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Hello Student is among the top student housing facilities with a presence in a whopping 28 cities around the United Kingdom. They stay true to their belief in “creating Homes, not Halls” throughout their journey of helping students build a home in the UK. Hello Student has managed to provide quality residences to thousands of students over the years. Hello Student is known to take over fascinating buildings situated close to universities in different cities and convert them into modern, high-quality and functional student housing residences. 

Hello Student Accommodation Cities

Hello Student is spread out over several cities in the UK. Let’s take a look at some of the top cities:

  • London: There’s not really anywhere you can begin with London. A city unlike any other, it is the stuff of dreams for many. For a student to get an opportunity to kickstart their higher education in London is truly an other-worldly opportunity. Not only does the city house some of the world’s oldest and most prestigious educational institutions including the University of London, Imperial College London, London Metropolitan University and King’s College London among others, but it also gives students a chance to experience a world-class education.

Hello Student has excellent student housing facilities in London with top-notch features and is situated close to the city’s major universities. Below are some of the Hello Student accommodation properties in London.

Hello Student has three properties in the city close to the city’s universities and a short distance from the city centre making a great selection of restaurants, cafes, pubs, nightclubs, shopping centres and extracurriculars easily available to the students. 

  • Bristol: A city famous for its harbour and eccentric celebrations like the Bristol Balloon Fiesta, Bristol is a place where cultures and the years convene to give birth to its remarkable Victorian architectural style and colourful art scene. If it’s sports that you’re looking for, there’s a wide selection of sports with their respective turfs to indulge in. The most renowned universities in Bristol are the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England. The city also has beautiful scenery touted as some of the best in all of Britain. 

Hello Student accommodation has four properties in Bristol, each boasting a fabulous set of facilities that aim to make the life of students pleasant and enjoyable and are also located close to the city’s top universities. 

  • Glasgow: A city with a Scottish flair, Glasgow is one stylish city. Glasgow is home to the Scottish Opera, Orchestra and Ballet making it a treat for lovers of art, dance and music. The city is a treat for history lovers with each place steeped in history that has given rise to some of the most beautiful and imposing architecture in all of Britain. Glasgow has a strong student community as it houses over 50,000 students from over the world. Some of the universities in Glasgow are; the University of Glasgow, the University of Strathclyde and the Glasgow Caledonian University.

Hello Student has four amazing student housing facilities in Glasgow. 

  • Oxford: Oxford is a student city. And who doesn’t know Oxford? Oxford is the stuff of dreams for academia lovers. With its old-world architecture that has housed some of the greatest minds ever, Oxford has the world’s greatest university, the University of Oxford

The accommodation has one property in Oxford that is just a stone’s throw away from the university and the Oxford city centre. It has a range of en-suites where students can have a private bedroom and bathroom area meanwhile, a shared kitchen and living area with the best amenities. 

  • Liverpool: A port town that also happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site, there’s something of everything in Liverpool. If music’s your thing, the city has a great selection of pubs and nightclubs and fun fact, it is also the place where The Beatles was born. It also has a feverish obsession with football being home to the greatest rivals, Liverpool and Everton. Students at the University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores University and Liverpool Hope University fall in love with the fantastic energy of the city. 

Hello Student has seven great properties in the city.


Various portals across the internet have given its student accommodations a rating above 4.0 out of 5.0. Their management is highly praised at all their locations. Another point of note that garners praise from the residents is the quality of furnishings and equipment they have installed in their living spaces. Their quarters exude a contemporary feel that is perfect for their young residents.


1. Why choose Hello Student?

Hello Student has been the choice for thousands of students in the major cities across the United Kingdom. They have a fantastic team that ensures students have everything at the tips of their fingers and a more than pleasant stay in their respective cities.

2. What is included in my rent?

All utility bills including electricity, gas and round-the-clock hot water come included in your rent.

3. Is high-speed internet and/or WiFi available at all properties?

Yes! Details regarding the same will be shared with you on your move-in day. Some properties include an ethernet cable in the rooms.

4. What cities is Hello Student present in?

You can find Hello Student in 28 cities across the UK. Its top student accommodation properties can be found in cities including London, Liverpool, Glasgow and Birmingham to name a few.

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