Horizon Residence Accommodation Features

Apartment Facilities

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Community Facilities

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Deposit: At lease signing the last month rent(s) and key deposit are required to be paid.
Guarantor: Credit-worthy Canadian or American guarantor
Mode of Payment: Credit/Debit Card or online payment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens if something breaks in my unit?

    We have a maintenance team available 8am-5pm as well as after hours for emergencies. Send a maintenance request.

  • How do I receive my mail and package?

    Mail will be delivered to your mailbox located in the lobby. Packages will be dropped off in the lobby at the Parcel Lockers, accessible 24 hours/day.

  • How does roommate matching works?

    RoomSync is roommate self-selection software that uses the power of social media to help you find the perfect roommate. This means you will choose who you’d like to live with! Once it’s time to start matching, you’ll receive an email invitation from our leasing office to join RoomSync. Once you join, you’ll create a matching profile, search and browse for potential roommates, then make a roommate request when you’ve found the perfect match. Our office receives your roommate requests directly from RoomSync!

CA$725 - CA$900 /month

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