Discover the List of Best Student Accommodations in Cork

Student Accommodation in Cork

Being a student and moving to a different city at a young age is a tough and challenging decision to make. The sudden increase in responsibilities and hassle of managing studies with your duties, while also wanting to maintain an active social life can easily get overwhelming. At such times, the process of moving should be done methodically and bit by bit. Of these, the first and most important step is finding a satisfying place of accommodation. 

A comfortable living space, especially for a student, must include all necessary amenities, should be spacious and situated close to means of commute and transport. The icing on the cake is if the accommodation is near a lively social locale, a marketplace, or shopping arcades. Here is a list of the best student accommodations in Cork that satisfy a typical student’s needs and expectations. Preceding that is a comparison of the prices of these living spaces in the context of the housing system. 

List of Best Student Accommodations in Cork

Sr. No.Name of residenceRoom typesDistance from the city centreRent/week (starting from)
1.Coleman CourtEnsuite, twin Room, studio for 20.56 miles€208
2.Curraheen PointEnsuite, premium, studio1.80 miles€252
3.Ashlin HouseEnsuite, studio1.86 miles€245
4.Parnell PlaceSingle shared, twin, double room0.40 miles€130
5.Amnis HouseEnsuite1.86 miles€236
6.Broga HouseEnsuite, studio1.80 miles€254
7.Lee PointEnsuite0.18 miles€246
8.Park View – Victoria RoadStudio, twin/triple rooms0.87 miles€115
9.Sunview Terrace ATwin, shared, double rooms0.87 miles€130
10.Melbourn PointEnsuite, studio, double bedrooms2.98 miles€252

1. Coleman Court

Room of Coleman Court Accommodation

Address: Coleman’s Lane, North Main Street, Cork, T12 PC9T.

Phone: +353 21 242 9100

Nearby attractions: Restaurants and bars like Boojum and Scoozi.

Coleman Court is one of the best student accommodations in Cork, highly rated for its safety and security, they offer many comfortable living options that satisfy the student’s needs. Public transport and commuting options are also available, as bus stops are within walking distance from the property. Hospitals, restaurants, bars, and several tourist attractions are also nearby. 

Amenities available on the property include a furnished library, student room, gym, cinema, football area, pool table, and an easily accessible kitchen. The bill is inclusive of electricity, water, gas and Wi-Fi. Coleman Court ensures the security of students through CCTV, 24/7 on-call security, and specific key card access. 

2. Curraheen Point

Room of Curraheen Point Accommodation

Address: Farranlea Road, Cork T12 AY95, Ireland.

Phone: +353 21 202 8097 

Nearby attractions: Cork Public Museum, Cyrus Avenue. 

Thoughtfully designed to ensure mental peace and comfort, Curraheen Point is perfect for residents who want to utilise their time to the maximum. The surrounding area is well-connected to all major regions of the city via public transport services. Moreover, the famous University College of Cork is merely a 20-minute walk from the property. Popular cafes like Bagel Box and Mango Cafe & Shop are close enough to enjoy a cup of coffee after classes, or clubs like the Rendezvous Gastro Pub where you can enjoy a drink with your friends. 

The residency offers students with amenities such as a study room, bicycle storage and a garden. However, the price only includes the cost of Wi-Fi; the rest of the amenities will be charged separately according to usage. 

3. Ashleen House

Room of Ashleen House Accommodation

Address: Nido Ashlin House, Bandon Road, Cork T12 FX0D. 

Phone: +353 21 601 9948

Nearby attractions: Parks and sports bars. 

With about 500 fully furnished rooms, Ashlin House offers the comfort and amenities of some of the best student accommodations in Cork. The residency is also connected to all nearby transit stations. It is also surrounded by flourishing green parks where students can take a walk to unwind or get some fresh air. Deer Park or Friars Walk Green Space spacespace are particularly popular amongst the studying population.

As aforementioned, their rooms are fully furnished with additional under-bed storage available. They also have a study room, gym, lounge area, and bicycle storage on the property. Students can also host dinner parties in the private dining area. The rent of each month is inclusive of utilities and Wi-Fi.

4. Parnell Place

Address: 24 Parnell Pl, Ballintemple, Cork, T12 HV2X, Ireland.

Nearby attractions: UCC Boole Library.

Parnell Place, situated in Central Cork, is the perfect living space for students determined to balance their academic and social lives. The well-connected transport system makes it effortless to explore the surrounding areas of the city. The closest bus station, train station, and even the Cork airport are only a few minutes away from the property. There is also a popular shopping centre nearby and several Irish pubs and restaurants to enjoy a calm and relaxing evening with friends.

All rooms are spacious, sunny, and well-equipped to make sure that students are comfortable and their expectations are met. There is also a fully equipped kitchen for students to cook their favourite meals. The common room is an excellent place to socialise and meet other people living in the same place. The rent is inclusive of all utilities. 

5. Amnis House

Room of Amnis House Accommodation

Address: Western Rd, Mardyke, Cork, T12 H36R, Ireland.

Phone: +353 21 234 5999

Nearby attractions: St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral and Crawford Art Gallery.

Gracefully furnished with minimalistic and sleek decor, the convenience of Amnis house makes it one of the best student accommodations in Cork. Situated close to University College Cork and the Cork College of Commerce, students can literally walk to the campuses within minutes. For further travel, there’s an accessible bus stop right outside the property. The English Market and Mahon Point Shopping Centre isare also in close proximity. The locality of this residence makes it an excellent place to explore the city’s upscale music scene, fine-dining restaurants, and beautiful cafes. 

