham, The Broadway Theatre hosts a variety of performances, including plays, musicals, comedy shows, and live music. It's a cultural hub for the local community.
    • Dagenham Sunday Market: The Dagenham Sunday Market is a bustling market offering a wide range of goods, including clothing, fresh produce, electronics, and more. Indulge in a shopping spree with this market in Dagenham.
    • Mayesbrook Park: Another green space in Dagenham, Mayesbrook Park features a large lake, sports facilities, and walking paths. You can experience relaxation and also indulge in outdoor activities here. 

    Best Universities In Dagenham:

    Students visit Dagenham from all across the world due to the presence of some leading universities and colleges. This provides them with academic excellence along with exposure to bustling city life. Here are some of the best universities to go for in and around Dagenham to take your career to the next level:

    Coventry University:

    Coventry University has gained a strong reputation for its focus on employment prospects, industry connections and varied academic programmes. The university’s emphasis remains on research and innovation, while the institute campus itself provides a modern and inclusive learning environment, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, libraries, and collaborative spaces.

    • 2023 Acceptance Rate: 32%
    • Average Tuition Fees: £16,800 -  £19,850 per year
    • Number of International Students: 13,000+
    • Popular Courses Offered: Engineering, Medicine, International Business, Data Science and Engineering

    East London Institute of Technology:

    The East London Institute of Technology (ELIT) is a technical institute located in Dagenham, England. It was established in 2013 to provide high-quality technical education and training to students in the East London area

    • 2023 Acceptance Rate: 56%
    • Average Tuition Fees: £13.000 -  £15,000 per year
    • Number of International Students: 40,000+
    • Popular Courses Offered:  Engineering & Manufacturing, Construction Design Management, IT, Business and Management