Each room consists of plenty of spacious interiors, a double bed, a workspace, and enough storage. They also have communal areas such as a game zone, a common room, and outdoor seating. Most importantly, Amnis house has a team of dedicated workers who are always willing to ensure that the student’s experience is comfortable and enjoyable.
The rent is inclusive of all utilities. 

6. Broga House

Room of Broga House Accommodation

Address: Nido Broga House, Washington Street, Cork T12 Y6YX.

Phone: +353 21 601 9949

Nearby attractions: Lively social scene with restaurants, bars, and several tourist places. 

Broga House offers the students fully furnished rooms with several options for space and storage, according to the residents’ preferences. Transport accessibility from the property is par excellence. Students can explore the nearby areas, which are home to plenty of bars, pubs, and cafes. CoqBull and Amigo’s are a couple of the particularly famous eateries in the area. 

A private dining area, gym, fully equipped kitchen, lounge area, study room, and bicycle storage are some of the different amenities offered by Broga House. The rent is inclusive of internet charges, however, utilities have to be paid separately according to the use. 

7. Lee Point

Room of Lee Point Accommodation

Address: South Main Street Brewery Quarter, Cork, Ireland.

Phone: +353 21 234 4420

Nearby attractions: Restaurants with an active social scene.

Lee Point offers the residents furnished rooms of the highest standards. With only ensuite rooms as a choice of preference, students don’t have to worry about the unhygienic conditions and long queues that come with a shared bathroom. Situated near major universities, popular cafes and restaurants, and transport stations, this property satisfies all the expectations of living in a vibrant city. 

Basic amenities like a cooking space and a common area are available, along with a support team that ensures onsite maintenance. The rent is also inclusive of all utilities, including Wi-Fi and internet. The convenience and comfort ensure its spot as one of the best student accommodations in Cork.

8. Park View – Victoria Road

Room of Park View - Victoria Road Accommodation

Address: Ballintemple, Cork, Ireland.

Nearby attractions: Indigenous Irish restaurants and cafes.

Park View is a spacious student housing option designed with modern, classy architecture. Situated close to the city centre, the property is in proximity to several popular places and is well-connected to others via excellent means of public transport, easily accessible to students. Restaurants like Market Lane and Nosta are particularly renowned in the area. 

In addition to fully equipped kitchens to cook meals at your ease, Park View also features a common area and courtyard for students to fraternise with other residents. Bills here are inclusive of all basic utilities.  

9. Sunview Terrace A

Address: 37 College Rd, The Lough, Cork, T12 W6WT, Ireland.

Nearby attractions: Student-friendly bars, pubs, cafes, and restaurants.

As the name suggests, Sunrise Terrace A is a spacious and sunny living space in Cork. Centrally located close to the city centre, there are various places to visit and explore the city if you want to get a taste of the local culture. It is also conveniently situated near stations and bus stops for easy commuting. 

A furnished kitchen, common area, laundry room, and lush garden are available for the resident students to use to the best of their needs. Bills in this residency are inclusive of water, gas, and electricity charges.

10. Melbourne Point

Room of Melbourne Point Accommodation

Address: Rossa Ave, Bishopstown, Cork, T12 F5FD, Ireland.

Phone: +353 21 603 5500

Nearby attractions: Elizabeth Fort. 

An extremely well-designed housing space, Melbourne Point falls on the slightly higher spectrum of expense when it comes to renting. However, the expertly furnished rooms, ample space and storage, and sophisticated decor compensate for the price. The property is conveniently located close to public transportation, with several convenience stores in the surrounding area. The Rendezvous Gastro Pub and Flannery’s Irish Pub & Lounge are a couple of the most famous pubs in the locality. 

A gym, cinema room, cooking hob, and pool table are some of the added incentives that Melbourne Point offers its residents. Onsite security and safety are ensured. The rent is charged inclusive of water, gas, electricity, and internet expenses. 


1. How much does the best student accommodation in Cork cost?

The average monthly cost of a room along with the expense of groceries and transport starts from around €400 onwards and can go up to €1040 for accommodation in a central neighbourhood.

2. What area is best to live in Cork?

Although East Cork is said to be a more residential area with respect to families, Central Cork is best for the general student population. The convenience and ease of living are much greater when compared to the other areas, since the accessibility is much higher too.

3. Is Cork cheap to live in?

While Dublin is the official Irish capital, Cork is the real capital. In spite of that, the cost of living in the second city is relatively reasonable compared to the first one. It’s essential for students to budget their expenses in a smart way to avoid excessive spending. Other than that, several affordable places for accommodation can also be found easily.

4. What are the safest areas in Cork?

The safest place to live in Cork is Milford, according to an analysis of crimes conducted in each area of the city.

5. Is Cork a walkable city?

Cork city is compact and extremely walkable. All kinds of cafes, restaurants, shopping arcades, convenience stores, and hospitals can be found in every area. And in case the desired destination isn’t within walking distance, one can always make use of the transits available since Cork is quite well-connected when it comes to public transport.

Thank you for reading this informative guide to the best student accommodations in Cork! Let us know what you expect from your ideal housing property in the comment section below.

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